Aluminum Window won’t Stay Up—Solved and Fixed!

Aluminum Window won’t Stay Up

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As a homeowner, you sometimes have problems with aluminum sliding doors or windows. This problem is mainly caused by the windows’ balance issues, causing sliding and opening breaks.

This is why most people complain about aluminum windows and take measures when these aluminum windows don’t stay up.

However, if you have an aluminum window that won’t stay up and is facing problems in gliding open, you need to take the issue seriously, as this cannot be ignored and might be dangerous.

Nevertheless, with the help of some tools, this problem with aluminum windows can be solved easily. Moreover, if your aluminum window won’t stay up even after trying to fix it, the window might need to be replaced. 

Aluminum Window won’t Stay Up

Aluminum Window won’t stay up–Possible Causes

The problem of aluminum windows getting stuck and not staying open is a common one that many homeowners encounter. Luckily, a few DIY tools and techniques can fix this window problem.

One of the main reasons aluminum windows won’t stay up is that the balances of the windows have become loose or detached from the window sash.

This means that even when ratios are present and may be working fine, they are causing problems in keeping the window open. This makes the window fall down constantly.

Another reason aluminum windows have a problem staying up is that although the balances are intact, they are not functioning correctly. 

Problems with the Window Components

The problem of the aluminum windows not staying open is mainly due to issues with the window’s components.

To identify where the problem lies, you need to ensure all the windows’ components are working fine and in good condition; otherwise, replacing the entire aluminum window may be the only option left for you.

Aluminum Window

To identify the faulty components, let us look at the features that make up a window and which might be encountering problems in functioning correctly. 

  • Pivot bar: a pivot bar is a small bar made of metal attached to the sash’s bottom. The pivot bar sticks out of the sash and is responsible for connecting to the balance shoe present inside the frame. If the pivot bar is broken and unable to engage with the shoe, it might need to be replaced with a similar part.
  • Window shoes: shoes are small blocks inside the window frame made of plastic or metal and connect the balance to the pivot bar in the sash. When the shoe gets cracked or stuck, it can lead to improper operation and might need to be inspected by a window repair expert for fixing.
  • Balances: if both the shoes and pivot bars are working fine, then there might be athe balance might be problematicances that are essential of three types: spiral, coil, and block and tackle. You need to replace the balances, as they may snap when released. However, balances are easy to remove with only one or two screws.

Once you have identified the faulty component, you can take the defective part out of the aluminum window and fix or replace it.

However, if these windows are old and you have no idea about the manufacturer, you might face problems finding compatible parts.

Fortunately, these parts are readily available as many window companies use the same parts, so you won’t have a hard time using them. However, you may need to try several distributors to find a part that will work. 

However, suppose all the above components are not faulty, and you still have difficulty keeping your aluminum window open. In that case, the whole window might need replacement to make it functional.

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How to Fix Aluminum Windows not Staying Up

Suppose you have an aluminum window that won’t stay up. In that case, it needs to be replaced or repaired immediately, as it can be potentially dangerous for kids whose hands can get stuck in the fallen window, causing injury. 

Fix Aluminum Windows not Staying Up

To fix aluminum windows that won’t stay up, here are a few tools you may need:

Tools Required:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Metal file
  • Replacement window roller wheels
  • Replacement window track
  • Tape measures
  • A dustpan
  • A small tube of clear silicone

STEP 1: Remove the window to inspect it

The aluminum windows are easy to lift and examine for any cracks. However, be careful when removing the window, as it is heavy. If it does not lift out, unscrew the little locking lugs on the top side and lift it.

Here you need to check two parts–nylon plastic wheels and metal track. First, flip the window upside down and inspect the nylon wheels.

These nylon wheels may be broken if the windows are not sliding correctly. Then, look at the metal track of the window sill and search for any flat spots. If a tear in the middle is more than that near the wall, it would need to be replaced.

STEP 2: Replace Window wheels

Search for the correct size when replacing the broken nylon wheels on the window. Remember to choose both the left and the right wheel carefully. 

  • Unscrew the old wheel and use a screwdriver to pull them out
  • Clean the bottom of the window with a cleaning brush
  • Install the new wheels in place

STEP 3: prepare a new window track

If your aluminum window track is damaged, you must fix and prepare a new one. 

  • Clean the whole window track with a vacuum and a brush
  • Measure the old way carefully.
  • Use a hacksaw to cut a new track to the measured length. You can also use a clamp to hold it in place while fixing it. 
  • Take a file and clean the edges of the cut
  • Make sure your new track is clean and free of dust before installing it

STEP 4: Install the new window track

This may be an intricate part, as lining the track e quite tricky. 

  • Take a silicone tube and run a thin bead along the length of the underside of the new track.
  • Hold your track and hook one end over the damaged way. 
  • Carefully lower the new track and press it down as you go until the new track covers the entire length of the old track.
  • Ensure the gap at either end of the track is even–about 12mm
  • Pick up your window and lift it into position. Run it forwards and backward along the length to ensure it slides smoothly.

STEP  5: Clean up the window

Slide the window up and down to check if it stays open. Next, clean the new tracks with a. Then, clean, and you are good to go!


Aluminum windows are lightweight and an ideal choice for windows in many households. But like every other item of use, aluminum windows can also get stuck and encounter problems staying up. The real problem with these windows starts when aluminum windows won’t stay up. With the help of the right tools, you can quickly fix or repair old windows. However, if the problem persists, you might need to replace the whole window for easy sliding.

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