The Best Snow Guards For Metal Roofs -Detail Guide

Snow Guards For Metal Roofs

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There is no limited option to Choose the snow guards in fact it is a very easy to pick snow guard system. Because there are a lot of options available on the markets (online and offline).

Due to availability of a lot there is no compromise on the priority as well spend time and efforts to pick the one for your requirement.

To not spend time and effort we try to make this easier for you to make the selection more precise and according to your requirement and you easily get the snow-guard system for your residential or commercial building.

best snow guards for metal roof

Which one best snow guards

Commercial Bulk Pack Snow Guards Kit

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The commercial pack snow guard kit comes with almost everything to make the installation and working process more easier and fast.

In which all the items are made of high quality material in the USA. No need for messy silicone the gasket works perfectly as well the screw also comes very nice quality.

Commercial Bulk Pack Snow Guards Kit

In the installation procedure no silicone needed because the snow guard comes with a perfect seal gasket able to create tight installation and Use a 1/4″ socket to tighten screws.

The durability of this item comes from its quality it Constructed of 100% Virgin Industrial Grade Polycarbonate that is able to provide Maximum strength on metal roofs.

These plastic snow guards are so strong and easily handle the sun and heat.

This snow guard is able to install at any temperature which makes it a best option for installation at mid winter season.


  • Snow Guard: 1.5”W x 4”L x 2”H
  • Perfect Seal Gasket: 1.5”W x 4”L
  • Screw: 1.5”L


Style: Hex, Material: ‎Polycarbonate Plastic


  • Super Easy Installation
  • No Messy Sealants Needed
  • Good Quality


  • Bit expensive

A Detail Ultimate Guide

Now you can get a better and informative guide at the types of snow retainers. This is easier for DIYer to diy metal roof snow guards. This guide not only snow guards for metal roofs installation as well as for repair and fixing.

The Method of Attachment

A painted metal roofs makes the rough roofs smooth and flat. So, it is necessary to use the best attachment method for the snow retainers. Following method is used for it.

  1. Glue Fix: the snow retainer attached to the roof by the use of adhesive liquid or bonding tape which is 3m. Use of strong adhesive glue which makes the fix fast and it will also help to save the labor cost which is completely done by yourself. If you are installing a floating metal roof then you should use a glue fix. Glue alternatives can be called the peel and stick tape which also be used. If you get them you are able to peel off a strong covered layer and stick the retainer to the roof.
  2. Clamping the retainer: this is basically a mechanical fix method and it uses a seam clapping attachment to fix the roof retainer. The clamp provides sturdy hold power and this be a perfect option for staging seam style types of snow guards for metal roofs. The clamp on retainer attached to the roof seam using time proven, and set screw providing more strength and durability.
  3. purlin or rafters the building structure: this method also involves mechanical procedure, in which snow guards are directly attached to the building structure that require drilled holes through the roof sheeting into the rafters or purlin below. It’s a key factor of having holes which are drilled perfectly to increase the long term service life and secure placement of the roof by just use on the building structure.

What type of material is used in snow guard?

There are three different types of material which snow guards are made of.

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
Snow Guards For Metal Roofs

It depends on you which of roof you are using as well about the material; if you decide to choose aluminum or stainless steel you have some equipment and some experience with attachment requirements, and if you chose Plastic snow retainer which is lightweight and affordable in price overall according to metalroofsnowguards that the great option.

Proper Installation

While installing if you use an adhesive glue, optimum temperature of 40 F and minimum curing period of 28 days should be given.

If you use clamps for installation its sets can provide better results by manufacturers.


You must check the architect considered the right design snow load, slope, and the material of the base panel, configuration and width of the snow guards during calculation of the design.

Are Wind Guards Necessary?

Yes, wind guards are absolutely necessary. As per ASCE 7-98 code to make your building safe from wind the wind guards are needful.
The main purpose of this guard is to keep the metal roof safe from hurricanes, winds and most people say tornadoes.
Wind guards provide extra strong support for the roof to the purlins. To make choosing beautiful you can get them color matching to your roof. To make the metal roofs long lasting you need to focus on durability over other extra features. So, without picking other features, prioritize the better durability for roofing.

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