Why are 9-inch angle grinders banned in Australia?

Why Are 9-Inch Angle Grinders Banned In Australia?

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Different constriction sites ban 9-inch grinders due to several heart-wrenching incidents observed in the last few months in Queensland, Australia.

In addition, various investigations for the health and safety of employees observed an increase in injury incidents due to the 9-inch Grinder.

Most incidents reported were related to severed tendons, removal of fingers, or deep cuts. Other reported cases were deep cuts on the face and legs.

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One of the most devastating incidents happened when a worker died in Queensland, Australia. He was working with a 9-inch grinder when the blades were shattered, and a single blade wounded his chest with deep cuts.

Another incident was the death of a worker in 2015; he died due to an electric shock while using a 9-inch grinder. These incidents alerted the employee federation and banned these grinders from work sites.

They have recommended using alternatives instead of this Grinder. However, as it is not entirely prohibited, so few sites still use it but with safety measures.

Another reason for putting limitations on its use of it is the cutting disc. Sometimes to increase the cutting speed, the Grinder guards will be removed and replaced with 14 inches cutting discs. It increases the speed of the Grinder from seventy to 120 meters per second increasing the risk of injuries.

What are the safety measures required to use 9-inch Grinder?

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Workers must use a grinder with the guards. Make sure that the disc with the spindle flange is fixed correctly. The discs should be at most the marked speed in RPM. Angular Grinder should also be operated at a considerable pace in RPM. The significant rate of the disc must be less than the impressive speed of the 9-inch angle grinder. Tighten the disc using the tightening tool which the manufacturer provides.

Tightly hold the Grinder with both hands to ensure that it is tightly gripped and will not slip. For that, insert the side handle of the unit; it is the main reason you would get a full grip. Please do not use the cutting disc to grind. It is always better to use a grinding disc for grinding purposes, by Utilising a cutting disc for grinding increases the risk of injury or disaster.

Never use damaged discs. They should be thrown out as they get damaged. For safety purposes, let the Grinder run at speed before cutting or grinding. Lock the nut of the disc by using a spindle flange. As incorrect use of nut or flange causes damage to the Grinder.

The main reason to make sure all these safety measures are completely taken is due to the reason that if the Grinder does not set correctly, it will not work correctly and may cause damage, as in most of the cases cause of the accident was a kickback and the grinder gyroscopic effect due to which grinder manoeuvre with difficulty.


A 9-inch grinder is a tool that is difficult to deal with as it is a risky material to deal with. Also, observing the prior incidents recorded in Australia, its use is not allowed on worksites. It is banned in Queensland, Australia. Some places have allowed us to use it but with all the safety measures. After reading all the details, the question Are 9-inch grinders banned in Australia is explained in detail. 

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