DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer Problems- A Detail Guide

DeWalt cordless framing nailer problems

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Users desiring to get a DeWalt cordless framing nailer or those who already own one can be stuck in queries about DeWalt cordless framing nailer problems because every module along initial aspects has flaws that need to get tackled.

The same goes for the DeWalt cordless framing nailer. With the help of expert contractors and DIYers review, we came up with the most sufferable problems that a user might or had suffered with using DeWalt nailer.

Whether it’s a small or large DIY project, using such sophisticated units makes the task more accessible, but wait! having issues? There is no need to wander around, check out the most common problems, and find the easy fix.

In no time, users can get rid of issues, while for problematic scenarios, do consult experts to avoid further inconvenience. 

DeWalt cordless framing nailer problems

DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer Problems- Quick Fix

Despite the DeWalt cordless framing nailer’s high efficiency and power for securing different materials, the device can have other problems based on faulty parts, non-working, and maintenance issues.

The most common problems that the cordless framing nailer endures include jam nails, damaged driver blades, default spring, wrong working speed, failure to activate damaged terminals, and faulty internal electronics.

Besides these low batteries, dead battery accumulated dirt in the confined spaces, and lack of driven fastener are the other common problems your device seems too prone more. To discuss each in detail, follow the handy guide till the end!

DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer- Briefly Explained 

You might have heard about DeWalt and its high-tech unique gadgets and units used for customizing projects ranging from home DIY projects to large construction jobs.

DeWalt has always proven to be one of the best brands, and this time, the cordless framing nailer has won the market, providing dual-speed motors and a wide array of fasteners. 

DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer

The device’s versatility and working efficiency make it a better option to opt for different projects.

The function of the framing nailer is to secure other materials together using large framing nails and operates at desired speed as per the material consideration. You can quickly fasten any materials compatible with the device without effort.

Problems Faced by DeWalt Cordless Framing Nailer- Reasons and Solutions 

To know DeWalt cordless framing nailer problems check out the most common issues users suffer when using the DeWalt cordless framing nailer.

If your nailer has some problem, you can check the list and find out the problem and the most straightforward fix available. We hope it will help you out!

Jammed Nails

Jammed Nails on framing nailer

When working with the DeWalt cordless framing nailer, there seems to be a problem: no nails are coming out of the nailer, which can be possible because of the jammed framing nails.

A jammed nail means that the framing nail has been stuck in the framing nailer and cannot come out along that, not allowing other framing nails. The right LED light will start blinking if the device gets a jammed nail issue. 

The nail gets jammed because of dirt accumulation in the front nose site, using wrong nail size, wrong operational speed, faulty spring, non-compatible material, damaged driver blade, and loosely and added magazine hex bolts. 

It’s of prime importance to ensure no nails get stuck in the machine; for that, you need first to remove the jammed framing nail. 

  • The issue gets fixed by removing the jam nailed using the following procedure. 
  • Take the device and remove the battery. 
  • After that, take out the nail strip. 
  • Once removed, you would find a tiny narrow iron wrench for the module to remove the 2-screw lying at the front part.
  • Use a specific tool to lose the screws. They move out and do not get entirely removed.
  • The lower part of the DeWalt cordless framing nailer gets losses.
  • You can easily remove the jammed. 
  • After removing the nail, screw back the parts and place the nail strip along the battery to make it functional.
  • Test it on the material to check whether the nail comes out or not


To prevent jamming, keep the module clean, and maintain or add a few drops of oil to avoid the resistance leading to nail jamming. 

When the nail gets jammed, the motor gets noisy—another point for troubleshooting the issue.

Module Trigger Get Stalled

Another problem with the device causes the trigger to get stalled or unable to run the motor. The gun trigger may cause the issue, which needs to get unlocked to make the motor run. There seem to be various causes and reasons for the engine not to run, even when the trigger of the gun nailer gets pressed. 

triger of framing nail gun

The common ones include; when a trigger lock gets locked, the nail gun tool stalling, the sequential actuation mode, internal electronics issues, the motor receives stopped after 5 seconds, dirty or damaged terminals, and faulty internal connections. 

A Damaged trigger, hot battery, and when the tool is opted for too long and gets hot can cause problems with the nailer and other products such as dewalt string or dewalt trimmer.

So, fix each of the issues to make the device functional. In case the problem persists, consult an expert or DeWalt professionals. 

Nailer Failed to Actuate 

If the nailer motor seems to work and no staling or jamming occurs, but still, the nails aren’t coming out can be another possible reason for the module not to work. Most of the users came across the issue but didn’t know what could be the cause. The culprits behind the problems are;

  • Battery issue, low battery 
  • Faulty internal connections
  • Engaged dry fire lock 
  • Faulty driver

Low Battery Issues 

charge framing nailer

For the device to stop working, the first issue can be low batteries because the one you are using is battery operated, and as you work, the battery gets exhausted and require charging. Observe the light on the left side of the device. Right LED light means the device is low on battery. 

To fix the issue, keep taking the battery out and charge it using a DeWalt charger. Once ultimately charged, opt for working operations. 

Faulty Or Dead Battery 

What if the battery gets fully charged, but the device isn’t able to work? In that case, you need to check the battery because the battery might get dead or faulty. 

Dead Battery framing nailer

Over time usage, each battery gets worn out and requires replacement. If the battery is older than 03 years, you need a new replacement because the device won’t work. A standard battery may last around three years for about 1,000 charge cycles. 

Lack Of Driven Fastener 

The motor seems to be functional, and there isn’t any jamming issue, but still no fastener. The cause can be because there aren’t any nails preset, use of non-compatible nails, dirt accumulation in nose pieces, damaged or worn-out magazines, or faulty pusher springs.

All these cause the lack of driven fastener upon motor running. Always check the module for nail availability and clean parts to eliminate the issue. 

Dirt, Dust, or Particulates Accumulation 

Among various problems, the issue with dirt accumulated modules gives rise to multiple problems discussed above.

It is reasonably necessary to opt for instance and timely cleaning before and after the work to make the unit last longer within any potential issues.

Framing Nailer

Leaving behind the module unmaintained causes issues in working, and that relay gets messy when you delay work projects. 

Open the parts, especially the nose piece, and the magazine seems more prone to dirt. Be careful and use a standard cloth to clean and oil the device to make it friction-free. 


After going through the handy, informative guide, we hope you got aware of DeWalt cordless framing nailer problems, their causes, and ways to fix the issue.

The module is a modern-day high-tech need for constructors and DIYers; its working efficiency seems best for many materials to fasten them.

But if not properly maintained or used roughly can cause many issues. Always remember to keep the device in the right place, preventing the stressing factors and fair use.

If none of the above said fix work for the DeWalt cordless framing nailer, then always consult the DeWalt helpline or expert help to tackle the issue more professionally. 

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