The Best Tires for Honda Goldwing 1800 (Review Guide)

The Best Tires for Honda Goldwing 1800

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Are you looking for a well built tire for your honda goldwing bike which provides you the longest lasting ride average?

If yes, follow the guide to get the best Honda Wing tires to get the amazing experience of a better ride and quality.

best tires for honda gold wing bike

Consideration before buying Tires for Honda Bike

You might have gone through the review section and observed or best tires for Honda Goldwing 1800. After researching and comparing with other products, we came up with the best of 3, but still, you require a single product that best fits your Goldwing 1800 and other related models.

For that purpose, we provided this buying guide to ease the customers and users to easily opt for the best tires for Goldwing1800 without any issues and inconveniences. 

Purchasing tires somewhat is tricky because of the abbreviated figures mentioned on the tire, which are difficult to understand for someone unaware of the facts.

For that purpose, we have provided a detailed purchasing review with the best products related to that field so that you can compare and go for the best one to save your money and energy cost without compromising on the quality and durability of the tire with the elimination of wear and abrasion.

Tire Construction 

Before making the final purchases, you must observe some prime factors, including tire construction. You may encounter various types of tires; the most common are radial and belted bias.

Upon checking the name of the tire, you may find a long abbreviated letter and alphabet that describes the tire in an abbreviated form.

In their structure, you will find an R or B that are rated for radial and bias tires and can easily make you understand whether the tire is radially constructed or belted bias. 

For selecting the tires for Goldwing, we suggest going for the radial tire that is less prone to heat and abrasion-free vs. the belt ones that are more prone to overheating. Among them, the Bridgestone Touring GL1800 is considered a radially constructed tire is comprising ‘R” for radial construction. 

Size of Tires 

You must select a tire compatible with your Goldwing 1800 to avoid any issues, but how to check the tire size? Let’s return to the abbreviated figures and numbers value with the tire.

For size, you have to check the first three digits, as it defines the width of the tire; along with that, after the slash, you will get a time aspect ratio that shows the value obtained by dividing the width by height. The table describes the sizes compatible with your Goldwing 1800 bike.

Product Description Size 
Metzeler ME888 Marathon80/60R1674H80/60
Bridgestone Touring GL1800130/70R1863H130/70
Shinko SE890 130/70R1863H130/70

Load Index 

You know which size tires suit your 1800 Goldwing model. You need to check the load index for the Hondawing. What is meant by load index? The load index indicates how much weight the tire can abide in case your tire gets inflated. 

We made a list that you need to check out to know how much load each tire can carry. An overall rating ranges from 62 to 125, and your tire lies somewhat between. From the list, we suggest going for Metzeler ME888 Marathon with a load rating of 74, able to carry 827 pounds in the inflated situation.

Products Description Load Rating  Pounds 
Metzeler ME888 Marathon80/60R1674H74827
Bridgestone Touring GL1800130/70R1863H63600
Shinko SE890 130/70R1863H63600

Speed Rating 

It defines how fast your tire can run. In the case of the products we selected, they all are H rated, providing 210 kilometers per hour or 130 mph, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.

Products Description Speed Rating  Km/hr Mph 
Metzeler ME888 Marathon80/60R1674HH210130
Bridgestone Touring GL1800130/70R1863HH210130
Shinko SE890 130/70R1863HH210130

Tire Traction

High-quality tires provide better traction and ensure that your tires are not getting a slip in snowy regions; for that purpose, you need all-season tire work in all conditions despite any weather on the road; if you have a list that does not contain all-season tires, then you have to check for the tire traction factors that at which route they are better if you want to have a drive direction then go for that factor in the desired product.

Still, we suggest going for a product with better traction to avoid slipping off your bike or vehicle. The best product on our list is Bridgestone Touring GL1800, which provides better traction without overheating.

Date of Manufacturing 

Before purchasing the Hondawing , if you’ve gone through the product description, you won’t find the manufacturing date because they are embossed only on the tires. Look for that to find the manufacturing date telling whether the tires are new or old.

It will ensure you get the best tiles and no exchange with the old ones. Always check it before making the final deal to get safe from getting tricked or fraud.

Quality and Durability 

Besides all these features, getting a tire that lasts longer with enhanced durability and best quality is necessary because if you cost the best product, it is your right to obtain a durable and high-quality product in return.

Always ensure the quality because it defines how stable the tire will be in the future. Along with that, you must check whether the tire is abrasion-free or not?

A tire may look very high quality, but with few rides, they wear out and are more prone to abrasion, so carefully check this factor to avoid any inconvenience and case of any problem you can contact the customer support easily inform and easily solve queries regarding your concerns.


Due to the versatile marketplace, you may get through various products with versatile prices from lower to higher depending upon Tire quality, durability, features, and the brand.

To select the best that fits your Goldwing 1800, keep in mind the budget you offer for the tire. If you require a budget-friendly tire, we suggest going for Shinko SE890 to get an affordable tire without compromising on quality and durability.

If cost is an issue and you want a high-quality best tire, then opt for the Bridgestone Touring GL1800, the overall best tire.

Our Top Picks

Metzeler ME888 Marathon

To improve your Gold Wing Honda dry and wet traction and enhance the overall mileage, having the best tires for Honda Goldwing 1800, a radial ME888 Marathon ultra-tire suits you best. These tires are best at providing better stability, ease of handling, and better comfy its user with high durability and quality tires to have a smooth ride without any wear issues. 


The tire is ergonomically designed, having a radial-based design with a load index of 94 that makes it capable of holding an 827 lb load with a speed rating of H for the tire to cover up to 210 km per hour or 130 mph. Other standard tires may not be able to transfer the desired engine torque into the ground. Still, unlike these, the gold wing tire Metzeler ME888 Marathon efficiently enhances engine torque distribution. 

These tires are resistant to abrasion, and wear along can better handle dry and wet roads with perfection and accuracy. The Metzeler M5 888 Marathon tire is best for most of the Honda Goldwing Airbag and Honda Goldwing models ranging from the gl1800 2008 and 2010 model and other Honda models to keep them efficient with better mileage.

Despite positive features, Metzeler ME888 Marathon is a bit stiff, making it harder for a smooth ride with some bumps to be felt while riding Goldwing Honda with these tires. 


  • Durable 
  • High traction in dry and wet 
  • Enhance the overall mileage 


  • Stiff tires

Bridgestone Touring GL1800

A Honda Goldwing 1800 or any new model will require the best radial tires like the Bridgestone Touring GL1800 series that not only enhance the mileage but also provide high stability, ease of handling, and better riding the gl1800 Goldwing. These tires are ideally designed for customers requiring comfy rides without compromising mileage. 


These tires are high-quality rubber-made aesthetic black wall tile weighing about 14.3 pounds with revolutionary featured powerful usage and good load index. Coming towards some of its facts, you may find these tires radial based, having a 70-time aspect ratio with a rim size of 18 achieving a speed rating of H (130 mph or 210 km/hr).

What makes these tires better than others is that they are best operated for dry traction, and also, you may find them useful both in rain and snow traction; the users have tested them for a hundred miles in the snow and found them better than other tires by opting these tires in their gl1800 Goldwing Honda. 

They are good at providing the smooth right, but if you can easily feel that, these tires are highly likely to get overinflated in case of any damaged road. 


  • Good hold and grip 
  • Durable tires 
  • Offers a Smooth ride 
  • Enhance overall bike mileage 


  • Road defects are felt with these tires.

Shinko SE890 Front Motorcycle Journey Touring Tire

Another best tire for your whole day journey with Honda Gold Wing gl1800 and other models ranging from 2013 to 2016; to enhance the ride with better mileage, we came up with the Shinko SE890 having a rim size of 18, covering up to 130 mph by load rating 63 holding up to 600 pounds. 


If you require a budget-friendly tire without compromising on quality, we suggest going for Shinko SE890, which carries out better handling with a smooth ride. The best design tire that best suits your Goldwing is an armored belted construction radial constructed tire to offer better speed without getting overheated. These tires are heat resistant and better handle the traction. 

The SE890 journey touring tires are all-season and weather tread tires that better handle dry and wet roads. Most of the standard tires may not be that compatible to get hold of grip easily. Still, these tires are efficient, and high-quality tiles get within your desired budget, keeping durability and quality on top priority. In terms of durability, these tires are good and last longer for almost two sessions. 

You may find these tires without any warranty regarding their quality and precision. 


  • Radially designed tires 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Better gripping capability 
  • Enhance the mileage 


  • No warranty


What size tires fit an 1800 Gold Wing?

80/60 or 130/70 are the best sizes for tires suitable for 1800 Gold Wing. 

How much does a Honda Fit tire cost?

High-quality Honda Fit tires may cost around $150 to $350/ tire and can reach up to $500/tire because of high-performance, durable branded tires.

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