The Best Sander For Auto Parts Paint Removal (Ready For Second Paint)

Dual Action Vs Random Orbital Sander For Body Work

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Removing old paint for the auto body is pretty easy if you have the right tool. There is no expertise required to sanding down paint is a difficult task.

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If you don’t have any best sander paint removal that might take much time and patience while removing, and you might not be satisfied with the results.

If you want to get new layer which look more beautiful and smoothly fit can be practicable if you sand well auto parts which is possible if you use best sander for paint removal is the just only option.

sander for auto body

Now you can easily get the best one to makes the work more easier and great thing that are best sander for both auto mechanics and DIYer’s.

Best Auto Sander:

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Makita 5″ Random Orbit Sander

Makita 5 Sander

Makita offers both corded and cordless sanding machines. Both are the best choice for removing paint from metal.

It depends on you what type you want to pick. Most of the features are similar in both corded and cordless 5″ Random Orbit Sander.

The cordless sanding machine comes with a 5.0 amp motor with an 18-volt battery providing up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge.

This sander features three adjustable speeds including 7,000, 9,500, and 11,000 OPM (oscillations per minute).

This model comes with a dust collection bag and this can use hook and loop 5 inch, 8-hole sanding discs.

The corded electric powered orbit sander has a 3.0 AMP motor which delivers 12,000 OPM for Smooth and fast sanding on your object.

This product is ideal for a wide range of sanding applications. Both are portable but corded plug circuits required to run but provide you longer term performance because they are made of durable.


Speed: 4,000-12,000 opm, Power: 3 amps, Cord: Corded, Weight: 2 lbs


  • Small
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Very controllable.


  • Dust handling bit poor

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Ingersoll Rand 311A 6” Orbital Air Dual-Action Quiet Sander

If you are interested in the best air sander for auto body work Ingersoll Rand is the ultimate choice for you.

In auto garage availability of air compressor is necessary and that’s why this sanding machine is responsible for sanding in your garage.

best air sander for auto, Ingersoll Rand

This one is the best rated air sander and capable of delivering an amazing rotation speed of 12,000 RPM at 17 cfm air consumption on that faster speed this works well and provides minimum vibration to make work more comfortable.

If you consider DA sander for auto body work, it also comes with an adjustable Dual-Action system you replace the da sander polisher buffer on its frame.

This Pneumatic orbit sander is lightweight and the weight of this tool is only 4 lbs and the design Compact, portable, and long-lasting that help get more done work without sacrificing comfort or quality.


Speed: 12,000 RPM, Power: Pneumatic, Air Consumption: 17 CFM, Weight: 4 lbs


  • low vibration
  • Powerful
  • lightweight
  • Great budget DA Sander


  • Require Air Compressor

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BOSCH Electric Orbital Sander

BOSCH Electric Orbital Sander

If you require power and capability, check  BOSCH Power Tools Electric Orbital Sander. This well-built corded random orbital sander features a large design with a variety of hand positions to make the control on the device very tight and comfortable.

Not only is there a multiple hand position option this offers a removal handle mount on the side of the body as well as a molded hand pad on top and a barrel grip.

This tool comes with a powerful 7. 5 amp variable speed motor and provides a flexible speed from 290 to 640 RPM. 

This Provides 2 sanding modes one if use normal stock removal while other use for heavy duty work you use according to your requirement while removing paint such as use normal moderate speed while removing rust or removing gloss paint.


Speed: 3300 to 7300 OPM, Power: 7.5 Amp, Cord: Corded, Weight: 5.7 lbs


  • Variable speed
  • Most Comfortable
  • Great Torque
  • Great quality for money


  • Requires a vacuum cleaner and hoses for dust system

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DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

The user of the power tool must know the name Dewalt, and now this brand is providing a best Sander  for you to remove old paint from the auto body of your car and make it ready for the next layer.

This random Orbit Sander size is 5 inch and the most selling, top rated sanding machine in the online market and offline market.

This is coded electric powered 110 volt sanding machine which is Associated with 3.0 AMP motor that deliver 8,000 to 12,000 OPM, that speed can easily crack the layer of Rust, paint and sketches from the metal body.

The weight of this product is just 4 pounds you can carry everywhere because of its lightweight and use it very easily. 

The wire of this product is just 5” if you require more length of wire than you can use an extension circuit that works perfectly without losing any voltages and provides the same performance as the use of its own wire. 

The sand metal body is itself the best sander for auto mechanics because the use is very easy and easy to handle; its handle is made of standard low medium size which means shorter size of hand can easily make a strong grip which allows the user to get closer to work and get maximum result from it.

This device helps to improve the comfort of the electric sanding machine due to its design separate counter weight that observes the vibration and provides maximum performance with minimum tiredness while doing job.

The body of this product is made of plastic and Rubber which are safe from all critical situations such as short circuit and give you more comfort not irritate you while doing job

If you use safety gears while doing that type of job that is a great thing as well. To increase the value toward customers this best auto sander prevents any internal machine problems such as dust shield protection which is capable of long switch life, and provides better rotation for the long term results and does not face problems like off jamming of the motor .

Dewalt sanding machines are capable of improving the dust collection in just one hand box. All the dust comes in that box and the dust cannot be thrown everywhere. It also keeps all the dust in one place and provides a smooth and clean result.

It Is available for under 100 dollar, in this price that can provide multiple feature and durability which make your selection toward auto detailing very easy and attractive and that’s why most of the people like it

Maximum features make it well rated product in both online and offline market and the auto worker or owner also recommend it to use on garage to use not just one purpose as well this device is capable to do multiple jobs such as removing homes Paints, exterior paint and interior remove paint from metal, plastic and other material.

To satisfy the customer Dewalt  is ready to provide a 3 year Limited warranty. This is the amount of time provided by the brand to the customer and satisfied with how durable its product is for your work.


Speed: 8,000 – 12,000 OPM, Power: 3 Amps, Cord: Corded, Weight: 2.9 lbs


  • Lightweight
  • Low vibration
  • Multiple speed control
  • Little dust bag does a great job


  • short power cord

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BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

Here is the budget-friendly deal for you. This device among us is the best Selling sander that you should use for auto body work easily.

Basically this product is specially made to use on wood, metal and other plastic materials for sanding which provides a better finish on the surface and makes it ready for the Next Layer of painting.

This product is made by the brand black and decker, This best electric sander for auto body work tool runs by corded electric powered 120 volts in which install 2.0 AMP motor which provide swirl free finish.

If you compare the motor power of this tool with dewalt, it comes on low power almost one point less than dewalt but the performers are really amazing which deliver almost 12,000 OPM orbital per minute that can sand the material as quickly as possible.

The weight of this device is really low and the size is also small which can easily fit on your hand and make a strong grip toward the tool.

Its lightweight property helps you to make the job more easier and comfortable if you have a tool kit or tools in your Auto Garage you can easily carry it everywhere because it’s low weight and small size which make it portable 

A DIYer can enjoy working with BLACK+DECKER and it comes at a low price that makes it easily accessible by everybody, not only auto mechanics.

The body of this product is made of plastic rubber which makes work comfortable with less fatigue and the grip on handle very strong and comfortable that can helps to do job long term very easily and use of singles to Sandpaper you can easily remove the rest are Paint from the auto body of your car and make it ready for next layer of paint.

This sander runs more smoothly which can be used for quickly removing paint, stains, and varnish from wood, metal and plastic surfaces. Without wasting time to collect dust and Debris this can keep all the debris in one place and after the job is done you can put that waste into the dustbin.

The weight of this tool comes with almost 3.5 pound weight  and you can keep it in small places and carry it everywhere due to its portable portability.

If you are not a professional or experienced person this product is really easy to use give you very responsive performers on your every project, not only removing paint  from the vehicle

As well women can also use it because it’s not hard to use even with no amount of effort required to run it and easily done job by just pressing and get the super simple and amazing results from it 

The reason people like just two main reason one is the low price  and other is small in size both are attractive for customer and this product is not to use by just auto worker also a better choice for DIYer it’s also a best option for removing paint from car makes it ready for new layer of your car more Shiny and smooth with beautiful look. 

Like Dewalt, that brand can also trust its product and offer a 2 year Limited manufacturer warranty.The attraction for new customers, which shows the brand providing years of support to claim any default and problem on this best auto sander.


Speed: 12,000 OPM, Power: 2 Amps, Cord: Corded, Weight: 3 lbs


  • Low Price ( under 30 bucks)
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Compact Design
  • Leaves a smooth finish


  • Lower torque

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SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander 

SKIL 5 Orbital Sander

Skill is the most famous brand among the tool users because everybody can use it and take advantage of this tool with ease of access due to its low price.

This 5 inch is a random orbital Sander machine that is powered by corded electricity associated with 2.8 AMP Which is much more powerful than Black and Decker that can easily produce up to  13,000 Orbit per minute.

Its top speed makes it able to deliver Ultra smooth results over priority of application just not only on auto painting, including metal, aluminum, and wood and many more things after using it can give best performance with better finish.

Like other electric sanders, this also offers a dust collection container which makes it easy for you. It comes with a dust collector it uses cyclone force that can easily collect the dust debris in one place

The dust collection box is transparent and you can clearly see dust, that helps to see if the dust is filed or not or is dust coming on it or not.

This machine contains speed control which means you can take the speed that you desire which means it can offer variable speed control and that the right amount of power and control across different materials.

This machine is fully capable of providing the extra comfort it is specially designed to use. Every normal person can use it to design its soft rubber grip and your hands stay comfortable and not feel much vibration like the other sander works. So, You can easily do your job with less fatigue and get the performance as you expect.

To show loyalty to its customers, the company makes it a sealed package which makes it durable and runnable for longer periods of time. The product is also sealed from on/off switches, which makes application as hassle-free as possible.

In just Limited budget this product also provides three pieces of sending sheet that might also help you while removing paint from the car and make it fully ready for the next layer of paint.


Speed: 13,000 OPM, Power: 2.8 Amps, Cord: Corded, Weight: 3.4 lbs


  • Low Price ( under 50 bucks)
  • powerful
  • Better Value


  • Loud
  • Dusty

No products found.

The Best Way to Remove Paint on Cars

If you want to remove paint from the exterior of your car, you need to consider the circumstances.

We try to provide different methods that can be used for paint removal; it includes mechanical, chemical, and manual car paint removal methods.

Basically there is no one best method to remove paint from your car or any other vehicles. Our method may help you make a better decision as to which is perfect for your circumstances.

Mechanical paint removal

Most of the garges choose automatic paint remover to get rid of old paint or rust. It includes either a best sanding machine or chemical sprayer which can normal scuffs the paint off.

Basically the use of mechanical paint removal methods require some experience other for beginners not being suitable for someone with a classic car, they can seriously damage the vehicles.

Manual paint removal

Manual paint removal method takes a long time and is a hard working method. But the great thing is that this method requires no more experience, as well as using sander to gain experience by this method.

This method is most common and little but easier. In this method the use of sandpaper, as well as a paint scraper can also be used to take off the thick layer of paint manually.

If you own or are working on a classic car that method can be considered the best way that can remove paint from your classic car.

Chemical paint removal

To take off paint without damaging the body of the car this method could be suitable for you.

To remove the paint from your machine, chemical paint remover is used. For this you need to remove the parts of the car to strip before painting.

This can become complicated for you, it’s better to protect the car before starting the process. For chemical removal it have instruction so, it’s better for you to consider the guide before starting.

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