The Best OBD Adapter for BimmerCode 2024

The Best OBD Adapter for BimmerCode 2024

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It can be confusing to understand car codes. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools out there to help you with your car troubles.

The following are some of the OBD Adapters for BimmerCode which is used for reading, analyzing, and clearing diagnostic trouble codes.

Looking for an adapter to carry out your car diagnostics efficiently and quickly? We have compiled a list of the best OBD adapters for BimmerCode that you can use to diagnose your car’s issues.

What To Check Before Buying OBD Adapter for BimmerCode


Look for the adapter’s price before buying it, as the product should justify the functionality and compatibility with the coding apps. A great value for OBD scan tools means an affordable price with maximum functionality.


The durability of OBD scan tools is another factor to consider when making a purchase. The scan tool should be reliable, effective, and provide good value for the money. If it takes a long time to set up an adapter, people would not want to use it.

OBD Adapter for BimmerCode


Compatibility is one major factor that you should consider when purchasing an adapter. Ensure that the OBD adapter you purchase is compatible with your vehicle. OBD2 adapters work best with 1996 models and up, whereas OBD1 adapter works best with pre-1996 models.


In most cases, OBD adapters come with companion apps, which means you can connect your adapter to your laptop or mobile phone to record the error message and record diagnostic results for a solution.

Other than this, OBD adapters can connect to your mobile phones through Wifi or Bluetooth. Take note that not all apps are free and would require purchasing. Singing a Bluetooth-connected OBD2 adapter is preferable if you are traveling more often.


Another important factor to consider before purchasing is the database’s updating cycle. Since it is a great way to ensure the adapter can pick up new errors, updates mean that you are well aware of all the issues and the solutions to your car problems.

Connection Sources:

Many adapters use cords for connectivity and are mostly used by professionals. Corded adapters can be connected to laptops and computers for detailed diagnosis and testing.

This gives the advantage that you don’t have to worry about Wifi signals with corded connections. If you are constantly traveling, a corded adapter would be the ideal solution.

Our Top Picks

Innova 3129 OBD-1 Adapter

Innova 3129 OBD-1 Adapter

Innova 3129 OBD-1 Adapter comes with a comprehensive kit that diagnoses vehicles belonfrompre-1996 era. Equipped with the Innova diagnostic tools and optional OBD-1 support, Innova 3129 Adapter is your go-to adapter for coding your car functions.


The Innova 3129 OBD-1 Adapter comes with a complete kit including a carrying case, OBD-1 serial cable, and pouch for safe carrying and storage. Containing a comprehensive set of wires, this Innova 3129 is everything that will be enough for you.

Innova 3129 Adapter is compatible with all car models belonging to the pre-1996 period. It is compatible with models of General Motors (1982-1993) and some 1994-1995 models, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models with EEC-IV Systems of 1983-1995.

The compatibility of Innova 3129 is not just limited to some car models; it is also compatible with Toyota and Lexus models of 1991-1995, as well as Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth (1984-1995) models, and Honda (1992-1995) models. 


Compatible with a broad range of car models, the Innova 3129 is a comprehensive cable set available at a moderate price range of $87.45. Since it performs various diagnostic tests, it is an ideal choice if you want to connect your car to BimmerCode for advanced diagnostics. 


  • Comes with a set containing OBD-1 serial cable, adapters, and a pouch
  • Compatible with a large variety of car models
  • Performs a vast range of diagnostic tests


  • Expensive
  • It is not compatible with car models after 1996

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OBDLink EX FORscan OBD Adapter

OBDLink EX FORscan OBD Adapter

OBDLink EX is a cost-effective and user-friendly OBD adapter exclusively designed to take advantage of the features of FORscan software. The adapter is reliable, supportive, and has an extremely fast data transfer speed.


Built and custom-designed for use with FORScan software for Windows, the OBDLink EX is a highly compatible, affordable, and convenient adapter for coding and treating all diagnostic tests of your car. It is reliable, effective, and functional with Ford car models.

OBDLink EX is not just a BimmerCode cheapest adapter; it gives maximum throughput with 2000 Kbit/sec data transfer speed and exclusive 4K block data transfers, which provide the advantage of up to 20 times faster uploads, making it one of the fastest data-transfer adapters.

Compatible with all Ford and Mazda models, OBDLink EX can access almost all ECUs of Ford Motors and more functions than the official Ford dealer scan tools. This means that it holds the capabilities used in proprietary software at Ford dealerships.

The electronic switching of the OBDLink EX adapter enables access to advanced functionality such as reading parameters from ECUs on different CAN networks and initializing some modules. Moreover, it can switch effortlessly between HS-CAN, MS-CAN, and J1850 Ford networks.

OBDLink EX optimizes diagnostic coding for Ford vehicles but is also compatible with all 1996 and latest car models and light trucks in the USA. 


Being the most reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use adapter for Ford vehicles, the OBDLink EX FORScan is an ideal pick and BimmerCode cheapest adapter if you own a Ford model and want to connect to BimmerCode for advanced diagnostics of your car.


  • Affordable and one of the BimmerCode cheapest adapter
  • Has lightning-fast data transfer speed
  • Can gain access to all Ford ECUs


  • Difficult to install on devices such as laptops
  • Only compatible with FORScan 
  • Not compatible with laptops with a USB 3.0 port

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OBDLink CX BimmerCode with elm327 Bluetooth 5.1 BLE OBD-2

OBDLink CX Bimmercode Bluetooth

OBDLink CX BimmerCode 5.1 BLE is exclusively designed for BimmerCode with elm327 and is recommended by the BimmerCode team for compatibility and data transfer speed. It is an ideal adapter to connect your BMW or Mini to BimmerCode.


OBDLink CX BimmerCode with elm327 Bluetooth 5.1 BLE is exclusively designed and adapted for BimmerCode and is a reliable and affordable adapter optimized for delivering the best experience with BimmerCode App.

OBDLink CX adapter is easy to pair with the BLE adapter via Bluetooth and gives full coverage of BimmerCode vehicles and features. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices and can easily pair with them for operating the BimmerCode app. This makes it an ideal and best Bimmercode adapter for iOS.

One advantage that OBDLink CX offers is that it is fully compatible with all cars supported by BimmerCode. It contains advanced sleep mode and protection against overvoltage, which allows it to be left plugged in without any worries.

The solid connection to Android and iOS devices reduces the risk of data corruption, avoiding the problem of blocking ECUs. The adapter also comes with a free OBDLink app to monitor live parameters, perform diagnostics, and check engine lights.


Designed and made exclusively for BimmerCode with elm327, the OBDLink CX Bimmercode is a Bluetooth adapter that you can connect to your Android and iOS devices on the go. Being so compatible with these operating systems makes OBDLink CX one of the best OBD adapters for BimmerCode.


  • Compatible with BimmerCode
  • Fast and reliable
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect to laptops and mobile phones
  • Ease of use 
  • best Bimmercode adapter for iOS.


  • Costly
  • Can re-lock the car if left running
  • Takes some time to scan some diagnostic modules

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Can you use the MHD adapter for BimmerCode?

Yes. If you require coding your car with BimmerCode, the MHD OBD adapter can be used for the BimmerCode app. These adapters are available in F-series, G-series, and I-series.

 Does VGate work with BimmerCode?

There is no longer any compatibility between BimmerCode and VGate adapter.

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