Why Are Propress Tools So Expensive – A Detailed Analysis

Why Are Propress Tools So Expensive

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Propress tools are designed in a way to comfort the user’s body. These heavy tools do not put any pressure on the person holding them.

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Multiple brands in the market are available, providing numerous types of press tools with their touch of science. However, generally, customers are asked by customers why are propress tools so expensive? 

These tools provide quality work and ease the work by reducing the time other tools take to fit in. Moreover, these tools’ main feature is their weight and managing consistency.

Propress tools are heavily weighted but feel so light when used, which is due to the making of propress tools. Manufacturers have put all the burden of the tool on the tool itself so that the person holding them does not get hurt or feel heavy. 

Why Are Propress Tools So Expensive 

Propress tools are made of steel and copper and are mostly used to fit copper. However, they are high-weight tools, but their body is designed in such a way that weight seems to be in numbers rather than in reality.

Propress Tools So Expensive

Moreover, customers claim that why are propress tools so expensive when buying them at the individual level rather than any professional use. 

Conventionally, propress tools were of heavy weight with heavy body, but now latest tools are of pistol shape which weighs less than conventional propress tools and also feels light while holding.

This feature specifically makes propress tools expensive. This is because propress tools hold the capacity to mold or press stainless steel, copper, steel pipes, and other numerous things, for which the manufacturer charges a high price providing higher quality as well.

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Quality Matters 

Many brands are available in the market, providing propress tools. However, RIDGID is the top brand for propress tools in the market, and it provides the best and most expensive tool to customers but with quality assurance.

Quality is the main element due to which propress seems so expensive to the customers. Moreover, they are worth buying as this one-time investment can ease many tasks related to copper fittings for which otherwise, an outsider mechanic can be required who will charge fees too.

Cost-effective Propress Tools  

Cost-effective propress tools? Does this not sound weird when all over the article, why have propress tools so expensive been discussed? So, let’s discuss this too. Propress tools can be cost-effective if just the perspective gets changed. 

When an expensive steel pipe gets fixed with a propress tool to save it from a big mishap, propress tools look Cost-effective.

propress tool

Moreover, when propress saves time by providing service effectively and efficiently, it automatically looks cheap and budget friendly. So the perspective needs to be fixed to understand the reason behind such high price or propress tools.

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Key Features Of Propress Tools

Heavy weighted 

Propress tools are heavy, but they are light on hand when carried to use. These tools are designed so that all the weight gets forward to the front area of the tool, and users find it easy to hold and grip the tool.

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Expensive for reason

Often asked by customers why are propress tools so expensive, and there is a reason for this as well. Propress tools are used at the professional level, and they provide users with the work which, if done otherwise, takes so much time and money. Propress tools used mainly for molding and fitting stainless steel, copper wires, and steel pipes also get fit.


Generally, it takes a lot of time to work with copper, steel fittings, and steel pipes. However, with the help of propress tools, copper fittings, stainless steel, steel pipes, and other such works can be done easily in less time.

Pressing capacity 

Propress tools have the binding capacity of molding and fitting copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and steel pipes at the pressing range of ½ to 4 inches PEX. This much effective and efficient work can not be provided by other substitutes of propress tools and that too in this much short time.

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Propress tools are used to deal with copper and steel fittings; due to this reason, they are expensive on the pocket but light for working.

Many features contribute to the high price of these tools, such as; it saving time and providing outclass service, working vigilantly and effectively when used at full capacity pressing range between ½ to 4 inches.

Customers often ask why are propress tools so expensive. This article is for the help of such customers, who can now know more facts about the propress tools and get a clear picture of features which makes them unique in the market.

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