Milwaukee Hole Hawg Vs Super Hawg

Milwaukee Hole Hawg Vs Super Hawg

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Are you planning to buy a new drill, but confused between buying Milwaukee Hole Hawg vs Super Hawg? If yes, then this guide will help you sort the confusion out.

Both drills offer high power and torque. It all comes down to what you want to achieve and which one syncs with your needs more.

Why is choosing the right drill important?

The nature of your job will require different types of holes. For example, drilling for electric wiring has different requirements, drilling holes in metal requires different specs and similarly drilling in wood surfaces demands different specifications.

Your needs will determine the kind of drill you should buy, especially when multiple drills can offer you very specialized tool performance that can add value to your work.

Let’s break it down into benefits and features of both products. Perhaps you can see whether it is worth buying either Milwaukee Hole Hawg or the Milwaukee Super Hawg.

About the Milwaukee Hole Hawg

The Hole Hawg is a powerful drill that allows you to drill studs, joists and holes to fit all needs. The drill comes with a compact but high performing motor with two different speed options to choose from.

You can use this to reverse screw holes or create reverse drills as well. The variety of options make it a handy tool for everyone.

Milwaukee Hole Hawg

The Hole Hawg is known as a top-choice tool for electricians. It is cordless in nature and that allows you to get safer performance and higher productivity.

You can get up to 1-¼ inch holes and self-feed bits that churn around 2 inches. There is a brushless motor within the drill that makes it much smoother than drills with cords or wires. The wires tangle, pull or interrupt the performance. In this case you get to perform heavy duty tasks without any lags.


  • Cordless system
  • Drill created for right angle holes
  • 1/2 inch metal chuck, upto 2 inches holes
  • 1200 ft-lb torque


  • Very lightweight and cordless for high productivity, greater safety and less exhaustion
  • Compact in size which makes it portable
  • Very suited for electricians and DIY home projects


  • Not suitable for metal work
  • Not suited for holes biggers than 2 inches

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About the Super Hawg

The Super Hawg is a great option for drilling as well. It has been optimized for carpenters and wood workers. The main functionality of the drill is a two-speed motor that offers high and low operation speeds.

This drill allows you to drill any size of holes in any wood frames at all. You can construct with peace of mind and comfortable grip. The drill is an excellent toolkit if you fancy building furniture, drilling studs in wooden objects, or require sensitive holes that do not break or tear open with too much pressure. 

The Super Hawg comes with an adjustable motor. The motor is built into the unit and it has a high operating speed. You can manipulate the settings with a simple to use speed knob on the drill. The knob will allow you to operate in lower gear range as well as higher ones.


  • Simple 1/2-Inch hole drill
  • Designed for right angle drilling 
  • 22 inches in length
  • Very lightweight which is almost 14 lbs
  • Metallic 13mm keyed chuck
  • Comes with an LED Light that can be used as a torch


  • Suitable for carpenters and DIY Home usage
  • Offers right angled drilling
  • Lightweight and convenient to use


  • Not suited for electricians or metal work
  • Has only two speed modes

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Similarities Between Milwaukee Hole Hawg and Super Hawg

Both drilling units offer two-speed gear options. You can choose either one if you are just looking for a simple option that will allow you to work on your home DIY projects. If you are a professional or enthusiast about one type of craft then your choice can vary. 

Another noticeable thing is that both drilling machines come from the same company. The manufacturer promises the same quality of performance, machine longevity and motor integrity. This means both are designed to be equally strong and long lasting for the end user. 

The only point of difference is then in the usage and application. So which one is the right choice for you? Let’s get into this.


Comparison and points of difference:

Here’s a comparison of each system in different circumstances so that you can choose your favorite. We have analyzed both options based on portability, power, torque and the extra features offered in both items.


The Super Hawg is a lightweight drill. It offers a lightweight and cordless drilling action powered by the battery which is more portable and secure when used in a messy environment because the power cord is not needed in this operation.

However, when we look at the Hole Hawg it is lightweight too. But, it is a power cord operated drill. This still means that the Hole Hawg is portable as it remains compact and transport-friendly. You will however need to be conscious of the wire dangling around the drill which can be a hindrance in some projects depending on how crowded your environment is.

Verdict: If you are looking for a cordless option then go with the Super Hawg. If that is not a preference then you can choose Hole Hawg as it has a direct power plug.

Power Comparison

Because the Hole Hawg is corded it demands an outlet. It also demands a voltage of 120V AC. The Super Hawg on the other hand is operated by two Milwaukee batteries that are made specifically for the drill called M18 batteries.

The batteries enable the user to get a good amount of holes out of the drill when used correctly, this can be upto 100 x 65 mm holes in one charge. You can get a steady performance of 122NM torque. If you want to drill holes in timber this can go upto 159mm. 

Verdict: If you are looking for a very high powered drill that you can use around electrical outlets then go with the Super Hawg. However, if you lack power outlets around your area of work or project work station then it is a good idea to get the super powerful but battery operated Hole Hawg.

Extra features

The Super Hawg comes with a Led torch. The light is built into the device so you can point and use it in the direction you want to use it. You can use the mechanical clutch to slow the speed for the Super Hawg. On the other hand the Hole hawg comes with a reinforced rubber casing that allows a better grip even on sweaty hands and dirty or slippery conditions. Both of these come with a keyed chuck. You can use them to drill holes of different sizes though with these different types of chucks.

Verdict: The Super Hawg is definitely the fancier option that allows you to get a little more out of a drill. You can easily use this to work in dark lighting conditions and even in remote areas or in areas that are not as well equipped with facilities such as lights, other tools or cleaning cloths.

Performance Comparison

The Hole Hawg comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee. On the other hand the Super Hawg comes with a service and product guarantee only through which any damages can be fixed but the product will not be replaced if the error lies at the hands of the user.

Verdict: If you are looking for a warranty that covers replacement and exchange due to negligence or repairs that can help you even if the product was working fine at the starting period then you should opt for the Hole Hawg as it is a more comprehensive alternative. If you want something that covers the issues made by the company but you trust your usage and responsible use then go for the Super Hawg.


All in all both products offer you a great deal of functionality. Each option is designed for use-specific benefits. It all boils down to what you are looking for in your drill machine.

However, anyone who really wants to buy a drill machine that covers all basic needs the Milwaukee Hole Hawg will be a perfect choice.

Anyone who wants to buy a fancier option can opt for the Super Hawg. This is a great way to upgrade your toolkit for your DIY projects and it is also what many professional electricians and craftsmen use.

We hope this was a useful comparison of two top choices. Both options come with additional accessories that you can use to add to the versatility offered by the drills and bridge some of the missing features in one another.

For example you can purchase an add-on torch for the Hole Hawg or a grip chassis for the Super Hawg. Both can contribute to a productive work environment and enable project success when used with optimal care.

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