The Best Jack For Changing Trailer Tires (Ultimate Guide)

BIG RED floor Jack

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What if your trailer tire suddenly requires maintenance. Do you know what jack to be acquired?

Our Recommended Jack For you…

 A right jack at the right time will help you change trailer tires without causing problems.

To get the right jack, we are here with this handy buying guide that will surely make you understand to select which type, size, safe and affordable jack for changing trailer tires.

Before purchasing or selecting the jack, carefully go through the guide to get more about the jack. They are not just for trailer tires. Jacks opt for all types of vehicles. Each type of vehicle requires its specific jacks to get the job done.

Let’s get started!

changing Trailer Tires

REESE Towpower 74410 Trailer Jack

Key Features

  • Load capacity: ‎1000 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: ‎14 Pounds
  • Jack type: Trailer
  • Height Extension: 3 inches to 5 inches 

Amazon” “Ebay

REESE Trailer Jack is one of the affordable and lightweight trailer jack for changing tires. The great thing about this Jacks is it fits to tongues 3” to 5” and as well helps easily raise and lower trailers with a capacity up to 1,000 lbs.

This 6-Inch Wheel jack to change trailer tires and have the ability to lift easily 1,000 pound capacity and change the tire.

This trailer jack is the standard normal class which is the best of the boat trailer jack for changing tires.

REESE is the Bigger jacks which have something else going for them, stability. It tends to have a considerable base and make them much more stable and less tippy as compared with others.

This may cause an issue while out on the road, for this it is better you often only have the side of the road to work with on that time almost never flat tire and make it able to change tire.

For safety, not just for this jack, it is better for every jack to use some wood blocking under the frame or on axle (use on both tandem axle and single axle) adjustable car stands under the frame.

Verified Compatibility

  • U-haul trailers
  • All little such as 5’x7’,4×8 trailer
  • 6×10 trailer/enclosed ramp trailer
  • 6×12 utility trailer
  • 5×8 utility trailer/enclosed trailer.
  • 22 ft trailer
  • jet ski trailer.
  • 16 foot boat trailer
  • Small lawn mower trailer
  • As well Empty and Loaded Trailer

Note: The bolts were long so this should work for many sizes of trailers.


  • Easy to install/assemble
  • good heavy duty unit for smaller trailers
  • Solid and good upgrade
  • inexpensive


  • Medium duty materials

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Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black

Lippert electric Tongue Jack

Key Features

  • Load capacity: ‎3,500 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: ‎10 Pounds
  • Jack type: Trailer
  • Powered: Electric
  • Height Extension: 28-3/4″ Extended 

Amazon” “HomeDepot

If you want a quick response jack which help you to quick change tire the Lippert Tongue Jack Black is the one of the best choices for you which comes with all necessary hardware and pin which make it installation very fast and easy which means lowering and raising require no time.

It Made from heavy-gauge steel construction and a strong body. This durable electric trailer jack can easily lift weight around 3500 Pounds on that weight

This makes it one of the best option to use for class c motor-home and as well you can carry anywhere in your motor-home not require cranking manual jack just push a button, you can easily raise or lower your a-frame trailer in a fraction of the time.

This electric jack is easier to use to get your 5th wheel RV or travel trailer up and enable it for running at the campsite.

In less than 5 minute this can give you efficient levels which delivers ground control with a lot of accuracy which may not be provided by other brands.

This product is extremely lightweight and compact as compare it with other brands jack, its weight just is the 10 lb it not just perfectly work with utility trailer as well almost numerous type of vehicle can use it to change tires.


  • Super easy install/assemble
  • Durable
  • Good quality
  • POWER!


  • No hardware or manual crank Includes

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Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift Floor Jack

Key Features

  • Load capacity: ‎2 tons
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: ‎30 Pounds
  • Jack type: Hydraulic floor jack
  • Height Extension: 3-3/8 inches to 15 inches.


To get the better and long lasting durability this jack is the favorite choice of many vehicle owners because the Floor jack comes with heavy-duty steel construction.

The weight of this product is just 30-lbs regardless of terrain surfaces. This product offers an amazing balance system.

This is just because of the wider and long base which allows it for much more stability while releasing and lifting.

Range starts from 3.5 to 15 inches which is amazing and that makes it a versatile lifter which easily uses a variety of machines and it efficiently works with many different vehicles.

Pro-lift is Patented bypass device that works to protect against over-pumping for safe and easy operations as well Built-in safety valve works against overloading protection.

If not preferring bottle jack pro-lift offer Floor Jack this has ability to lift the camper or trailer easily and its Load Capacity is 2 tons.

Pro-lift is a Chinese made jack the quality you may compromise on different angles. So, in fact you are getting this product at a lower price with a floor jack for under 100 dollars.


  • Good quality
  • work smoothly
  • Perfect low profile jack
  • Affordable


  • lifting plate small

BIG RED TA92006 Torin Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

BIG RED Bottle Jack

Key Features

  • Load capacity: 5, 12, & 20 tons
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: ‎32 Pounds
  • Jack type: Bus Bottle Jack
  • Height Extension: 10-7/16″ to 20-1/16″


Are you looking for the best bottle jack for travel trailers? Big red is a heavy duty bottle jack which is an ideal for heavy machinery such as trailer lifting to change tires, farm vehicles and more.

Big red is specially designed which you can operate two ways either pneumatically (which require air pressure and the minimum of 110 PSI air pressure is required to raise capacity load) and also work manually, which enable it to lift a full size truck, SUV, or even mid size of truck and you easily change the tire and as well repair from chassis.

This comes with 3 different versions you select according to your need as well for its maximum load capacity 20 ton (40,000 lb) and as well features a lifting range between 10-7/16″ to 20-1/16”.

If the height of your trailer higher you can also be use leveling block underneath the jack to achieve that height and lift easily, basically the height is not much higher of a trailer but some time it happen otherwise but for rv you may require because there height more as compared with trailer and it will also be a best jack for rv.

It pneumatically requires a minimum 110 PSI and 175 PSI to lift the frame and you also use that compressor which you use for inflating the tire.

This hydraulic bottle jack is also a great investment for collection of trucks. It makes replacing tires much easier and works on single and tandem axle trailers.

Big red is equipped with a strong dual spring which controls the lowering system. After changing the tire of your trailer you don’t need to push again or use a compressor to drop the fluid. Its spring can tackle everything to lower the trailer. If you want to take check these two major brand compare Husky vs Kobalt Air Compressor.

For overloading this jack comes with a fitted safety valve, which will be a safety option for you. To satisfy users, companies offer 1 year of manufacturer warranty to build confidence.


  • Powerful Pump
  • Well made
  • Air pressure down quickly


  • Expensive
  • Compressor Requires For Automatic

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BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel Jack Stands

BIG RED floor Jack

Key Features

  • Load capacity: 2, 3, 6 & 12 tons
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: ‎18 Pounds
  • Jack type: Jack Stands
  • Height Extension: 8-9/16″ by 7-3/16″


Big red offers another jack system with great power use to change tires and repair from under and modify this product is a valuable choice.

Torin jack enable decent lifting bigger capacity 3 Ton (6,000 lb) that has Adjustable height ranges from 11-1/4″ to 16-3/4″ making it a valuable choice for also trucks, SUVs, vans and as well for trailer aid a wonderful choice.

It features a large saddle surface area for preferable contact with the load being supported and makes a great balance on ground.

As compared with other big red jack systems it offers quick height adjustments that lock into place by the availability of the Saw-tooth Ratchet Bar.

The use of this product is very easy and if you are a beginner by getting info on how to jack up a trailer to change a tire with this Torin Steel Jack Stands.

Its pyramids like stand give strong grip and lift the body and you not only easily change tires as well as oil changes to transmission drain and fills, valve cover gasket swaps, motor mounts, brakes, suspension, and much more purposes.

This jack stand will get you a very adorable price range you can select according to your need. It comes in the ranges from 2 tons (4,000 lb) to Ton (24,000 lb) Capacity makes every kind of vehicles lift from change tire to oil to replace this be used.


  • Low price
  • easy to assemble
  • Lightweight


  • Thin of gauge metal

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What size tongue jack do I need for my trailer?

There are two main factor that you should look while selecting the right tongue jack: weight and height capacity jack

Weight:: The weight capacity of tongue jack is identified by calculating the tongue weight of your trailer, to understand this the formula is very easy.The rule of thumb for a boat trailer is almost 7 to 8 percent of the weight of your fully loaded trailer.If you have a 7,000 lb loaded trailer you don’t need to go with a 7000 lb electric trailer jack, using just its 10% as an example enough that you require a tongue jack which has a capacity of almost 7,000 lb.

Height: You need to have the right height for the jack to lift to clear the problem on your vehicle lifting. For height measurement on tongue jack you need to figure out the level. Measure the height from ground to the bottom of the coupler. This measurement must be done when the trailer is on level.


Need for Jack 

Before opting for a jack, you should consider what vehicle you are acquiring the jack. As you know, the world is getting revolutionized, and the ways of transportation are enhanced day by day.

So, various jacks are being manufactured for desired vehicles to get the job done.

Jack Type

In today’s world, each product possesses various purposes. Each has its types and special working features suited for a targeted group or materials. The same applied to the jacks. When you opt for a jack, make sure what type you need to acquire. 

Jacks are available in different types, features, weight lifting capacities, ranges, sizes, shapes, etc. 

The top categorization is in four types. These can be opted for changing trailer tires as per desired need.

  1. Floor Type

They are considered the popular heavy-duty jacks with better weight lifting for heavy trailers and vehicles. When it comes to the jack, it opts for the big wheel.

They can’t be held easily because of their heavyweights. It possesses better compatibility with various vehicles when requiring a quick tire change.

  1. Hydraulic Bottle Type

When more than two jacks are compatible with your vehicle, go for the most durable one. The hydraulic jacks last more than a decade when kept maintained. You might observe a bottle shaped compact jack.


You are right! 

It’s the hydraulic type. 

Hydraulic bottle jacks suit large vehicles, including trailers. 

They are considered the best jack for lifted jeep. 

  1. Scissor Type

A scissor-type claw-shaped jack is the one opted for small vehicles and is a better alternative for hydraulic jacks. 

It’s a mechanical jack utilizing human effort to get the job done. Scissor jacks are considered ideal for less maintenance and changing flat tires. They opt less for large trailers. A scissor-type jack is best if you require a portable jack for small motors.

Hydraulic Bottle Type

For lighter boats, you need to consider the sea sense trailer jack.

A scissor jack is further into two jacks

  • Hydraulic Scissor jack
  • Electric Scissor jack (also known to be  electric jack)
  1. Hi-lift Type

As we have mentioned earlier, always aim for a high lifting range, so the hi-lift fulfills the task. This type possesses a high lifting and weight range that makes it fit for large trailers. 

Remember, their long structured shape may create problems in transportation or usage.

Bottle Jack Vs Floor Jack for Trailer Tire

We have discussed the features of both jacks, and the floor jacks suit well in terms of lifting heavy vehicles like trailers. 


Bottle jacks possess narrow frames that can’t make them stable like floor jacks. Besides that, the floor jack has the highest lifting range making it fit for trailers and heavy vehicles to create much space for the personnel to maintain the RV. 

If you consider your vehicle to cause difficulty while lifting and jacking, consider the floor jack to get the job done.

  1. Jack Parts Specifications

Once you select the jack type, assure that the jack possesses the desired parts according to the guidelines for lifting and jacking vehicles.

These parts are present in all jacks, but their features might not be identical for each scenario. Let’s know what lies in these parts we need to consider.

  1. Base

A base is the bottom part on which the jack resides. A high-width and large base help the jack stand securely and increase its stability.

Opting for a jack for heavier loads will acquire a high-width base jack to get the job done without tipping over or lowering into the ground. 

  1. Handle

A more versatile jack possesses different handles while jacking up the vehicle. A crowbar or a tire iron is a handy option. They are also required when the jack’s original handle is damaged and require replacement.

  1. Position Stop

The prime part is the position stop. It is considered a safety measure and will allow you to work safely and prevent exceeding height problems of the tool. At the maximum height, it will stop the jack from further exceeding. It makes it safe for lifting heavy loads.

  1. Size of Jack

The size of the jack is another prime factor you need to consider. How to select the ideal size jack for your vehicle? It’s simple! The size depends upon the tongue weight of the RV tires.

The tongue is approximately 10-15% of the total RV weight. According to this information, you can determine the required size of the jack.

The weight of the RV tongue goes in proportion to that of the RV. If the RV is heavier, the tongue weight will be more than 15% of its weight and vice versa. A big size usually suits best for changing large trailer tires.

  1. Jack Build Quality
  2. For Heavy Weighted Loads 

The best jack for changing trailer tires and heavy vehicles will require steel as in-built material. Solid stainless steel is the most opted and appropriate material for manufacturing jacks that lifts heavy loads. The Heavier the jack construction, the better the quality, stability, durability, and extended longevity.  

  1. For Light Weighted Loads

The more lightweight the jack is, the more convenient is its portability and use. They considered opting for small vehicles with less bulky structures. 

The lighter ones are less stable when opted for large vehicles.

  1. Weight Rating

The weight rating is the practical value of the weight your jack can lift. Every jack possesses its weight lifting capacity, which we called as weight rating. The weight rating is in tons and pounds. These units are considered the standard units for weight rating.

How does the weight rating of a jack work?

It’s simple, check the jack for the rating. A high value for weight will be required if you need to lift the trailer, motorhome, or any other specified vehicle.

So, before opting for jack, make sure that the weight rating is according to the purpose you acquire.

  1. Lifting Range

Lifting range is considered the capacity of your jack to lift the vehicle to its maximum height. Your jack must be able to lift so that you can easily change the trailer tire. 

The lifting range depends on the vehicle you are jacking or lifting. Whether a small car, an RV, SUV, motorhome, or boat trailer. The height provides maximum space for you to change the flat tire. 

Maximum and Minimum Lifting Ranges

What do you think of how much of a maximum and minimum lifting range will be opted for changing the trailer tire?

According to the jack type, you might experience a jack with a maximum lifting range of 30 inches, while some jack types only provide a few inches of lifting. The height depends on whether you require the jack for small vehicles or large trailers, motorhomes, etc. 

Standard Lifting Range 

The standard lifting range for a jack is considered 18 inches. 


We suggest you purchase a jack that makes you versatile in case of height range. Always aims for a high height range so that you won’t be limited to only using the jack for small vehicles.

Therefore, you need an effective lifting range of the jack for the ground clearance of the trailer. It’s better to measure it before opting for the jack.

  1. Lifting Speed

To purchase a jack, first look for the jack’s weight rating, lifting range, and lifting speed. It will help you in selecting the right one for your vehicle. There are specific models built with dual lifting positions. 

It makes the user achieve the height in just a few strokes. A quick lifting system opted in the jacks also suits well.

Standard Lifting Speed

A standard jack requires 8 to 10 strokes of the handle to acquire the desired height per need. The speed can be enhanced by opting for a dual lifting positioned jack.

  1. Durability

We all like stuff that lasts longer. Durability is the factor you need to consider before opting for the jack. A durable jack will be the one that has been designed with the best-inbuilt quality and suits all kinds of vehicles.

jack for frame

A long-lasting jack keeps you well equipped in any maintenance situation. Proper maintenance of the jack keeps its long life and effectiveness. The durability of the hydraulic jacks lasts more than a decade if kept maintained.

  1. Safety Guarantee

In every circumstance, safety is on a priority basis. Always ensure security features before opting for any jack type.

A safe well-equipped jack is more prime in terms of safety. Remember that accidents happen by ignoring the jack’s safety factors while lifting the vehicles or changing the tires.

Check the position stop and base width of the jack to assure safety. A safe jack should not easily come off of the trailer. Else you might experience injury. 

ASME-PASE Certification

To easily assure the safety guarantee provided by the supplier, check the ASME-PASE certification. This certificate ensures safety.

  1. Budget 

Keep in mind to select the best jack according to your desired budget. The cost of the jack in terms of its performance, quality, and durability matters a lot. It’s better to invest in the best rather than a cheap one. 

  1. Selecting Supplier 

Once you select the desired jack, search for the best supplier in the marketplace. The product is available in both physical and online marketplaces.

For boat trailer jack Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and many others. The user must be aware of the additional cost required for that.

If you require boat trailer jack parts, boat trailer wheel jack, and 12,000 lb. trailer jack parts, the supplier should know all your criteria. The Canadian tire trailer jack is considered a good option for changing trailer tires. 

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