The Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder (Final)

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Whether you are a handyman or a metal worker or even if you work in a garage, power tools are the staple items for your work. The most versatile and handy tool is a variable speed angle grinder.

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There are a variety of DIY projects that can be accomplished with a Variable Speed Angle Grinder. Due to the adjustable speed, this will be a great choice for cutting, grinding, or polishing different kinds of materials.

As a result, there are too many products available on the market. You should choose the product that is the most appropriate and useful for your needs & project.

Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Before hurry selection, we research and find out the better option, that will be more helpful for you as compared to hurry pick.

Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5”

Bosch angle grinder

Bosch is probably one of the most heard names in the tools industry and is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality tools. They have been manufacturing power tools for more than 100 years. Their continuous development of the highest quality tools and strive for excellence have put them on the top of the mantle in this industry.

Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5” is one of the company’s most compact and versatile angle grinders. It can be used for numerous applications due to its heavy 13-AMP motor, which makes it operate between 2,800 rpm to 11,500 rpm. It has a 5” disc size and includes two side-position handles for extra comfort and superior handling.

Due to its superior handling and lightweight, the hands will not feel discomfort or strain even after prolonged use. This tool also has a feature called “direct-motor cooling”, which means that the grinder will automatically cool down even if it gets too hot after prolonged use.

Bosch GWS 13-50VSP 5” also features an epoxy coated that is tremendously durable and also comes laden with several security features such as direct-motor cooling and many others.

Bosch GWS 13-50VSP 5” is the go-to variable speed angle grinder for any grinding or polishing needs and is considered one of the best products in the market.

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  • Powerful motor;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • Highly durable due to its epoxy-coated design;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Direct-Motor Cooling feature;


  • A bit unbalanced;
  • Heavy;

Makita 9565CV 5”

Makita angle grinder

The Makita Corporation has been in the business of building power tools for more than a century, which speaks volumes of its longevity and brand prestige. Makita’s products are known for their flawless designs, durability, and performance. 

Makita 9565CV 5” is one of the staple variable speed angle grinders produced by the Makita Corporation. It is famous for its comfortable design and handling. This variable speed grinder comes with an adjustable speed from 2,800 rpm to 10,500 rpm with a 13-AMP motor and weighs over 5.3 pounds making it one of the heaviest ones out there.

Makita 9565CV 5” is loaded with some high-quality features and a control system that is entirely electronic. In this model, you get a controller to maintain the speed of the device even if it is in working mode, a limit controller to protect it from overloading, and another controller for ultra-light startups.

This device, like all other Makita devices, also features a patented SJS (Super Joint System), which helps the drive shaft from damage if the grinder is forcefully stopped. Makita 956CV 5” is an amazing product with some outstanding features but due to its heavy size, there are better options available in the market.

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  • Powerful & heavy Motor;
  • Safety features such as an electronic control system;
  • Patented SJS Protection;
  • Durable and ergonomics build;


  • Dull Design;
  • Quite heavy compared to other models;

Metabo WEV 15-125 HT

Metabo angle grinder

Metabo is one of the oldest manufacturers of power tools based, in Germany producing some high-quality tools ( other countries also include who are making well tool includes UK, & US ). They are famous for producing excellent designs with powerful machines that meet any sort of work requirement.

Metabo WEV 15-125 HT is no stranger when it comes to being one of the top variable speed angle grinders in the market. It has an immaculate design and is built to fully execute even the toughest tasks.

Metabo WEV 15-125 HT comes with a powerful 13.5-AMP motor that runs from 3,500 rpm to 11,000 rpm making it one of the most powerful angle grinders on the market. But with great power, comes greater weight. This machine weighs a whopping 6.5 pounds making it the heaviest one available.

Like other similar grinders, Metabo WEV 15-125 HT also comes with some hefty features such as a soft-electronic start system and torque controlling clutch system which protect the grinder from unwanted issues. This device is also twist-free and is easy to handle with its subtle and ergonomic design.

Metabo WEV 15-125 HT is let down by its super heavyweight and hefty price tag and due to the heavyweight, longer use becomes quite tedious and tiresome for the user.

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  • Powerful 13.5 AMP motor;
  • 3,500 – 11,000 rpm speed;
  • Impressive design and durability;
  • Safety Features;
  • Twist free;


  • Heaviest in its category;
  • Expensive;

Buying Guide

Choosing a perfect tool for your work is a tedious job and there are many factors to consider before splashing your hard-earned money.

To buy the best angle grinder or the perfect varying speed angle grinder, you need to do your homework and look into the different features offered by the products.

We are going to discuss some of the most important aspects of buying the perfect grinder. Here are some things you should know about.


The most important feature of an angle grinder is the amount of power the motor can generate. If the motor is not powerful enough or lacks some Amperes or Wattages, it will not be able to accomplish the speed required to do some heavy-duty grinding. Vice versa if the motor is too powerful or is designed specifically for heavy-duty workload, it will not be able to do delicate work.

So, choosing the right motor is a crucial step and one must be clear on what sort of work needs to be done and how much power is required for that work.

Typically, these angle grinders have relatively powerful motors which help them do from simple to the most daunting tasks with ease.


After the motor size, the next thing to consider is the amount of rotation per minute (rpm) a varying speed angle grinder can achieve. The speed determines the nature of the job the machine will be able to do.

speed of angle grinder

For example: In jobs like normal grinding or cutting any material, a grinder with a lesser speed works perfectly fine but for jobs such as polishing, a much higher speed angle grinder is required.

Normally, an average multi-speed angle grinder can range from 2,500 rpm to 10,000 rpm. The rule of the thumb is the more variation in RPM, the more versatile the machine is.

But the speed of such an angle grinder will be as good as the motor it carries which means that a variable speed grinder can go up to 10,000 RPM but if the motor it carries is not powerful enough, it will never be able to work optimum condition.

Motor Type

There are two types of motors available in varying speed angle grinders, Brushless and Brushed. The brushless motor is considered to be more powerful and gives an excellent performance but its costs are much higher than the brushed ones.

On the contrary, brushed motors do need maintenance over time but are much cheaper and give the best performance.

This is solely at the discretion of the buyer to choose the motor type. If the buyer can afford to splash out some extra dollars then it is suggested to go for the brushless motor as it gives an amazing performance and the maintenance cost is very minimum.

But if the buyer cannot afford to put in some extra money or even if the buyer wants to play safe, then it is suggested to buy the brushed motor as it will cost much cheaper than the brushless one and most importantly, it is the most common type of motor available in a multi-speed angle grinder.

Disc Size

Another important factor to take into consideration for buying such an angle grinder is the size of the disc as most devices come with a variety of disc sizes. Disc Sizes can vary between 4” to 6” for small projects or 5” to 7” for tougher tasks.

The disc size is relative to the buyer depending upon the nature of work required from such angle grinders and the disc can creates spark while cutting metal or polishing metal. Some tasks such as cutting a tile or grinding wood require smaller disc sizes of not more than 5” so in this case an angle grinder with a disc size between 4” to 6” will be perfect.

On the other hand, cutting larger surface areas or doing jobs such as polishing, sharpening blade require larger disc sizes like 5.5” to 6” so in this case a grinder with disc size ranging between 5” to 7” will be the best choice.

Power Source

These Angle Grinders are either powered by electricity or run by batteries. If the device is run on batteries, then the need for a cord is discarded. But the downside to these battery-operated devices is that the batteries wear out very fast and you need to charge them often and sometimes between jobs as well.

Power angle grinder

On the other hand, electric-powered angle grinders are more common and preferred over battery-powered ones but the user needs to be near a power source to operate the grinder.

So, even though battery-operated multi-speed angle grinders are easy to use and very portable, electric-powered multi-speed angle grinders are the preferred choice due to their availability factor and because they tend to be more powerful than the battery-operated ones.

Safety Features

Another important aspect to consider before buying a varying speed angle grinder is the number of safety features it provides. A multi-speed angle grinder is an extremely fast and dangerous tool, so the safety features are a must thing to consider.

Features such as adjustable speed dials, soft/light start mechanism, and kickback prevention should be considered before purchasing. These features make or break a product.

Devices like these need to be safety-proof as one mistake can lead to fatal/nonfatal injuries.

Design and Comfort

As already mentioned, a multi-speed angle grinder is an extremely fast tool so the design of the grinder is a vital aspect to consider. Handle designs and ergonomics of a device helps control the grinder with a better grip and help control the vibration.

These design features help the user control the angle grinder with much precision and ease, increasing productivity and efficiency. Users who use such angle grinders for prolonged use, always prefer a device that has a better grip and handling in order to avoid fatigue and tiredness.

design of angle grinder


The value of a varying speed angle grinder varies from brand to brand. A premium angle grinder from a reputable manufacturer will cost significantly more than a basic grinder.

Sometimes, these hefty price tags are justified by the number of features and durability the device gives but you should always look at all the aspects of a device before purchasing rather than focusing just on a brand name or high price.

There are numerous products available in the market which have amazing features and outstanding quality but lack a proper brand name due to which such devices are priced lower than the branded ones.

The buyer should always check out prior reviews of the product rather than just going for the brand name before taking the plunge.

Warranty and After-Sale Service

This aspect of buying a an angle grinder gives the buyer peace of mind. Warranties usually cover the damage to the device caused by some uncertain situations. This is a way to protect the user by the manufacturer if different mechanisms of the device are damaged or get faulty. Normally, reputable brands provide much better after-sales service and warranty claims than unknown ones.


Is a variable speed angle grinder worth it?

Yes. A variable speed angle grinder is worth your investment as you get more control over the device and can use it for various applications that a normal angle grinder is not able to do such as polishing and buffing.

How many watts is a good angle grinder?

Higher wattage means the higher performance of an angle grinder. A low wattage angle grinder will not be able to perform tedious tasks such as cutting through denser materials. Normally, 500W to 1000W is considered to be good enough power for a good angle grinder.

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