No Water In Bathroom But Everywhere Else- A Consensus Analysis

No Water In Bathroom But Everywhere Else- A Consensus Analysis

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Water blockage always causes trouble whether it’s all around the house or in just one portion of the house.

When there is no water in the bathroom but everywhere else then this is alarming. The bathroom may be just a start and the problem is yet to spread around the house which needs to be resolved quickly.

However, water blockage could occur due to multiple reasons, and to check them some measures are required.

At first, other taps around the house should be checked so that this should be confirmed that the problem only lies in the bathroom area and other places are not out of water supply. 

In contrast, help should also be sought from outside the house and neighbours should be contacted for such purposes to know if they are facing the same issue or not.

Although, the issue is not so severe but can get bigger if not resolved timely. All house taps, main water halves, main water supply and water mixtures, stopcock valves, and outside water supply should also be checked out for freeing the water supply.

Icing pipes can also be the reason for water blockage, ice can accumulate not only in main pipes but also in small pipes of the house in severe cold weather so this should be encountered accordingly. Lastly, plumber should be contacted when no tactic proved to be successful.

No Water In Bathroom But Everywhere Else

No Water In Bathroom But Everywhere Else

When there is no water in bathroom but everywhere else in the house, this is a big problem. As water in the bathroom holds equal importance than for any other area of the house.

Multiple causes can contribute to these issues such as; main water supply got damaged, main water halves not working correctly, others in the society facing the same issue, or any mixture around the house stays open.

Keep on reading this article to know more about each and every issue in detail with their respective solutions as well.

What Are The Reasons For Water Blockage And How To Resolve Them

  • Breakdown Of Your Area Water Supply 

Water supply can be cut down due to issues with the main water of the area. Neighbours are the best options to go for in such circumstances, ask your neighbours if they are facing the same issue or not.

Although, another reason could be that some neighbours may face such water blockage before you and while making up for their water supply they may ruin yours.

So beware of such things too and have a complete investigation from neighbours to seek the conclusion.

  • Main Stopcock Not Working Properly 

Stopcock valve is one main component when it comes to water supply. Stopcock valves are usually installed in the kitchen area under sink, check for them and try to fix the issue with this valve by just following the steps discussed below;

  1. Open up the main tap of the sink which in majority cases is the colder side of the tap rather than the hotter side
  2. Tap must be open at a very slower speed so that stopcock valve gets the time to get back to track 
  3. Stopcock valve and main tap should be opened together while valve must be moved anti-clockwise 

Issue will be resolved once you follow the above procedure but if there is any other problem that is causing water blockage then this effort may not result to be useful.

  • Problem With Main Water Valve Outside The House 

Main valves are installed outside the house and in many cases they are the shared valves that are being shared with more than one neighbour.

Main issue is how to identify the water valve from outside the house where there are many other valves installed too. So the quick way to identify a water valve is to look for ‘W’ or ‘Water’.

Once a water valve is identified just uncover it and move the valve anti-clockwise to restore the water supply. To check the effectiveness of this process, get back to your home and check whether the water supply of the bathroom has finally been restored or not.

  • Frozen Pipes Not Working Accordingly 

Frozen pipes are specifically designed in a way that during severe cold weather conditions ice should not get stuck in the pipes and the water supply remains running.

However, at times frozen pipes get stuck and main authorities work immediately to restore water supply. Thus, at times, people complain that there is no water in bathroom but everywhere else in the house, in such circumstances individual house pipes are the ones causing trouble for water.

Well, in such conditions, hot water is the main rescuer that can melt down the frozen ice that is stuck in the pipes and let the water supply get back to normal and the complete house can again get all the water.

  • Cold Water Cistern Not Working Properly

Water cistern saves water for further supply to the taps of the house. When the water cistern does not work effectively, this may cause trouble to the water supply and this can happen due to a ball that got stuck in the cold water cistern and refraining it to function properly.

While other factors are working properly, the ball in the cold water cistern is not on point and causing trouble.

This should be resolved very carefully as the water cistern is one sensitive part which needs to be handled delicately to avoid further issues. Once the water cistern gets clear, it should be cleaned out for restoration of clean water supply.

When A Plumber Should Be Contacted? 

Plumber is one specialist individual of his field and has all the adequate knowledge that is required to deal with such issues.

So when citizens complain that there is no water in bathroom but everywhere else in the house, and the reason is unclear, a plumber is the one who must be contacted to seek help.

All the reasons discussed above from breakdown of main water supply to blockage of cold water cistern are all the major issues which need to be resolved for clearing out any blockage in water supply.

While, any issue if not resolved timely can become severe and may not be handled by the individual on their own without any specialist help. So in such cases, a plumber should be contacted rather than messing up the situation more by just handing out the issue on your own.


The article above illustrates the possible issues that can happen when a complaint is lodged by individuals at their water provider regarding the issue where there is no water in bathroom but everywhere else in the house.

However, issues discussed above are all genuine and can get serious at times if timely action is not taken. Plumber should be contacted immediately when the matter is no more in the hands of individuals. 

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