Milwaukee M28 vs M18 : Which One Better?

Milwaukee M28 vs M18

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Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is a power tool developer, manufacturer, and marketer based in the United States.

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It generates energy tools, screwdrivers, pliers, manual saws, clippers, spanners, trims, knives, and instrument combination packages that are corded and cordless.

It has been the leading seller of cordless power tools in North America since 2016.

Specific equipment will benefit from a 50 percent increase in power capacity with the impending 9.0Ah battery pack.

In principle, the third set of internal battery cells might give up to 50% more electricity than two sets of five cells.

With this in mind and brushless motors’ superior efficiency and performance, it makes less sense for a manufacturer to aggressively create a higher power transmission tool line.

The M28 Fuel SDS is somewhat more effective than the M18, but it’s only available to those who already own M28 tools. The M28 is neither significantly larger nor denser than the M18 line, unlike the higher voltage lines.

Power tools are essential whether you’re working on a bit of a home repair project or a major construction project. And long-lasting, dependable batteries and chargers are required for your power tools to function effectively.

However, determining which battery is ideal for your specific power tool and scenario is not always straightforward.

milwaukee m28 vs m18

As a result, we’ve put up a guide presenting Milwaukee battery products, one of the most well-known names in the power tool market.

These batteries come in a broad range of capacities, powers, weights, and sizes, so you’ll have no problem selecting the right ones for your needs.

Milwaukee m28

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Milwaukee investing in the 28 Volt tool line, updating their batteries, and producing new 28 Volt equipment makes us very happy.

We may recall when lithium-ion batteries became affordable for tools and equipment, and every company released heavy-duty products with more power and runtime in 28V or 36V.

Because many M28 and V28 models come with the same model number, you’ll see M28 for tools that have already been converted and V28 for those that haven’t. If you can wait till they move to M28 before acquiring any V28 tools.

Unfortunately, fresh product innovation and improvements fell off for the experts who were utilizing these heavy-duty instruments.

Although Home Centers have discontinued the lines, professional supply firms such as Ohio Power Tool continue to sell them.

As the Milwaukee M28 series of tools upgrades, the Milwaukee M28 line will probably become a stand-alone participant in the heavily loaded professional cordless tool market.

That would be a great feather in the cap for the lads in red, in our opinion.

What’s good in Milwaukee M28

The new M28 batteries are backward and forward interoperable with Milwaukee V28 Tools. However, we did get a maintenance advisory that some of the V28 plastic toolboxes have issues with the slightly altered battery profile, which you can fix with a heat gun. 

The user will make many improvements with the new batteries, including increased power, longer duration, and digital power control.

However, the rechargeable batteries are not Red Lithium, and no mention was made of the lower operating temperatures found with certain “Red Lithium” batteries. This collection has more photos of the two drills.

Milwaukee M28

The M28 battery pack is suitable for cutting, drilling, and driving jobs that require a lot of power. The Milwaukee M28 is powered by a Milwaukee-built high-capacity motor that generates a massive 750 lbs. of load speed.

Milwaukee M18

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There’s a valid worry among Milwaukee M18 tool users at this stage of cordless tool evolution that they’ll have to raise the voltage at some time, leaving them with a truckload of old-fashioned (and costly) tools to upgrade. Milwaukee has no intention of abandoning the M18 line.

With the power and speed to replace corded suitable angle drills, the M18 provides the next generation of ground-breaking capability.

The cordless 90-degree drill was built from the bottom up to provide corded power and work as quickly as corded competitors. 

While operating your tool, you’ll have complete control and visibility thanks to its all-metal side implement and LED light.

On a single charge, the M18 provides the performance and runtime required to accomplish single-family home rough-ins or the ability to rough-in numerous multi-family units.

What’s good in Milwaukee M18

  • Produces Corded Power
  • When it comes to speed, nothing beats corded.
  • Per charge, up to 100 2-9/16″ holes may be drilled.
  • Low-Speed Pneumatic Clutch Chuck is QUICK-LOCK.
  • To power through 6-1/4″ in. holes, a brushless motor offers continuous power under severe load.
  • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence maintains peak performance while guarding against overloads, overheating, and over-discharge.
  • The M18 REDLITHIUM Battery Pack produces more than 100 2-9/16″ holes per charge and has a 50 percent charge capacity.
  • It has 50% more power and runs 50% cooler.
  • For maximum control, use the all-metal side handle.
  • The work area is illuminated by an LED light.

The Milwaukee M18 is quite handy and comfortable to use. The M18 Circular Saw is designed for carpenters, remodelers, and general contractors.

It has the power of a 15A corded saw, cuts quicker than a 15A corded saw, and can make up to 750 cuts on a single charge.

Milwaukee M18

An automatic brake stops the blade immediately once reductions are completed for fruitful results, and a built-in rafter hook allows for convenient and straightforward storage.

For worksite situations, all magnesium guards and shoes provide outstanding durability.

What’s The Difference Between M18 And M18 Fuel?

Most customers of the m18 power tool believe that the main difference between this power tool and its counterpart is that the first one has a brushed motor, while the latter has a brushless motor.

If you now know what Milwaukee fuel is; In general, m18 fuel power tools are distinguished by three features that are new and innovative which also make a difference.

First of all that is a major change on this m18 fuel power tool that are all associated with brushless motor technology which provides less power consumption and provides better run time.

The second feature is a combination of software and hardware called redlink plus that also creates a major difference between m12 vs m18.

The redlink plus software works together with hardware to ensure amazing efficient power supply from the tool’s battery.

Lastly, they have more efficient battery power – the red lithium battery that has a HIGH OUTPUT system. This technology allows the operator to experience faster application speed and with greater productivity. 

It is possible for non-fuel models of Milwaukee to have brushless motors, but after comparing with the m18 fuel brushless, they are still better.

The three major features that differentiate Milwaukee brushless vs fuel are durability, power, and efficiency, resulting in an amazing battery life.

Important factors

These factors are among those that you need to consider before making the purchase.


Milwaukee battery 18V tools, on the other hand, may be more suited to a circumstance involving high stress and hard labor.

Although 18-volt tools are more potent than 12-volt equipment, you may not need all of the torque that 18 volts can provide.

Unless you’re a professional craftsman, Milwaukee battery M12 tools are likely to meet your demands. Otherwise, you’ll probably find that 12 volts are plenty for all of your chores.

Most tools do not require voltage, such as an air impact wrench. However, Milwaukee also offers impact wrenches with different technologies, like the Milwaukee M28 vs. M18. You can compare them to see which one suits your needs better.


The advantage of 12-volt tools and batteries is that they are lighter. Likewise, 12-volt tools are more compact.

You’ll like the reduced weight of the 12-volt tools if you’re working in attics, underground parking garages, or working overhead with your arm outstretched.

If the power output of 12-volt tools is sufficient for your needs, you should go with that platform.

Consider purchasing as many 12-volt tools as possible if you have limited room in your truck bed or toolbox, and 12 volts will provide the power you require.

This method will free up resources and enable you to handle a broader range of tools, allowing you to be more prepared for any work.


M12 batteries charge more quickly, perhaps resulting in less interruption on the job. Also, the Milwaukee battery M18 has a more significant runtime than the M12 battery.

Also, Because the mounting device on the V28 or M28 battery differs from that on the M18 battery, you cannot swap the battery packs.

The most common idea that comes to people’s minds is whether they can use M28 batteries in M18 tools. However, it should be noted that M12 batteries can only be used with M12 tools, while M18 batteries can only be used with M18 tools.

Milwaukee employs two different types of battery cells: 18650 and 21700. Twenty-one thousand seven hundred cells are utilized in the High Output batteries, which are newer and are currently most typically used to power heavier, more effective tools.

There are 15 Li-ion cells in the HD batteries. They have the most extended endurance and operate at lower temperatures, making them ideal for heavy-duty M18 cordless power tools.

They’re perfect for miter saws, table saws, and pretty much any other portable electric instrument. This nine-amp-hour battery keeps full power for longer than any CP or XC battery, allowing you to use cordless power tools for longer.

The M28 is a 28-volt battery with just a few professional-grade gadgets that use it. Most applications don’t require the degree of power it provides.

New to Milwaukee – Need Buying Advice?

To understand Milwaukee power tools better, you must consider the following things before buying new Milwaukee tools, these steps work on both online and offline markets.

even though the new milwaukee product comes on home product just like dewalt, which make another difference dewalt fan vs milwaukee fan

Milwaukee cordless
  • Brand quality varies, and in some Asian countries, products made in China may have lower quality levels to reduce costs. Opting for tools made in Europe, the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia may come at a slightly higher price, but provide superior quality and durability for a longer lifespan.
  • Moreover, Milwaukee’s support team can assist you in picking the right tool according to your needs.
  • As well, Milwaukee cordless tools are well known worldwide for delivering high quality performance for different applications. you know that your budget is well spent and give you much better backup.
  • Milwaukee continues to provide warranties for its tools to establish customer trust. It’s beneficial to check for warranty coverage before purchasing a model, as it informs you of what you can expect from your purchase.


Milwaukee has made it plain that the M12 and M18 hand-held power tool platforms are its primary emphasis. That’s also a significant element of their 9.0Ah battery pack’s appeal.

The new M18 9.0Ah battery pack and equipment tailored around its increased power delivery capacity are their response to demanding applications

Milwaukee appears to be taking the following steps toward including FUEL equipment in their M28 series. Many consumers choose the M28 lineup and rivals’ higher voltage lineups because of the increased power.

Today‘s 18V brushless Li-ion power tools, on the other hand, provide sufficient energy and sometimes even corded-rivaling efficiency, so rated power tools aren’t necessary.

Shortly, Milwaukee Tools’ services are legendary in the industry, and the company has earned this distinction by pioneering the creation of practical ideas for the professions for more than 90 years.

They specialize in working with genuine users on the job site to understand their demands. Although Milwaukee is looking forward to discontinuing M18 still, it’s a quality product to use. You can trust buying the M18 or M28.

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