The Best Angle Grinder For Sharpening Mower Blades

Angle Grinder For Sharpening Blade

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Angle grinders are versatile power tools which can tackle a collection of projects, depending on the attachment or blade that is used on.

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An angle grinder is the better tool to sharpen mower blades since it makes it possible to reshape each blade to its own shape.

But selecting the best one takes a bit of time and effort. We research the angle grinder and evaluate the grinder based on reliability, power, and ease of use for everyone.

How to Choose the Right Angle Grinder For Sharpening Blades

Choosing the right angle grinder boils down to different factors, which we will discuss now. One should consider several factors while buying the best angle grinder for sharpening mower blades.

Angle Grinder For Sharpening Blade

One by one, we will discuss those features to help you learn more about the angle grinder so that you can make an informed decision after reading this buying guide.

Let’s discuss the factors that make an angle grinder the best.

Power Source

The power source seems unimportant but it is a highly important factor to consider because there are two types of angle grinders available in the market: corded and cordless.

The corded angle grinder will limit your mobility, and you will also be worrying about finding the power outlet when working at a range.

Other than that, the wire clutter can also annoy you sometimes. Finally, the absence of power will make you more frustrating because you will be dependent on electricity to work on your project.

On the other hand, cordless angle grinders are much more portable, giving you unlimited mobility to work, but the battery isn’t last forever.

So, you will be interrupted when the battery is low. That depends on what type of projects you usually deal with. If you prefer mobility over battery life, go with cordless, but if you like power over mobility, go with a corded model.

Our list of best angle grinders for sharpening mower blades contains corded and cordless models to help you pick the ones that will meet your work and budget requirements.

Disc Size

The next most important factor for any angle grinder is the disc size, which depends on what you want to do with your angle grinder.

For sharpening mower blades, the ideal disc size will be a 4” to 5” disc. Usually, the hero that features such discs is smaller and lightweight. Such angle grinders can be used for small to medium-level DIY projects like grinding, sanding, and sharpening in your garage or backyard.

There are angle grinders in the market with bigger disc sizes like 7” to 9,” and these are used for bigger projects such angle grinders are usually heavy-duty machines going to cost you a dime.

Such powerful angle grinders cannot run on a battery, so you will constantly be worrying about the power outlet and cord entanglement.

Usually, professionals get such heavy-duty angle grinders and if you are also one of the professionals, then go with such an angle grinder.


The power consumed by the angle grinder is measured in volts and amperes. Cordless angle grinders have a label that shows how many volts they need from the battery, like 18-volt or 20-volts.

Still, you should know that the cordless angle grinders are under-powered compared to a corded angle grinder because a corded angle grinder takes 120-volt to a 240-volt power supply which means five amps to 15 amps. You can also expect a powerful performance from corded angle grinders.

Hand Guard

Those worried about the safety can pay attention to this feature of the angle grinder that is responsible for your protection, It is a cover that is installed above the disc to keep you safe from the bits or chunks flying during sharpening or cutting the metallic objects, plus it can also keep you safe from unintentionally touching the disc wheel.

Sometimes, the wheel can come off as well, but the hand guard will ensure that it doesn’t come to your side.

Soft start

The last factor you should look for is the soft start button, which means the motor starts the rotation from slow to fast rather than quickly firing up the wheel because that can result in severe damage due to recoil.

So, the throttled control makes the grinder safe to work with and ensures no recoiling will occur while getting the hero started.


The performance of the angle grinder depends on its speed, and the standard rate for an angle grinder is 5,000 to 8,000 RPM for a small sub.

The RPM refers to rotations per minute, and the higher the number is, the grinder performance will be more smooth and quick.

Similarly, there are angle grinders with 8,000 RPM to 11,000 RPM as well, and they come under the category of heavy-duty angle grinders used by professionals.

Our Top Picks

To makes the selection of right product pretty difficult for almost every body, due to require of bit information about the item body comes on confidence and ready to go-head.

That’s why we provide the detail some of the best one to make the choice more great.

Makita XAG04Z Cordless

Makita XAG04Z

The top angle grinder you can use for sharpening mower blades is Makita XAG04Z, powered by a well-reputed brand Makita that is known for producing top-notch DIY tools, and this cordless brushless motor-equipped angle grinder is one of them.

The Makita XAG04Z is a reliable angle grinder that runs on a battery, which means it’s a highly portable unit that offers you to worry anywhere without worrying about the wire clutter, plugging, or unplugging, and power outlets.

To operate the grinder, attach the battery; that isn’t included with the angle grinder, and that is something many customers won’t like.

The Makita XAG04Z offers variable speed technology, a unique feature of this grinder that makes it capable of adjusting the speed according to the surface it is using.

This feature makes Makita XAG04Z a versatile angle grinder that will not only be used for sharpening mower blades but also for sanding, grinding, and cutting.

Finally, the Makita XAG04Z is equipped with a brushless motor that promises the grinder’s longevity because it will last long without getting damaged.

Overall, the Makita XAG04Z is a nicely designed angle grinder that can be used for cutting, sanding, and sharpening other objects like mower blades.

The whole unit is lightweight, and the maximum speed of the hero is 8,500 RPM. The Makita XAG04Z proves to be the best pick for this list and your home.

Product Specs

  • Disc Size: 5-inch
  • RPMs: 8,500
  • Power Sourse: 18V LXT Lithium-Ion
  • Weight: ‎4.8 Pounds


  • Brushless motor
  • Durable build
  • Extremely safe


  • It doesn’t come with a battery

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Metabo HPT G12SR4

Metabo HPT G12SR4

Not ready to shell out a lot of money on an angle grinder? Get your hands on the Metabo HPT G12SR4, a budget-friendly angle grinder for sharpening mower blades and can also be used for cutting and sanding items like tiles, pipes, and concrete.

The Metabo HPT G12SR4 is a cheap but high-end angle grinder that is slightly more powerful than the expensive Makita angle grinder we discussed above. The Metabo HPT G12SR4 offers 10,000 RPM speed compared with the Makita’s 8500.

Moving on, the Metabo HPT G12SR4 is easy to use and weighs only 4 pounds, making it a lightweight angle grinder that will be a great option for a beginner to get started with sharpening mower blades.

This grinder has a side handle to use the second handle to firmly grip the hero to do precision work for metals or steel sanding.

Overall, the Metabo HPT G12SR4 is the best affordable angle grinder that you can use for sharpening mower blades.

It is more powerful than the expensive contenders and offers much more safety and performance than other options, which makes it a great budget angle grinder for the money.

Product Specs

  • Disc Size: 4.5-inch
  • RPMs: 10,000
  • Power Sourse: Corded Electric 6.2 Amp motor 
  • Weight: ‎4.0 Pounds


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Lightweight design
  • Spindle lock for easy disc management


  • Noisy

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Dewalt DCG412B

Dewalt DCG412B

The Dewalt DCG412B is slightly more expensive than other angle grinders we reviewed on our list but offers more, and that’s what we will discuss.

Starting with the Quick-change wheel release technology, you can easily replace the wheel effortlessly without using the wrench; that’s a good feature because no one is a geek or nerd to open the nuts and bolts of the grinder due to the shortage of time or the fear of causing damage.

The Dewalt DCG412B is a great option for sharpening mower blades, thanks to the 8,000 RPM speed and the other features onboard collectively helping you to sharpen the edges perfectly.

Another cool feature of Dewalt DCG412B is the inclusion of a tool-free guard attached to the wheel to keep you safe.

You would be able to effortlessly adjust the guard according to your needs with bare minimum hands without using any tool.

Finally, the grinder comes with a 2-finger trigger switch to conveniently turn the hero on and off without affecting the grip with the same hand, and that’s what you are paying for.

Overall, the Dewalt DCG412B is a slightly expensive but worthwhile angle grinder with different variations and options, and the price changes accordingly. That said, the Dewalt DCG412B hits a sweet spot, making it a recommended pick for the list.

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Product Specs

  • Disc Size: 4.5-inch
  • RPMs: 8,000
  • Power Sourse: Cordless ‎Battery Powered
  • Weight: ‎‎4.73 pounds


  • Easy handle grip
  • Side handle for firm cutting or sharpening
  • Powerful and durable build


  • The battery isn’t included in the package

Our Verdict

If the mobility and power in mind, the Makita XAG04Z is the excellent choice for your garden, home, workshop which works well on several jobs due to its versatility.


What is an angle grinder used for?

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can help you with DIY and commercial projects. The capability of this tool to grind, buff, polish, cut, sharpen, and clean a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, tile, and stone.

What is the best angle grinder?

The best angle grinder is the one that is safe to use, lightweight, and can make your work smooth, and that is Makita XAG04Z on our list.

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