A Smart Lock Is A Great Investment, But Why Should You Get One?

A Smart Lock Is A Great Investment, But Why Should You Get One?

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Before we start trying and convincing you of your stance of why should I get a smart lock, it is integral that we explain the device to you.

Has it ever happened to you that when you leave the house and are halfway to reaching your travel destination, a wave of anxiety washes all over you? Consequently, you start wondering about whether or not you locked your door!

Smart lock works precisely in such a manner to eliminate this worry of yours. As the word signifies “smart,” the lock is the most modified version of a traditional key lock. Instead of inserting keys to access your home, you either have a passcode or a fingerprint. 

Not only this but many functions accompanying a smart lock enhance its purposes and ensure safety even when you are miles away from home

Why should I get a smart lock?

7+ Reasons Why should I get a smart lock?

Apprehension before installing a smart lock on your door is valid, considering there has been a sufficient ongoing debate about whether the smart lock is safe. However, rest assured, we guarantee to prove to you by the end of this article that these smart locks really deliver the purpose they claim to, quite efficiently. 

To answer your question: why should I get a smart lock? We will provide you with multiple reasons that would make the safety device irresistible and persuade you to purchase one immediately. 

No keys are required. 

key of smart lock

Just got home from groceries and are trying to dig for keys in your handbag while carrying numerous grocery bags?

Getting a smart lock installed on your main door means that you never have to search for your keys again! Be it you returning home from a night out or heading back from groceries. There is no demand to take the keys along.

Instead, on your door, just enter the passcode or register your fingerprint. Voila, you have an entry to your house! 

Looks good on the door 

beautiful smart lock

We aspire for everything around us to derive an aesthetic. Be it our room or a small corner in the garden. We constantly beautify everything to make it seem appealing. So why miss out on your front door’s lock?

When it was the era, the traditional locks did look good on the front door, but now they don’t. Replacing your key lock with a smart lock will provide your main entrance with the aesthetic look you strive to achieve all around. 

Fortunately, these locks are available in multiple colors and designs, so you can easily find the perfect one. 


Secured smart lock

Breaking in through the traditional locks has been proven to be relatively easy. But say no more to these break-ins to your house.

A smart lock on your door guarantees your house’s security to be amplified. However, since these locks are technology-oriented, only a hacker skilled in the field can get through the security nets. Even then, it is not that simple.

Also, suppose someone is attempting to enter your house without permission and tries doing it by entering incorrect passcode on the lock. In that case, some smart locks have an option where they freeze. Allow no more passcodes to be entered, and notify the owner immediately about the ongoing activity. 

Access for Multiple people 

To simplify, the purpose of a smart lock is to say that you shoot at two birds with one arrow. Meaning that with a smart lock, you get rid of the worry of carrying the keys everywhere with you and the effort to replicate the entrance keys. 

With a smart lock on your door, you would not have to wait longer for another house member to arrive just because you initially forgot to carry the keys. This is because a smart lock allows multiple members to access the door

Access can be granted to you through sharing of the passcode. Or if you have a lock that requires the fingerprint to be registered, then by connecting it with your phone and scanning it against the lock, you have a getaway to enter the house. 

Provided access to anyone can be temporary or permanent and is absolutely up to your discretion. 

Built-in Bluetooth and WI-fi

bluetooth for smart lock

Some models of smart locks come with a built-in Bluetooth and wi-fi facility. This allows the lock owners to track any activity in the smart lock- who enters and exits the house. 

Does not matter if you are inside your house or miles away. With these facilities accompanying the lock, you can literally always keep an eye out on your door.


budget friendly smart lock

You may wonder if a lock providing so much convenience costs a hefty fortune. 

These smart locks are budget-friendly. You can buy them in any price range—however, the lower range and the limited convenience of the smart lock offer.

To browse your options, you can search on Amazon. 

Works with voice commands  

voice command for smart lock

The best part about purchasing a smart lock is that anytime you work in the kitchen amid chaos, you do not have to rush the door every time the doorbell rings.

If your phone is around you then you can unlock your smart lock through voice control. To carry this out, ensure your phone’s Siri or Amazon Alexa is connected to your smart lock. Then order “Hey Siri! Could you unlock the door?” 

A brief guide to buying a smart lock 

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It is with certainty that after knowing all the advantages of a smart lock, you might be thinking of buying one. 

Prior to jumping into directly buying the smart lock, keep a few essentials in mind that must be present in the smart lock that you finally purchase. 

  1. Ensure that your smart lock has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  2. Bluetooth range should be expansive 
  3. Smart lock comes with an operating app, permitting you to track activity 
  4. The lock has a voice command option
  5. Both passcode and registration of the fingerprint option are present 
  6. Can lock and unlock the smart lock when away from home

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I put the smart lock on my door myself? 

Yes, you can install the smart lock on your door yourself. The procedure is not complicated, and with a service manual to assist you, it becomes even more straightforward. 

Do smart locks provide adequate security? 

Yes, smart locks are secure and not easily vulnerable to hacking. But, if it’s any consolation, smart locks are safer than traditional ones. 

Do smart locks have a battery? 

Smart locks have a battery that must be replaced often but only sometimes. 


Now that you know what a smart lock does and are familiar with how it facilitates all its users, would you still consider not purchasing one?

We have given you many reasons to transform your notion of why should i get a smart lock to why shouldn’t I get one! 

Before waiting any further and delaying the process go on amazon or any other webpage selling smart locks and get one! However, remember to cross-check the features of the smart lock against our buying guide.

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