Most Common DEWALT 20V String Trimmer Problems

dewalt trimmer problems

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If you have a grassy area near your home, you know how important it is to have the right quality of hardware tools and gadgets to keep the area prim and proper.

The Dewalt 20V trimmer is a fairly good machine for a power-packed performance. However, some customers complain about the gadget giving some issues.

This article discusses the Dewalt 20V trimmer problems and their respective solution to make your job easier.

So next time you trim weeds and grass along the edges, don’t let the slight glitches of the machine hinder your way; resolve them with our list of tips and tricks to get the ball rolling.

Decoding the Dewalt 20v Trimmer Problems

In some situations, a lawn mower is not a compact solution. Hence every homeowner with a lawn experiences the dire need to purchase a Dewalt 20V trimmer.

The handy tool is tough with a powerful motor and excellent build quality. However, if you come across Dewalt 20V problems, we have got you covered.

No need to panic if the handheld machine malfunctions; keep on reading below so you know how to react when your string trimmer gives you problems while in use.

dewalt trimmer problems

If any attachments refuse to cooperate or the machine fails to deliver excellent performance, you will know which knob to turn and which screw to tighten to make the Dewalt 20V trimmer work efficiently again.

String Related Problems

String trimmers are widely used gardening tools that help trim grass, weeds, and other low-height plants. This handy machine uses a mono-filament line in place of the conventional blade.

The string or cord rotates at a very high speed and helps you to get rid of those plants in hard-to-reach areas.

People often complain that the string breaks easily in the trimmer. The reason might be that you use a sub-standard line in the trimmer.

Loading the machine repeatedly makes you stop unnecessarily while working; hence takes more time than usual.

Also, if one does not take care of tapping the device, they end up paying more on account of the string than necessary.

If the handler taps it more often, the machine keeps feeding in the monofilament string. The Dewalt 20V trimmer wastes string in this manner, leaving you with an empty roll too soon.

We recommend you keep it steady and practice using the trimmer with patience to avoid such problems.

Insufficient Intake of Air

The air filter in the Dewalt 20V trimmer causes the air from the surroundings to filter before entering the powerful machine.

When the handler uses the gadget to trim the weeds or grass, the air might as well get muggy. It is important to introduce an air filter to sieve the air to prevent any irrelevant particles from entering the machine and causing harm.

The air filter needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent any blockage from dust, debris, or dirt around the area of operation.

Suppose one does not clean the air filter periodically. Resultantly, the 20V string trimmer by Dewalt can become sloppy and rough.

The air filter does not cost much, and you must replace it after some time to ensure the longevity of your trimmer.

Exhaust Problems

The Dewalt 20V trimmer runs at a very high RPM. The engine works at such a high speed, so it heats up quickly. The engineers at Dewalt have taken special precautions to avoid overheating the machine.

The 20V gardening tool by Dewalt requires a proper exhaust system to ensure that the vents will cool down the overheated machine with the help of air passing through the vents.

Preventing the engine from overheating reduces its chances of getting damaged in the longer run. Make sure to clean the vents of the Dewalt 20V trimmer if you see the hole getting blocked by dirt or dust over time.

Not Enough Batteries

The Dewalt 20V string trimmer is the best tool for helping you maintain your garden or horticultural space. The handheld device is cordless and requires batteries for operation.

The brushless motor of this device uses less power than usual. A 5-Ah battery is perfect to power this machine with sufficient driving force.

If your string trimmer runs out of batteries, its operation power decreases drastically. We advise our readers to keep a spare set of fully charged batteries with them when using the Dewalt 20V trimmer to avoid any backlog during usage.

Clean the Spool Head

The head of a Dewalt 20V trimmer spins continuously at high speed while you use the device to trim weeds and grass around your garden.

The centrifugal force of the spool head enables enough power to cut the grass blades efficiently. The spool head remains in constant contact with the grass and plants, acquiring a decent amount of dirt and debris.

The user must systematically clean the spool head of the Dewalt 20V trimmer to get rid of any grass or weeds that make their way inside the machine.

dewalt trimmer

A dirty spool head results in adding additional weight to the portable trimmer. After cleaning all the dirt, make sure that you apply a thin layer of grease to keep the parts running smoothly throughout the operation.

Grease Build-up on Gears

Most machines you see in your shed are rugged and durable to guarantee usage for a prolonged time. The Dewalt 20V trimmer is a gadget with good quality build and high-efficiency performance. The handler must put a little grease on the gears and other moving parts to keep them working efficiently.

As we have stated previously, thoroughly cleaning your Dewalt 20V trimmer is crucial to keep it working seamlessly.

Not cleaning the gears means that the grease will cause the dirt and dust to keep piling on top of it, causing loads of the trimmer to move inefficiently.

To avoid grease build-up on the gears of your grass trimmer, we recommend you take your time cleaning them and apply just the right amount of grease on the gears because too much grease will clog the gears over time.

Abrupt Shut-down

The Dewalt 20V trimmer will run off at a top speed until you press the power-off button. However, if the gadget stops responding, there might be several reasons for the 20V Dewalt string trimmer to shut down in the middle of use. Let’s decode a few of them briefly.

You need to check the batteries of the trimmer, and they might have run out of charge. Change the existing batteries or charge them, and the trimmer will be good to go.

If you have been using the device for a long time, it must have become overheated. Keep it aside for a little while and allow it to cool down before resuming operation.

Keep an Eye on the Swath

The trimmer’s swath indicates the trimmer’s cutting radius. If the swath is too short, it will not cut deep into the grass blades.


On the contrary, too large a swath will cause hindrance while working. Gardening experts recommend that the handler keep the swath of a Dewalt 20V trimmer to 13 inches or 330 millimeters.

Keeping the correct swath length will save you from hassle and problems in the long run.

Keep the Guard Up

The designer of the Dewalt 20V trimmer has made sure to keep in mind the safety and security of its operator and other people close to the working trimmer. A guard is a key feature of a string trimmer to keep others safe while blades of grass and debris fly away while you trim the weeds.

If the guard somehow slips off the trimmer, install it back into its place. The guard also maintains a specific length of the trimmer.


The Dewalt 20V string trimmer is a tremendous product to keep your garden and adjacent areas in perfect order.

The great string trimmer uses minimal effort and delivers outstanding results when maintaining a beautiful garden.

Customers swear by its outclass performance but also experience some Dewalt 20V trimmer problems. In this article, we have enlisted a few issues with this product and helped you deal with them.

Using a Dewalt string trimmer will be easier if you follow these easy tips and hacks. Good luck with the gardening!

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