Benefits blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK

Benefits blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK

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Do you want to dry your motorcycle or car in just 30 minutes? Then go for a blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer.

It helps to you dry your car or motorcycle in the minimum time. You can get your vehicle dry from a carwash shop, but instead of spending your dollars on every dry again and again, buy this sidekick dryer one time and enjoy your savings.

This dryer dries side mirrors, window screens, door jams, lights, grills, and other parts of a car or motorcycle exquisitely.

Benefits blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK

Sidekick dryers serve all of these jobs. It may be a lot of work, but it is very light in weight, and you can easily carry it for 30 minutes to dry your vehicles.

Features of blaster sidekick car  motorcycle dryer:

 Blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK used to have a strong build and is made of sturdy steel. The motor operates at 1.3 peaks Hp, and the power consumed by the dryer is 960 watts.

With a very high flow of 18,000 ft/min, it’s one of the finest dryer choices for your motorcycles or cars. There is a total of 3 conductors and a 12″ Cord. Two things come in handy with a dryer: a Neoprene Blower of very high power. 

The other item included id Sir flare Nozzles. Dust particles are more effectively removed with the help of this because it releases airflow of 14,460 per minute, which removes dust particles even from narrow spaces and gives a shiny look to your vehicle.

Built of blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK:

Its hose length is 0,66 meters. The power supply to run this tool is an AC voltage of 220v. It comes up with a WEEE-Reg number which helps you to decide whether it is an original project or not. The dryer consists of two holes. As soon as we turn it on, the air temperature also increases. It operates at 30 degrees.

The hand paddle generates this heat and dries your vehicle within minutes without any marks. Its high-power motor runs at 18000 feet, giving heat of almost 30 degrees Celsius. The dryer’s opening hole is small, so it is easily entered into the trunk and dries quickly.

Blaster sidekick dryer SK is the finest choice to dry your cars and motorcycle due to its extraordinary features and compatible build. Drying a vehicle has never been this easy as it is with a blaster sidekick dryer. It can dry the most challenging areas of your car or motorcycle in only a few minutes. What makes it best is its durable build of steel which is only three pounds. 

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Compatibility and Benefits Blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK:

Though the blaster sidekick is light in weight, its work is enormous; its motor can move at 18000 fleet air in one minute, which is only 1.9 HP. The blaster sidekick is light in weight, so you can easily hold it without having any contraction in your muscles.

The Blaster sidekick package comes up with a 14-inch cord, an EZ change foam filter, a neoprene nozzle, and an air flare. It has a warranty of one year. Blaster sidekick is only 12 inches in size, which is another reason it is very compatible.

It requires 240V to run. The dryer dimensions are 0.04 x 0.04 x 0.04 cm, and its weight is only 1.4 kilograms. With the top rating on e-commerce websites, it is one of the most demanding products in the market.


All the benefit blaster sidekick car motorcycle dryer SK makes it the best choice for users to purchase for drying their vehicles.

It is compatible, durable, easy to maintain and handle, and also comes with one year of warranty. With a 4.6 rating on Amazon, it is trendy among users. So what are you waiting for? Buy this Blaster Sidekick dryer for your vehicle.

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