How do you stop a Moen shower head from leaking?

how to stop moen shower head from leaking

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The shower leakage is annoying. It can damage you in various aspects, such as financially, and also, the annoying sound of water dripping causes a harmful effect on your mood.

So it must be necessary to repair the shower as early as possible. Water leakage from the shower heads could go unnoticed as we spend little time in the rain, but this is not environmentally friendly as we are already facing a water shortage.

There are different steps to take to prevent your Moen shower head from leakage. It requires the replacement of shabby washers, unclogging the head of the shower, replacing a worn cartridge valve, or replacing the diverter valve. What fixtures and necessary tools must be taken to stop shower heads are discussed in detail. But first, you must find out why the shower head is leaking.

how to stop moen shower head from leaking

What are the reasons behind Moen Showerhead from Leakage?

The shower is fixed at a height, and water flow comes through the taps that are attached below. If the tub and shower are attached in combination, then water flow is diverted to the shower from the tub tap to the shower tab. This diversion is due to the diverter valve. The leaks in shower heads are due to only the defaulted head of the shower or a combination of different combinations.

To know the exact reason, you need to find out if the water leakage is constant even if the shower tap is off or if the water leakage is for some time after turning off the faucet. These two things would identify the repair you want for your shower head to stop leakage.

Clean Shower Head:

Over time showers started collecting minerals of water, and thus they clog the holes. This could be the reason for water leakage for some time after the shower is off because the shower head might collect some water that could not flow properly due to the blockage of holes.

Clean Shower Head

That could be why your Moen shower head is dripping after some time and then stops eventually. To solve this issue, you must open the shower head time after time to clean it. Or you can buy a new showerhead and replace it.

Replace defaulted washers of shower head:

The reason for the water blockage has been discussed; to prevent that, you can replace the washers in the shower. It is a good practice to change them time by time as water contains minerals that create a layer; thus, they block the normal flow of water and cause water leakage for some time and then stops.

To remove the washers, pull apart the tap handle by unscrewing it. Take a deep wrench and remove the stem and handle. The best practice is to get a faucet kit, and then you can replace all kinds of washers and seal them at once.

Change Diverter Valve

The knob used to change the flow of water from the faucet to the shower head has been named a diverter valve. This is just a fancy name given to it, and its purpose is the same. To change the diverter valve, remove the handle, pull apart the valve and detach the valve. Check if it is worn out; if yes, replace it with a new one. If it does not wear out, then thoroughly clean it with the help of white vinegar.

If the washroom has a faucet combination of tub and shower, then in such cases, disassemble the diverter valve and check for any defaults; if yes, then remove it and replace it with a new one. Sometimes the default is the tap handles used for mixing hot water and cold water, and check them out and fix them or replace them with a new one.


In most cases, the water leakage is due to the layer of minerals which assembles it selves in the shower head; other reasons are also discussed. All of them are relatively inexpensive to solve. So, how do you stop a Moen shower head from leaking? This guide will be proven to be a great help.

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