The Best Built Vacuum: Fein Vacuum Vs Festool

festool vacuum

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When it comes to the greatest shop vacuums, two names always come up. Both Fein Tools and Festool have been awarded a new certification for their equipment.

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The wonderful thing about both manufacturers’ vacuums is how nicely their dust-gathering systems perform.

You can see what we mean by connecting a Fein or Festool dust extractor to a random orbit sander. A machine from any brand can almost eliminate dust while working with a range of power equipment.

If you’ve never used sanders, biscuit joiners, portable planers, or other tiny power tools before without putting yourself in for a lot of broom and dustpan labor, here is the place to start.

Fein vacuum

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For clean outcomes and a safe working environment. FEIN vacuums are powerful, dependable, and portable, ensuring optimal dust extraction inside the shop and on-site.

Compact, Auto-Clean, and HEPA variants are all available, as well as a variety of filters and accessories. Fein paper bags are available, but they will also sell a disposable cloth bag that will last for a long time.

Fein’s tiny, lightweight vacuums and extractors combine remarkable suction power with minimal noise, making them ideal for life on the job.

Fein vacuum vs Festool

They’re also incredibly maneuverable, making them ideal for life on the job. That’s the one most people use to clean their shops daily.

The manufacturer beat the snot out of the vacuums in the rear, which are usually used for metallurgy.

Fein vacuum cleaners offer Fein tool connectors and adapters for a wide range of other equipment, allowing you to keep the air and environment clean and dust-free while working.

These multi-talented devices efficiently hoover up both dry dirt and liquids. 

Why choose Fein vacuum

Fein vacuum cleaners are whisper-quiet. When anything becomes trapped in a nozzle, and you need to dislodge it without reaching for the power switch, there’s a vacuum release dial on the hose.

Aside from that, there isn’t any variable suction. When it came to calculating how much to trim the corners, Fein engineers didn’t cut any corners. Little details like these go a long way toward making work easier.

Fein’s Turbo shop vacuums have just been upgraded. Vacuum cleaners, often known as vacuums, use suction to remove material from surfaces.

For simple disposal, the trash is gathered in either a canister or a dust bag. For safety and aesthetic appeal, they are required in any house, shop, or garage to clean it up before and after work.

You’ll be able to find the optimal combination of dust gathering suction and a pleasant sanding experience by lowering the power. 

While the 4 caster set-up supporting the tall, somewhat squared-off Fein vacuum body was a significant improvement over the cheap, unruly plastic casters saw on many a lesser shop vacuum; it always seemed a touch tippy. It’s not a major flaw when compared to the abundance of excellent traits.

Everything you’d expect from special cleaning equipment is included in the Fein Premium Class. It also fits all of the requirements for a Fein power tool, including a strong turbine, a huge capacity, and exceptional durability.

Fein turbo Compact Class vacuum cleaners are compact, lightweight, and powerful, making them necessary for effective filtration and clean, unpolluted workplaces. These dependable and flexible vacuum cleaners are simple to use, agile, and incredibly durable.

Festool vacuum

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For simple transport, all Festool vacuums attach simply to the sustained storage system. Suction power and filtration are used to rate vacuum cleaners and how fine a particle they can filter out. Modern vacuum cleaners can be HEPA-rated and approved for lead removal in specific circumstances.

To assure the greatest degree of quality, Festool produces all of its power tools in Germany. It’s that your sole regret is that you won’t purchase one sooner. Festool has concentrated on developing high-performance, dependable, and accurate tools.

For big businesses with a lot of fixed gear, a stationary dust collecting system with extensive ducting is the conventional solution.

The hose is firmly attached to the front of the vacuum and may be used to drag it around without causing it to crab or tip over.

fein vacuum

The huge dust extractors are more stable when rolling over uneven terrain because of their broad, deep footprint and large rear wheels, especially when stacked with systainers on top.

Why choose Festool vacuum:

These dependable and flexible vacuum cleaners are simple to use, agile, and incredibly durable. Festool did, however, have at least one distinct edge until the most current generation of Fein vacuums.

All Festool vacuums come with a suction level control, which allows you to fine-tune the amount of suction force you require for a specific operation.

If the suction is too strong, the sander’s face will tend to clamp to the material. This effect could even result in unpleasant swirl marks when using a random orbit sander. 

A pleated filter and bag system comes standard on Festool vacuums, capturing particles as small as one micron – more than enough for practically any condition.

The hose and cable fit neatly into a compartment on top of each Festool model, thus enhancing the already lightweight design.

CT vacuums travel around the shop or project with ease and won’t get hooked up on any little piece of trash on the floor, thanks to an extra big, non-swiveling rear caster and two smaller swiveling wheels in the front.

Fein vacuums, on the other hand, have their unique characteristics. There’s one thing the Fein Turbo series vacuums have going for them: they’re unbelievably silent.

Considerable facts:

  • Vacuums come in a range of sizes and styles, each with its own set of features. 
  • Wheeled canister vacuums frequently come with the choice of a wet or dry vacuum, and some even can reverse the vacuum functionality to become a blower. 
  • Compact vacuums are hand-held, battery-powered vacuums that are ideal for minor cleaning chores. 
  • Backpack vacuums combine the mobility of a hand-held vacuum cleaner with the suction strength of a full-size vacuum cleaner. 
  • To fit your cleaning needs, you may select from corded or rechargeable cordless, sack or canister, changeable or disposable filters, and many accessories. 
  • When selecting a vacuum, another element to consider is the volume of trash it can store, often known as capacity.
  • Both are made to last, with high-quality materials and expert engineering. 
  • Both offer superior suction while producing far less noise than the overwhelming bulk of devices on the market. 
  • Importantly, both include a tool-actuated mode, which means they’ll switch on and off autonomously when a power tool hooked into a receptacle on their separate control panels is turned on and off. 
  • When selecting a vacuum, another element to consider is the volume of trash it can store, often known as capacity. Compact and cordless vacuum cleaners often have less storage capacity than full-size corded vacuum cleaners. 
  • If you’re going to use your vacuum for more than simply cleaning, you’ll want to think about something other than storage space. 
  • Vacuums come in a variety of motor sizes, which has an impact on suction. If you don’t have a lot of outlets near your workspace, the length of the cable or whether or not the vacuum is cordless might be a decisive issue. 
  • If the vacuum you purchase contains wear and tear parts, you should look at how much they cost and how often they need to be replaced.

Which one to choose:

It’s difficult to choose sides, but here are a few thoughts that can help you decide, including a review of a few recent Fein enhancements that we think are well worth considering.

When it comes to on-the-job dust collection, Festool has perhaps had the upper hand in the past. The Fein vacuums’ capabilities aren’t lacking in any way.

It’s just that the Festool CT series vacuum cleaners are so well-suited to the job. They’re designed from the ground up for this reason.

Their compact rectangular shape and tiny footprint make them easy to move to a project, where effective dust collection is critical.

festool vacuum

You could stack all the favorite dust-makers precisely on top of your beloved Festool dust-catcher and wheel the entire works around to everywhere you want it if you pair them with Festool’s collection of top-of-the-line power tools and the ingenious Systainer system.

More is better in any instance, and the Fein wins since it can handle greater. The variable speed dial on the Festool is a fantastic feature.

When dealing with light-duty suction operations, you’re not only saving electricity, but you’re also making less noise.


When you first switch on a Fein vacuum and hear its little, tiny voice, you might feel compelled to double-check that it’s truly operating.

When you do, you’ll see that Fein vacuums, like Festool CTs, are far more powerful than the average shop vac.

Fein vacuums are designed more like the shop vacuums you’re used to seeing and have a bigger capacity for comparably priced models.

When comparing the Fein to the Festool, it’s evident that the Fein has more suction force.

However, the ordinary DIYer’s workshop may lack heavy gear, making suction strength a suitable need.

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