About TheFinalKit

TheFinalKit is a collection of Guide and Resources that make it easier for anyone to get ready information for study and unexpected events.

Making well-informed and practical guides and conducting research are our passions, as well as reviewing the best way and equipment.

Our main goal and motive is to deliver a helpful and honest Guide that will help for all the bodies including professional and simple DIYers or homeowners acquire the right tools or accessories  for their home improvement projects, in order to make their projects to be both enjoyable and profitable and considered to be a final kit.

Let our team


David Reagan (Editor-in-Chief)

David Reagan has worked in a variety of careers including Home (Both on maintenance and building), Garden, and Wood (furniture And Design), and as well Diy. Now he tries to share his experience and expertise as a writer.

To gain the productive knowledge he and his team spend time on research and reading, they do not have knowledge only about specific topics as well loves to investigate interesting topics such as relationships, history, economics, pets, politics, power tools and more.

Micheal Caine (Writer, Researcher and Product Reviewer)

Micheal C is a experience writer and student who has contribute different projects that cover Automotive, welding, tool & Accessories, metal and more! 

Micheal did a variety of projects and doing that helped to gain a lot of experience in its field and ready to share thought with ideas.