The Best UCA for 4runner -2024

The Best UCA for 4runner

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If you want to keep your 4-runner wheels at the right angles for good handling, you must select the best UCA for 3rd gen 4runner.

Our Best Selection Of UCA for you…

It might be tricky to opt for the best Toyota 4runner upper control arms, best UCA for 4runner, and 4th/3rd gen 4runner UCA but don’t worry!

Follow the guide to make the selection easy without wasting time searching. You will be able to purchase the Best Tacoma UCA, No maintenance UCA 4runner, and other brands as per your desired needs.



Before purchasing the best UCA, consider the product with high angularity. It will enhance its functionality.

Joint Articulation 

When you opt to lift a 4Runner, the geometry of the suspension will suddenly change. 

The factory’s upper control arm can limit the articulation, which possesses its role in the caster. To get a smoother ride, you need Upgraded UCA.

If you have an accurate Joint articulation angle estimation, your UCA will have fine control of a smoother ride. The articulation angle ranges from 68 to 80 and above, depending upon the type.

Joint Diameter

The best UCA may possess a joint diameter of 1 to 1.42.

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Product Features 

It’s prime to opt for a product that possesses the desired features required for getting the job done. If the product lacks, you won’t get a smoother ride from your 4-runners.

Product Specifications

The best product is the one that possesses the desired specification necessary for its functionality. Select the best upper control arm with the prime specification.

Product Durability

We, humans, prefer a long-lasting product and stay by your side for the long term. To keep your 4-runners running smoothly, durable, efficient, and high-performance UCA will get the job done. Do not compromise on the durability of the product. A cheap and less durable product may opt you to change the [product more frequently.

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Selecting the best UCA, consider the following types with desired specifications. Select the one that best suits your 4-runners.

  • OEM (Sealed Ball Joint)
  • Icon Tubular (Sealed Delta Joint)
  • Icon Billet (Sealed Delta Joint)
  • Pro Comp Uniball (capped top, open bottom)
  • SPC (Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
  • Camburg Performance Uniball (Capped Top, Open Bottom)
  • Camburg Performance X-Joint (Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
  • Camburg Kinetic (Capped Top, Open Bottom)
  • Old Man Emu (Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
  • Old Man Emu (Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
  • Total Chaos Urethane Pivot (Open Uniball)
  • Total Chaos UCA
  • Heim Pivot   (Open Uniball)

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Various brands cost by their product model, specifications, quality, durability, functionality, and performance. Select the product according to your desired budget. 

If you require a better quality product, you need to lose your pockets. The best UCA will ensure a smooth drive. For SPC v.s JBA UCA Tacoma, the SPC ones are economical.

Customer Ratings

Always check the other customer’s reviews regarding your selected product. 


Check for the products that come with a Lifetime warranty. You might find the best UCA for 4-runners with a better warranty than local ones.

Brand Value

Before purchasing the product, check the brand value. The higher the brand’s top reviews, the better to use their products. Top-rated brands provide better UCA for your 4-runners and stay longer doing their job.

Build Material

The UCA may be of Steel and aluminum per the type you selected. Check the build material before opting for the best UCA for 4-runners.

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Before opting for the UCA, check the adjustability feature in the product description. Not all the products will provide this feature.

An adjustable UCA is better in providing an additional camber and caster, allowing a better alignment and increased fitment for larger tires.

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