The acclaimed- Road Glide Accessories (In terms of comfort and style)

Road Glide Accessories

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Harley Davidson has never disappointed its customers. The company has manufactured all sorts of bikes, ensuring to meet the needs of their buyers relatively and efficiently. Considering this, Harley was the first to introduce a motorcycle to fulfill the purpose of long-distance traveling- the road glide. 

This model was so famous among bike enthusiasts that it was the most sold bike and the most frequently manufactured one. Road glide was composed keeping in mind all the necessities that could come in handy for the biker when undertaking a long or never-ending journey. 

Its engine distinguishes the road glide from all its previous and contemporary models. Before the engine was made, at least a thousand riders from several different cities were interviewed in an attempt to build an ideal engine for touring. Rest assured, with the current engine of the road glide; it can be claimed with utmost certainty that the company has been successful. 

Now, if you already have a road glide or are planning to buy one, you should be aware of the must-have road glide accessories. 

Must have Road Glide Accessories

Undoubtedly, road glide is a classic pick for touring. The bike contains all the features one would desire to feel accommodated when taking such a long route. But comfort is something that can never be enough.

Regardless of all that is offered by the road glide as a bike, you should consider upgrading your road journey, and it is all possible only if you acquire these must-have road glide accessories. 


Keeping a pair of saddlebags or carrying a tour pack always proves beneficial. However, at times you need more than the backpack you wear to facilitate you over the long journey, so we advise you to purchase a saddlebag for your road glide to maximize your storage space. 

You may use this space to pack a few extra clothes or carry any additional gear for your road glide. If you want to pack a few tools, too, go ahead! You never know when you might need them, and carrying them will be a simple task with the added space. 


Even though the interior of the road glide is smooth, it is usual for one to get tired while riding the bike, particularly when traveling long distances. 

For this reason, carry a pair of grips as an added accessory. Then, whether your inner palm gets sore from gripping the handle or it gets too cold for a comfortable grip, your warm grips will save you and ensure you have a long and safe journey. 


Of course, when journeying, you would want to avoid getting lost exploring the wilderness of the woods. To keep track of your journey, and find yourself in the middle of nowhere, remember to take a GPS along.

It will also surprise you that GPS can be the most beneficial on such routes. Therefore, we advise you to carry the most updated version of a GPS, which will allow your friends and family to track you while you also keep track of where you are headed. 


Before you head out on your ride on the road glider, get an upgrade for the bike. Get a few extra lights on the back and the front. Of course, you never know when you will be resting and when you will exactly be traveling, but taking a few precautionary measures never adds to the disappointment.

More lights on your road glider will only supplement you while you are journeying during the night time. These added LED bulbs would keep an eye out for danger on your behalf while you are on the road. 


Here we are not talking about your ordinary casual shorts but the cycling shorts that you see professional cyclists wear. Wear these cycling shorts as underwear.

These shorts provide way more comfort than any other piece of clothing, considering that you will be sitting on the saddle of a motorbike for at least six to ten hours a day. 

You necessarily do not have to buy premium quality cycling shorts, but any will do as long as they serve the purpose. 


Initially, when you buy your road glide, it has stock wheels. While they look good on your bike, they need to look better. Specifically, they need to prove to have the best road grip, and you would not want to sustain an injury on your road trip. 

Before heading out, get your stock wheels swapped with wheels that have a much smoother gripper and will not only work effortlessly on the road but will also further complement the appearance of your bike.

Rain suit

Another add-on to your must-have road glider accessory is a rain suit. When buying a rain suit, buy one made of high-quality plastic. Again, the cost is mediated by design.  Instead of purchasing a one-piece suit, buy a two-piece suit. With the two-piece suit comes the option to wear the coat later while the pant earlier. 


Carrying tools on any road trip, whether short or long, is a requirement that goes without saying. However, since you will be traveling a long journey, it is preferable that you only carry tools that you can use diligently.

Refrain from exhausting your already limited space by carrying a vast toolbox, but have the basic ones, which would be enough to make a few adjustments to the rears or any other part of the bike. Such as a ratchet, wrench, and screwdriver


It would only be a reiteration to mention carrying a helmet as a must-have road glide accessory. Any sane person riding a bike would wear a helmet. 

Nevertheless, consider wearing a helmet that would not hinder you on your journey. For example, you can buy yourself a helmet that covers your entire face or a ¾ open-faced helmet. 

We recommend having a full-face helmet when riding your road glider on a long journey. This sort of helmet will shield you against the vital wind force on your journey and guard your face and nose even when it rains. 

Another way to go about helmets is to carry an alternative. For example, in hot weather, you can wear a ¾ helmet which will be helpful in ventilation and would not completely cover your face, while in others, the full face one. 


Contrary to the old days when the bike battery died you can no longer employ kick starting the bike as a backup. Not all bikes can be bumped started, especially a premium bike like the road glide. Likewise, you can’t run alongside the bike with the clutch positioned in the second gear, hoping it would start. 

Therefore, carry a set of jumper cables that are light-duty. Then it won’t matter if the battery runs out because you will have these cables as a readily available alternative. 


We understand how tempting it is for bikers to wear a black leather jacket when they ride their bikes. However, when on such a long journey with your road glider, you should not focus on looking classy but must focus on what will keep you safe.

Instead of wearing a classic leather jacket to add to your aesthetics, wear a warm woolen coat that will keep you heated on your journey. Trust us when we say that the Harley road glider already adds to your classical vibe, eradicating the need for you to wear a leather jacket. 

Why buy must-have road glide accessories?

Many reasons advocate the need for acquiring these must-have road glide accessories. After all, your Harley road glide symbolizes your personality, and when riding it, you would not want to have a partial experience of the bike.

Hence, to enjoy the ride of your road glide to the fullest when on a long route, you would want to avoid any obstacles hindering your experience. 

Also, the recommended accessories not only assist the biker’s comfort but also provide them with safety against any hazardous events. For example, suggesting a rain suit and helmet are potential safeguards against the weather. In contrast, cables and tools ensure that any outbreak in the road glide’s components can be handled efficiently. 

These accessories help you in more ways than the ones that you can possibly anticipate. So, try to take advantage of all when planning your road trip on your Harley bike. 


The article on must-have road glide accessories contains anything and everything that might be useful on your trip. 

Now, you must cross-check all your accessories against our provided list before you head out to undertake your long journey. With this, happy riding, and we hope you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience riding your road glide!

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