Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light but Not Charging- Reasons and Solutions

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Most of the time, the working seems too long and extreme that your power tool may get exhausted, and the battery would require charging, but how annoying it seems that the battery doesn’t seem to be set by the Dewalt charger, but still the red light gets shown. That’s the ordinary query users came across considering a Dewalt charger solid red light but not charging

Being an expert at Dewalt power tools and chargers, we suggest checking out the charger and battery to troubleshoot the issue because any fault or disconnection causes hindrance, which requires a fix.

The best thing to consider is our handy guide provides the best possible reasons with a quick solution that help user to get back to charging the battery and working without wasting time on non-working fixes. 

Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light but Not Charging

Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light but Not Charging- Quick Fix

Usually, a solid red light indicates the battery seems charged entirely, but when the red light gets shown for low battery, there might be issues preventing the battery from setting.

These issues can be loose connections, damaged or faulty cable, poor power supply, wrong battery placement, rusted battery slots, non-secure batteries, loosely placed batteries, dirty contact points, or lousy chargers.

A defective charger, old charger, or faulty battery can also be other causes of the issue. To discuss each one in a detailed format with reason and solution, go through the handy guide to find the best fix for each problem. 

Dewalt Charger- Briefly Explained 

Before going towards the Dewalt charger, let me tell you that Dewalt is a high-tech power tool-making American company with a worldwide supply of tools and comes on top among various other companies that offer multiple tools for different Constructions, etc. The Dewalt tools are high quality with efficient working making the work easier for users. 

As you know, the power tools require some power source to be working, so either the devices are battery operated on the AC source operated.In the case of battery use, batteries seem necessary to get fully charged.

To get the desired operation, Dewalt also introduced a Dewalt charger that helped the user get a fully charged battery to activate the power tool to work efficiently. 

Dewalt Charging Lightning Patterns- Must Read!

The Dewalt charger works by charging the power tools battery but is designed so that its LED red lighting informs the users about the battery and charger’s health and working state. Now that is something a user must be an expert at because using the charging would require the knowledge of lighting patterns. 

Some users do lose their Dewalt charger manual, so for them no need to worry pout; we had made it easy to understand with the help of a handy table. So, let’s check the patterns out!

Red Light SignalingVisual SignsReason
Continually blinking Led red light –  –  –  – – –The battery is charging.
Solid red light ________fully charged battery
Red light short flashing . . . . . . . . .Charger or battery issues
Irregular flashing . _. _. _ ._No charging due to hot and cold play 

Why Dewalt Charger Isn’t Charging but Showing Led Red Light? Reasons And Solutions 

Most users might encounter issues like “Dewalt charger solid red light but not charging.” 

dewalt charger problem

Solid red light signals that the battery seems fully charged; by some time, it will be the case because of any default in the charger or the battery; other cases that we will discuss are the main culprits behind the not charging of the device battery.

So if you have such problems check out the issues with the most straightforward fixes to get back your batteries charging for power tools. 

Loose Connections 

Problem- faulty or loose connections

Solution- secure back the connection 

If you observe that you have added batteries to your Dewalt charger, but they aren’t charging or showing a solid red light, there might be an issue of loose connections. Your battery also requires a secure power source to get your batteries charged and make your power tool back to work.

A loose connection causes disconnection and should be secured back to make the charger functional. Fix the issue without any effort or the need for experts; all you need is to remove the charger plug and plug it again properly with securing all the connections.

It would remove the minor bugs if present and makes the batteries back to charging. If the problem persists, check out the other problem with the fix.

Battery Not Added Properly 

Problem- wrong battery placement 

Solution- remove it and place it back securely 

If connections are secured, but problems persist, then there might be a chance that the battery seems non correctly placed in the battery slot. A list mistake in the battery placement can make them unable to charge properly. 

Each slot has a fixed polarity sign, and the battery requires proper placement accordingly to make them back to the charging point. Go for the fix and check whether the batteries start charging or not. 

Dirty Battery Slots and Contact Points

Problem- dirty Contact points

Solution- maintain the charger and keep it clean

Users who haven’t used their batteries for many months might have issues in charging because eths battery slots may get intervened with dust or dirt, adding a barrier in the way of the battery and charger to cause them to set. To fix the issue, try to maintain the charger, place it securely with proper covering, and upon use, don’t forget o clean them using a regular cloth. 

dewalt batter charger

Some users have complained about gunk or rust formation at battery slot terminals; you must carefully clean or brush them out using specific tools. Don’t damage the contact points because the batteries won’t get access to power. 

Incompatible Charger 

Problem- wrong charger 

Solution- use a charger compatible with batteries

Dewalt charger solid red light but not charging? Still, the problem remains a query this time; it might be the charger itself because a non-compatible one can make the batteries unable to power up.

Some of the suppliers can be fake and supply you with a counterfeit Dewalt charger claiming to be the real one, or in case you are unable to select the desire done leads to wrong selection. 

Despite any case, the result would be solid red light but not a battery charge. To solve the issue, purchase the high-quality, authentic Dewalt charger from Dewalt’s official site to eliminate the chances of counterfeit or wrong selection. 

Faulty Or Damage Wire or Cable

Problem- issue with the wiring 

Solution- Fix it or replace it

The Dewalt charger also comes with a cable that can require a power outlet for power supply, but what if the cable is faulty or has some cracks and open spaces that can be dangerous along with the cause for fault? 

As the cable gets damaged, the batteries won’t get the desired ability to charge up once power gets cut off. This issue receives signaled as a red light but no charging. The charger would show that the battery is complete, but in reality, you know the device battery has just drained out during work. 

Try to fix or replace the damaged cable to solve the issue. Consult an expert professional to deal with cables and wirings. If the battery or charger itself is damaged or faulty, then the only solution is to consider a replacement with new batteries or chargers to carry out while you’re working.


We hope you got the reasons and fixes for the Dewalt charger’s solid red light but not charging. Experts suggest using a genuine Dewalt charger because a fake one seems useless for setting the Dewalt power tools batteries.

If you are a construction worker, in charge, or any professional desiring to work with Dewalt, having a Dewalt charger is a modern need.

Different queries might cause you to get stuck in a problem but going through our handy guide, you would get the most of the information regarding Dewalt signaling and problem-fixing cases. So, get through it and tell us which issue your charger faced. We would love to hear from you!

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