Ridgid Propress Vs. Milwaukee -Detailed Comparison 2024

Ridgid Propress Vs. Milwaukee

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Have you also been in plumbing work for so long? You might have been exposed to many maintenance tools that help the performance go up.

It is now a difficult task to find a good tool for your project. Only you can value your Propress tools as you are aware of the worth they carry.  

Let’s have a bit of insight into the purpose of Propress and plumbing tools. To connect to virtually any pipe, regardless of location, all you need is a power tool, a deburring tool, and couplings.

ProPress connections create consistent, clean, and reliable connections every time by automating almost every step of the process.

Coming towards its longevity, most manufacturers guarantee 25 years of warranty, and some provide even 50 years. 

Maintenance of the pipes has never been so easy as they are exposed to various risks the whole day.

Right tools for maintenance are the only option you can attempt without wasting time, energy, and money.

Deciding which tool is the best for your project is only challenging when you are trapped around various options.

But what if we limit you to only two of the leading names. It might be easier to put your hands on. Right? 

Today in this guide, we will be focusing on Ridgid Propress Vs. Milwaukee brands are based on tools representing pressing technologies.

We will compare each of the profitable products of both brands so that you can make a clear analysis.

Based on this comparison, you’ll be able to make a better decision and successfully invest your money in a better place. 

Ridgid Propress Vs. Milwaukee: Product Wise Explanation 

Below we’ve mentioned some of the best picks from these brands as experts recommend these products. 

Ridgid 57373 RP 241 Pressn Vs. Milwaukee 2473-22 M12 Press tool

About Ridgid

If you want a tool as small as possible, this is the tool for you. It’s a perfect fit for your grip.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it’s also as light as you want it to be.

This tool is 10% lighter and 25% smaller than previous compact PROPRESS tools, and it weighs 1 pound less than its predecessor.

Despite its small size, this tool can withstand a wide range of hoses. On stainless steel and copper, it has a penetration of 1 to 14. PEX pipes have a penetration of 1 to 12, and iron pipes have a penetration of up to 34.

It also has Bluetooth built-in, allowing you to control the device with your phone. This tool will not keep you in the dark about the state of your battery.

Your phone displays all real-time data about your tool. There is no better tool for working faster and smarter than this one.

This unit is powered by a 12V battery that you can charge 148 times. It also includes two of these batteries as well as a charger.

The head is quite small, allowing you to access and work in extremely small spaces.


  • Incredibly designed 
  • Ease of use 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Equipped with four different sets of jaws
  • Magnificent durability 


  • Disappointed positioning of the trigger 

No products found.

About Milwaukee

The M12 2473-22 may be just what you need if you need the lightest crimping tool available. This power logic tool is the lightest press tool available, weighing only 3.8 pounds.

It’s also simple to use and long-lasting. It has the highest portability and permeability when it comes to printing technology.

You can operate this in-line tool with one hand.


It is so thin and can penetrate anywhere your hand goes. It has the most intriguing calibration and only requires maintenance after 32,000 uses.

You can also see when your tool needs to be calibrated based on the information on this tool. Despite its small size, this tool fits perfectly—a red lithium battery powers all this glitz and glam.

You can use the jaws to cut. Connect your head to this tool by attaching it to it. This tool contains almost everything you need for pipe maintenance.

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  • Light-weighted construction 
  • Highly durable 
  • Value for money 
  • Advanced ergonomics 
  • Pocket friendly 


  • It doesn’t come with a 1/4″ jaw

No products found.

Ridgid RP 340-B 43348 Hydraulic Crimping Tools Vs. Milwaukee 2773-22 M18 Force Logic

About Ridgid

This wireless tool may be just what you need if you dislike playing chords. It’s also one of the most recent Ridgid press tools to hit the market.

It is lightweight, weighing only 8.3 pounds. It is 17 percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than other tools of this type. It does, however, have a hydraulic cylinder capacity of up to 24 kilo-newtons.

The RP 340-B’s turn with a rotation of up to 270 degrees allows you to reach great depths. It includes an advanced 18 lithium battery. This battery can perform up to 400 press operations with a full charge.

During use, this cordless hydraulic crimping tool will not wobble. It is linked to providing 42,000 work cycles.

It also demonstrates excellent long-term viability. In addition, the tool’s life and battery indicator and its temperature are displayed.

It also has built-in LED lighting, allowing you to work freely in low-light environments.

Furthermore, it could penetrate up to 4 inches of copper and stainless steel as well as 2-inch PEX. The only disadvantage is that, unlike many other products, this one does not include a jaw.


  • Durable enough 
  • Can work with various tubings 
  • Amazing battery shelf life 
  • Equipped with LED light 


  • It is not equipped with jaws 

No products found.

About Milwaukee

This is the market’s first and best brushless tool. It is also the most durable press tool available, with 50,000 cycles. As a result, you will be using this product for a long time.

The one-handed tool has a fantastic 20% longer operating time than any other press tool while also requiring a super-fast loading time with approximately 10% less loading time than other tools.

It can also be made smaller if necessary and fit into tighter spaces. Also, make eye contact.

It also has an automatic press cycle, which means it cannot start a press it cannot finish. And that means your worries will diminish. You will get a lot of rest while working.

It has 13 distinct pressing capacities, ranging from 12 to 4 inches. Overall, this is a reliable press tool. It has pretty much everything you could want, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.


  • Ease of use 
  • Value for money 
  • Highly durable device 
  • Lightest weighted body 


  • It comes without any battery indicator 

No products found.

Rigid 57388 RP 241 Vs. Milwaukee 2673-22 M18 Force Logic 

About Ridgid

Ridgid 57388 RP 241 sounds identical to 57373 RP 241. And if you’re not careful, you can easily mix the two.

They function in the same way and have the same dimensions and weight. You also have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to control your tool from your smartphone or tablet.

Ridgid-Link is the correct name. They also weigh one pound less than their forefathers.

A 12V lithium battery powers both. They also have the same penetration level of 114 for copper and steel pipes, 112 for steel pipes, and around 34 for iron pipes.

The only distinction is that it is merely a tool. However, it is designed to work with Ridgid Mega Jaws and other accessories.

This device can easily dive into tight spaces and reach your folds. This device is an excellent all-arounder. And is better suited for pressing copper.


  • Easy on pocket 
  • It comes with a Bluetooth connection 
  • Compatible with a variety of devices 
  • Compactly designed 
  • Easy to handle 


  • It comes like a bare tool

No products found.

About Milwaukee 

Nothing is more advantageous to a plumber than working with a dependable tool. And that is exactly what this tool provides without hesitation.

This one-handed in-line tool has ergonomic improvements. And it provides a high degree of accuracy, which is required for pressing and assembly.

It also has Milwaukee’s sleek Red Link technology. With your secure connection, you will not be left in the dark.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 

You can visually open and monitor connections. It ensures worker safety. Furthermore, it boasts a fantastic 4x delivery time between connections.

The calibration standard is excellent, with up to 40,000 ripples before needing service. When using this tool, make sure only to use high-quality press couplings. The M18 lithium-ion battery powers everything.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Ease of use
  • Fast charging 
  • Reliable build quality 
  • Lithium-ion battery 


  • Disappointed cycle time 

No products found.

Ridgid RP 200-B Compact Press Tool Kit Vs. Milwaukee 2773-20 force logic press tool 

About Ridgid 

Another Rigid ProPress, this time in the form of the 200-B, makes our top five.

As the model number implies, these are a few steps down from the 340-b that our editor chose, but for those looking to join the Rigid family at a lower cost, this may be the tool for you.

We used an in-line design in this tool, as we did in the 340-B, and it also has a 270-degree swivel cylinder.

Of course, this adds to its versatility when working in difficult-to-reach areas. As with the Milwaukee M12, you will get 32,000 cycles out of the device before needing to send it in for calibration.

Versatility is also advantageous, particularly if you are familiar with the rigid line of press tools.

All jaws in the compact series with capacities up to 14 inches (when working with copper, stainless steel, or 1-1 / 2-inch PEX) are compatible with the 200-B. 

The device is, of course, powered by a battery. The kit includes two 18V Advanced Lithium 2 batteries, just like the 340-B.

These beasts produce 200 presses per charge when fully charged. There is a lot to be happy about for all working professionals.

Again, there are better batteries available (Lithium 4s offers 400 cycles), but they must be purchased separately – Stiff! Come on, let’s go! These should be included in the kit!


  • Enhanced ergonomics 
  • The hydraulic output of 5400 pounds 
  • 32000 cycles required 
  • 200 presses on each charge 


  • A bit pricey

No products found.

About Milwaukee 

You can’t ignore the name Milwaukee when it comes to grabbing the best tools for your plumbing experience.

That is another classic tool based on Power Logic technology. With up to 13 unique customization systems, it is as versatile as you want it to be.

This one-handed tool fits into small spaces and gets the job done quickly. It also has superpowers, with a maximum power of 7200 lbs.

The red lithium battery is fantastic, with up to 20% more operating time than other batteries. In addition, the charger provides a plethora of benefits and significantly reduces charging time.

Because it is designed for strength and quality, this tool will generally satisfy any plumber.

Overall, this is a fantastic tool that provides excellent value for money. It is strongly advised.


  • Lasting battery 
  • Great design 
  • Has force more than 7200lbs 
  • Ease of use 


  • Comes without indicators 

No products found.

What is the difference between both brands?

Some features will help you differentiate between the leading brands in providing us with high-end tools.

After knowing the difference between them, you’ll be able to analyze which product’s specifications is the best for your work or project. 


Weight is the most important factor in any tool like this as it can be easier to carry with a lighter-weight device.

The two brands’ products are roughly the same weight, with only a minor difference in weight.

Enhanced Features 

Ridgid PROPRESS is more than just a simple tool; it also includes more advanced features to take the hungry plumber a step further in the same location as the green start button.

This device has indicators that tell you how long the battery lasts and when it needs to be serviced. In addition, it indicates when your pen is not properly pressed.

Milwaukee M12 Force Logic 

Unfortunately, Milwaukee PROPRESS does not have these features.


Milwaukee Force Logic includes all of the essentials that every plumber requires, and compact and large units; provide a great deal of versatility. The same cannot be said for Ridgid Propress.

Zoom lock 

Users have also observed that Ridgid develops bugs at a lower rate than Milwaukee. Both brands have tools that can perform the zoom lock with ease.

However, Ridgid is an annoyance because you frequently press the shutter button while working.

And it would help if you let go of the jaw pressure while doing so. That is not the case with Milwaukee devices.


We hope you’ve gone through all the specifications we’ve mentioned in this guide, entirely focusing on the most asked debate, ‘Ridgid Propress Vs. Milwaukee.’

After a detailed analysis and reviews that we’ve associated with after extensive research, you can now easily choose which one is the best product. 

We tried to compare their best products to be crystal clear for the readers and help make them a better decision.

We hope you find our guide effective and helpful in clearing up your confusion regarding the leading brands mentioned in this guide.

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