The Best Electric Screwdriver for Ikea Furniture (ikea tool needed for assembly)

Screwdriver for Ikea Furniture

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Ikea furniture is some of the better furniture you can find over the furniture store. And if you are smart, you will install the furniture in your own home.

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An electric screwdriver can be a useful tool for assembling or installing Ikea furniture. 

Turning a screw and completely assembling it is a hard task. The drills can make the process easy, but for speeding up this process, the finest choice is to use the well electric screwdriver for IKEA furniture. 

Screwdriver for Ikea Furniture

Ikea Furniture Screwdrivers: What to Consider

Screwdrivers are commonly used in our daily life. So they must be an integral part of our homes. Buying a good-quality electric screwdriver with multiple features is tough. Still, you should not rush while purchasing them as there are many factors to consider before spending money on them. We have provided you with a comprehensive buying guide to make your task easier.

Easy to Handle:

Screwdrivers help fasten screws; they may also be used to drive screws in little places. Therefore, you must find a screwdriver that can be used in different areas and from different angles. Also, the screwdriver should have enough torque to screw bits from falling. Also, choose a multi-functional screwdriver for you.

Quality overvalue:

Buying a cheap screwdriver for the sake of money may not work because the quality must not be compromised. The cheap screwdriver may not work properly, and you have to purchase another, so it would be a waste of money instead of saving. To avoid such situations, read customers’ reviews or reviews about the screwdrivers you will buy.


Choose a screwdriver that has a warranty of almost a year. The article discusses different screwdrivers with 1 or 2 years of the contract. Sometimes the products may break down during shipping, so choosing a brand that can return you the full effect should be helpful. 

Our Top Pick’s

Black Decker 4V Cordless Screwdriver

Black Decker 4V Cordless Screwdriver

The black decker screwdriver is one of the most popular choices of customers due to its very affordable price. One of its best features is its two-in-one functionality, which you can use as a screwdriver and a flashlight. The three-positioned handle helps you use it in difficult angles and narrow spaces.

A black decker screwdriver makes your job easier due to its lightweight and comfortable handles. Its lithium battery lets you use it for hours without dying. You can also use it in dark places due to its chargeable flashlight. Initially, the maximum battery voltage is 4 volts, and the minimum is 3.6 volts.

The speed of this screwdriver is 180 RPM.iths dimensions are 7 x 2 x 9 as L x W x H. The weight of this screwdriver is 1.1 pounds. The point which catches the attention of customers is its two years warranty. It is available in black color at a very affordable price. The package included other components like Screwing bits and a charger.


  • Use a screwdriver and flashlight
  • Three positioned handles
  • Easy to use
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Lightweight


  • you can only use it for electric or light tasks, not for deck screws
  • May face fitting problems

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TODOCOPE 4 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Cordless

TODOCOPE Electric Screwdriver Cordless

This is a multifunctional electric screwdriver. The TODOCOPE screwdriver is an ideal screwdriver due to its four-in-one feature. The four features are angle, eccentric, torque, and cutting attachment. You can get all these attachments in a mini screwdriver which makes it compatible.

This electric screwdriver can be used in dark places due to its illuminating LED light. You can easily use it in little areas with the help of an angled screwdriver and angle attachment. The 4N torque is also provided by the torque attachment, which helps you use it with different sizes of screws. You can cut soft materials up to 6mm with the help of a cutting extension.

The screwdriver contains a lithium-ion battery of 1.5Ah, giving you power for many hours. The small-sized screwdriver with a compact design is extremely easy to use. The grip with a rubbered handle helps you to have a strong grip. The screwdriver has a stylish storage case, and it is nicely packed. You can also gift it to someone. It has a sufficient speed of 200 rpm.TODOCOPE screwdriver also has a magnetic chunk of ½” which prevents bit dropping


  • 200 RMP speed
  • 4-in-1 quality
  • A powerful battery
  • It has a magnetic chunk of 1/4”
  • Compact design and easy to handle


  • Cannot drive a screw into Hardboard
  • You may need to charge it frequently.

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TECCPO 4V Electric Screwdriver

TECCPO 4V Electric Screwdriver

TECCPO Electric Screwdriver is perfect for driving screws. The 9+1 torque setting allows it to be used for different screws. The torque is from one N.m. to 6 N.m. The rotatable handle makes it easier to use. It contains all commonly used accessories, which include 34 pieces of bits, eight pieces of sockets, a USB, and a socket adapter. All of them are organized in a well-designed case.

A battery of 2000mAH lithium-ion is placed, providing you power for a long time. The front light will light up by pressing the trigger, ensuring you use it in dark places. You can also adjust the brightness of the light. The weight of this screwdriver is 3.09 pounds. It is available in green color. It is made up of abs and rubbered material. The LxWxH dimensions are 9.68 x 8.94 x 2.95.


  • 9+1 Torque Gears
  • Rotatable Handle
  •  2 LED’s
  • Beautiful Case design
  • Long power Battery


  • Quality is not that good.
  • Torque may not be very efficient.

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Do you need a screwdriver to build IKEA Furniture?

For complete assembly, a powerful IKEA furniture screwdriver is needed. However, they can be assembled with the help of other gadgets or tools that any kind of er. But IKEA screwdrivers help to fasten the bolts and screws more powerfully. That’s why you should choose IKEA screwdrivers available in the best quality.

What tool is commonly used with IKEA Furniture?

The most commonly used tool with IKEA is screwdrivers. It can be the brand cross slot screwdriver. IKEA provides the best quality screwdrivers with proper installation. That’s why they are easy to handle. Otherwise, you have to use your tools for fastening bolts, and they will need a sound installation as well.

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