Moen 2510 Vs 2520 -Which Shower Valve Better For You!

Moen 2510 Vs 2520

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Today, the brand we will be talking about is one of the leading names in providing us with the high-grade tools for our kitchens and bathrooms.

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Moen 2510

Moen 2520

Bathroom and kitchen are the key components in any house, as any problem with them can disturb the whole mechanism of our house.

Right? After fighting with a hectic day and a harsh busy routine, when we return home, there are only 2 things that we urge to relax. First thing is to enjoy a good shower and the other one is to eat your favorite food. Agreed? 

Both of these are possible when your kitchen, as well as a bathroom, is equipped with the right quality of tools.

It is now a bit challenging to choose which tools are the best for you when you are all trapped around hundreds of brands offering and claiming to be their best.

Thousands of claims and options ultimately end up messing with our decision-making power and letting us be confused.

At that time, you only need the right guide to instantly grab a product suit best for us. 

You are on this post-reading guide which means you are in search of a new shower valve as your older one is worn out. correct?

Not a big deal! Today in this guide we will be comparing two of the best products from a well-known manufacturer.

This ‘Moen 2510 Vs 2520’ has been a very demanding debate for a decade.

So, we decided to review both of them in detail, at the end of which you’ll be able to choose one between both. 

Moen 2510 Vs 2520: Explanation 

About Moen 2510 

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The Moen 2510 is a pressure-balanced brass bath and shower mixer with Posi-temp. It measures inches and has IPS connections.

The M-Pact Common Valve System allows you to change the finish of your fixtures or upgrade the look of your home without having to replace the valves.

As long as you have the Moen 2510 cartridge system, you will be able to change the look of your bathroom as often as you want. Fortunately, the system is as simple to set up as a standard valve.

Because of Moen’s M-PACT valve system, the design is simple to install.

It is adaptable to almost any change without the need to replace your installation in the future.

Who doesn’t have a bad day when they have difficulty taking a cold shower or when the sudden hot water burns their skin?

moen 2510 valve

The 2510 model is packed with wonderful features that help keep the water calm and peaceful, whether it’s for you or someone older.

This model features PosiTemp technology, which maintains both water flow and temperature in a reasonable range.

It has four connections that allow you to set the highest temperature before installation. Furthermore, the brass structure ensures durability wherever it is placed;

it will not even interfere with the current sanitary situation. The unit performs admirably underwater and temperature pressures by balancing both based on the settings.

As a result, the majority of people prefer the Moen 2510 as a functional shower mixer for their bathroom. It has a 1222 cartridge and can be installed back-to-back without issue.

Furthermore, the innovative design accepts inch IPS connection types to accommodate most standard installations.

Shower or bathe and shower with the Moen 2510. It can be used in conjunction with a transfer valve to create a shower tub with an additional shower-head, a hand shower, or two body showers.


  • Can apply to tub and shower 
  • Light-weighted body 
  • It is capable of balancing pressure 
  • Amazingly built with brass
  • Follows all the federal lead guidelines 
  • Comes with options associated with built-in stops 


  • Poor control of water pressure 

About Moen 2520 

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PosiTemp printing is found on yet another model in Moen’s M-PACT series. This unit makes it much easier to regulate the temperature of the water.

When this model is installed, people who suffer from poor water flow and unbalanced temperature pressure will be able to breathe more easily.

The common valve system allows the user to adjust it in the same way as any other standard shower faucet.

This unit comes with a 12-inch CC valve and a trim strip, which you can upgrade when you renovate your bathroom’s plumbing system.

The process does not necessitate the replacement of any valves or the purchase of any additional equipment.

If you want to change the look and function of your bathroom, you will find it difficult if you do not have a Moen tap connection. 

But, thanks to the Moen 2520 Posi-Temp shower mixer, this is no longer the case. This Moen faucet system provides a generous flow of water while maintaining a constant water temperature while you shower.

Moen 2520 

It is made of brass to ensure durability and dependability, giving you long-term service and a lifetime warranty. With this luminaire system, you can upgrade bathrooms and washbasins without having to change sanitary facilities. 

It is nearly identical to the Moen 2510. It is also used in shower/bath applications, where it is combined with a transfer valve to create a shower bath with an additional showerhead, hand shower, or two body showers.

It produces the best results when used in the bath and shower. You will enjoy a perfect balance of hot and cold water and avoid shower shock.

Furthermore, the elegant, dependable brass construction makes it ideal for new bathroom fixtures in the home. 

It is designed with four ports and a single handle. Forget about scalding in the shower; instead, enjoy the gentle flow of water and get the enhanced version of the bathing experience you’ve been craving for days.

Our only advice is to carefully read and comprehend the user manual before attempting to install it yourself.


  • Incredible sturdy design 
  • Ideal for tub and shower renovation 
  • Goes well with a 12-inch CC connection 
  • Constructed with brass for long-lasting companionship
  • Adjustable temperature 
  • Adjustable handles given 


  • Comes with an unclear installation guide
  • Some of the user’s complaints about leakage 

After a detailed review of both of them, now let’s move ahead at some intense details to make a clear analysis between the products. Some features show clear differentiation between both the products to let us make a worthwhile decision. 

Type of Connection 

This is where you can really tell the difference. This is due to the 2510 model’s 12-inch threaded plugs. As a result, to avoid significant pressure, the connection must be tightened to some extent.

Before proceeding to the next step, you must tape the thread. When used at full power, this prevents water from leaking out of the valve. In contrast, the single model 2520 has 12-inch weld-to-weld connections. 

So, you’ll need a soldering iron. This means you must be able to purchase specialized tools, such as a B. copper pipe solder, a burner to melt the solder, flux to help the solder flow properly, and a suitable brush to prime the inside of the copper couplings.

As a result, 2520 may require more attention than 2510. In any case, despite the differences in mounting styles, both perform admirably.

How to Install?

The most difficult aspect of installing 2520 is that the manual is vague. So, if you are not an expert in shower mixer installation, we strongly advise you not to do it yourself.

We didn’t encounter any such issues during the installation of 2510, but once again, the cumbersome user manual got in the way of precisely positioning the unit.

Most people have noticed that the 2510 device has a simple design that allows them to quickly understand the related navigation. This means that even a novice can follow the procedure to complete the installation without making any mistakes.

In terms of Convenience 

While both models are made of solid brass for long-lasting durability, some minor differences were noticed after during installation.

2510, for example, has a thicker construction than 2520, which must be considered before mounting. The rotary lever function works flawlessly on both parts, but the 2520 model is more efficient.

2520 lacks threaded ends, whereas the latest model does. Although both are stated to be shower and bath compatible, the shower mixer 2520 appears to be better suited for this purpose than the shower mixer 2510.

2510 can also be used in kitchen sanitary ware, making it more versatile. However, it is preferable to simply mount 2520 in the bathroom.

Aside from these distinctions, the consistency of water temperature and flow rate is the same for both models.

Stop Valves 

Because none of the models have IPS (threaded) connections, we are left with CC (copper connection). Some people may require the assistance of a professional plumber to resolve this issue.

The valve system distinguishes 2510 from 2520. The Moen 2520 has a rotary grip that allows you to change the temperature of the water by turning it counterclockwise.

However, the last model, the Moen 2510, includes a quarter-turn stop. 

A hollow ball is oriented inward to block the waterway at a 90-degree turn or to allow full flow. Because of its simple valve design, the Moen 2510 tends to last much longer than the Moen 2520.

The 2510 valve also allows for rapid shut-off of the water flow, which a rotary valve cannot do. As a result, the Moen 2520 bicycle valve must switch off more slowly than the comparable product. 

However, because of this, 2510 costs a few dollars more than 2520. This easy-to-read quartz valve, on the other hand, is most beneficial for the elderly who are in pain. It reduces the amount of force and space needed to operate the valve.

About Moen 

Moen is a leading faucet manufacturer, providing a diverse range of mixers, shower nozzles, accessories, bathroom safety products, waste management, and sinks.

Moen meets personal and commercial needs by committing to innovation, useful functions, and long-term value.

moen install

As the No. 1 faucet brand in North America, Moen offers a diverse range of well-designed kitchen and bath faucets, shower nozzles, accessories, bathroom safety products, and sinks for home use – all with the best combination of well-thought-out innovation, useful functions, trendy styling, and durability available

Furthermore, Moen Commercial provides products with superior performance and a lower lifetime cost for current assets.

Al Moen’s invention is responsible for Moen’s legacy of thoughtful design. A determined young Al Moen set out in 1937 to invent a single-lever tap designed to mix hot and cold water after being burned on a sink with traditional simple hot and cold-water taps.

The invention was completed in 1939 and revolutionised the plumbing industry, laying the groundwork for the next 75 years of innovation. 

Moen is a subsidiary of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., which develops products and services that help homeowners realize their dreams and make people feel safer.

Moen’s products can be quite technical, so it may take some time for new agents to fully understand and feel comfortable handling tickets.

When new agents join the company, they must learn many new standards, such as B. Processing time, degree of completion, service quality, and so on.

Moen discovered a way to connect to Stella Connect within a few months. Stella Connect has built trust among both new and existing agents.

How do I know if the Moen cartridge is bad?

It should be checked if you notice leaks from different areas even after you turn it off. Other symptoms include being unable to get too hot or cold water, having difficulty turning, opening, and closing the shower faucet, and so on.

Are all Moen shower valves the same?

New. So far, the company has produced three types of valves. They are referred to as Standard, PosiTemp, and Moentrol. Although they all appear to be the same, the surface layers are not interchangeable.


After going through the comparison post on Moen 2510 Vs 2520, we hope now you can decide which of these similar units is best for your usage.

We’ve gathered enough information and put it in this guide for you to reach a better decision for your washroom equipment.

We are hoping, for now, things will be much clearer for you after which you can grab a suitable device to insert in your bathroom.

Share this comparison study with your fellows and friends so that they can also grab a worthwhile product among many scam ones.

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