How Many Lids Are On a Septic Tank (Septic Tank Lid Location)

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Septic systems consist of septic tanks with secure lids that return water to nature eliminating all humans’ contamination’s and providing safe covering to the tank.

An eco-friendly septic system is better for your home, community, and even your neighbors. 

Many septic systems contain different lids in different numbers.

The septic tank lids provide a secure covering to the tank. 

Lids On Septic Tank

Septic tanks operate on the principle of nature. It is free from hazardous chemical use like other commercial waste treatment plants.

  • Principle 

The septic tank Works like the natural filtering process of the soil.

  • Septic tank operation 

The septic tanks work by breaking down the waste with the help of healthy bacteria that already exists in the tank. The bacteria renders the waste products harmless.

Parts of a Septic tank System

The main components of a septic tank system that work to make the environment clean includes;

  • A septic tank 
  • Lids 
  • Drain field



To locate the septic tank lids of an average septic tank (5 by 8 feet), dig about 4 inches and 4 feet. In most cases, the septic tank lids lie at this position beneath the ground.

Classification of Septic Tank Lids Based On Number of Lids 

Based on different dimensions, types, and years of manufacturing, septic tanks contain the following lids.

  1. One lid
  2. Two lids
  3. Three lids 

Classification of Septic Tank Lids Based On Compartments

Single compartment Tank capacity in gallonsNo of lids Double compartment tank capacity in gallonsNo. of Lids Distance between lids 
5001100021000 gallon tank = 6-6.5 ft.
7501125021250 gallon = 7-7.5 ft.
8501150021500 gallon = 8.5-9 ft.
1000 before 19761

Single compartment 

 A single compartment septic tank comprising 500 – 1000 Gallon capacity, Installed before 1976, consists of one main lid.

The composition of the lid depends upon the type of septic tank used.

Along one lid, the single compartment consists of two small baffle lids.

Two Compartments

A two-compartment septic tank comprising 1125-1200 Gallon capacity, Installed in late 1976, consists of two lids.

Along with two lids, the two-compartment consists of two small baffle lids at each end of the septic tank.

The composition of the lid depends upon the type of septic tank used. 

Classification of Septic Tank Lids Based On Material Used

Septic tank lids are classified based on the nature of the material used for the tank. The following are the common types of septic lids.

  • For Concrete septic tanks; lids are of concrete
  • For Polyethylene septic tanks; 
  • Lids are encompassing of polyethylene plastic
  • For Fiberglass septic tanks;
  • Lids are encompassing of glass
  • For Steel septic tanks; 
  • Lids encompassing steel

Some of the septic tank lids are of green or black plastic

Concrete Septic Tank Lids

A septic tank made of concrete consists of two or three lids.

Lid thickness 4 inches

Cost of Septic Tank Lids 

You can purchase the septic tank lids from any nearby hardware shop or online marketplace. A standard septic tank lid, mostly concrete, costs about C$94- C$202. 

Remember to purchase the lids following the dimensions of previous septic tank lids.


A septic tank is an eco-friendly system that consists of secure lids.

These lids secure the system from leaking out the waste products.

There are different septic tank lids according to nature, composition, compartment type, and dimensions. Select the one that is fit for the tank you have installed.

Remember to replace the lids in case of any damage by following the previous lid dimensions.

How far apart are septic tank lids

The distance between septic tank lids is basically different for various sizes of tanks. A 1200 gallon concrete septic tank have the lids at the distance between 6.2 to 6.7 feet, if you own 1,000 gallon septic system that distance between around 7 to 7.5 feet, and as well for 1500 gallon tank have lids between 8.5 to 9 feet and as well distance increase by increase the volume of septic tank and that provide the septic tank lid dimensions

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