The Best 18 Inch Roller Frame: An Extensive Buying Guide

The Best 18 Inch Roller Frame

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If you are looking for a roller frame to paint on walls and ceilings, choose the best 18-inch paint roller frame, as it performs just like any other extra-large paint roller.

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You have to check some necessary considerations before making an actual purchase. Let’s check out the details of each factor. 

An Extensive Guide

  • Double Arm Roller Frame

Using a double arm 18-inch paint roller for the ceiling means you get even pressure for your ceiling while painting, unlike any other conventional frame, which leaves a striped effect.

Also, the large roller allows you to cover a large part of the ceiling and walls in less time, hence saving time and energy. 

  • What Should Be The Design of Roller Frame?

Whenever checking the design of an 18-inch paint roller, always pick one that has the placement screws and clips on the top of the frame instead of present at the front of the roller.

This is necessary as the clips and screws get caked with the paint during painting, and you have to wipe them. If you have the one having screws at the front, it is better to rape a tape around them.

Roller Frame

The design will allow you to roll up corners closer than any other roller frame. The arms of the frame hold the roller in place via these locking pins. But sometimes, the pins get loose, so you have to tighten them after every use. 

  • Preferable Size and Style of Roller Frame? 

Roller frames are available in numerous sizes and styles. The commonly used frame sizes are 4-inch, 9-inch and 18-inch.

These sizes are engineered to match easily with the roller sleeves. The 4-inch frame is best for small areas, and the 18-inch is best for large ceilings and walls. 

Although roller frames are present in various styles, the general design is almost identical. The main parts are bars, handle, and cage.

The handle is mostly made of plastic which adds durability and keeps the frame lightweight. Always pick the shape of the handle that fits your hands perfectly.

For example, some brands, Hamilton Decorating Tools, introduced roller frames having wooden handles, which means it is long-lasting. 

Now comes the bars, which are of two styles: British and American. This is a crucial part of the roller frame, so if it is not strong and durable, it may flex and cause the roller sleeve to give an uneven paint finish by applying uneven pressure.

The British style bar has a 45-degree bend after the bar leaves the handle, whereas the American style has a 90-degree bend. There is no particular reason; this is just their designs. 

  • What Type of Handle is The Best?

When talking about a handle for the best 18-inch roller frame, always try to check durability and material. Some rollers are made of rubber inlays for improving grip. Picking a roller frame with a comfortable and long-lasting handle is wise. This is the part which you have to contact most of the time. 

  • Choose the Right Roller Cover Material

Covers are available in different materials, which vary as per the type of paint and the texture they develop. So when looking for the 18-inch paint roller cover, or ceiling roller cover, check the material and your surface first. 

Wool or Mohair Roller Covers: With natural fibres, this is known to be the best for applying oil-based paints. They also work great with numerous surfaces smoothly and well with any finish. 

Synthetic Roller Cover: It includes nylon, Dacron or polyester nylon, which makes these covers ideal for water-based latex paints as they can resist matting. A synthetic cover can be used on any paint finish. They are very durable but don’t hold much pain as wool does. 

Microfiber Roller Covers: They are identified by the diagonal strips present on the plush cover. They work great with oil-based as well as latex paints. They also give a smooth finish and suit any surface without much texture. 

  • Tight Fitting Roller Sleeve 

The last but not the least factor of any roller frame is a tight-fitting roller sleeve. This is very important as if the roller sleeve does not fit with the cage properly; the sleeve will slide off when applying paint.

To decide which sleeve you need, firstly look for the surface you will paint. A short pile sleeve is perfect if you are painting a freshly plastered surface. The pile’s length is dependent on the roughness or smoothness of the surface. 

best inch Roller Frame

The material of roller sleeves also matters a lot because the lambswool roller sleeve gives fantastic results on uneven surfaces and even on masonry.

Other roller sleeves are made of material, for example, microfiber. The modern-day material holds more paint and cleans out comfortably. 

All the factors mentioned above collectively make the 18-inch roller frame the best. So, always check them in your chosen roller and try to pick a durable and easy to hold roller. If you firstly check the surface of the wall or ceiling, the decision will become a lot easier for you.

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