Why Is There a Motorcycle Tire Shortage (Detail Analysis)

Motorcycle Tire Shortage

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Since the pandemic, Covid-19, broke into chaos everywhere on the globe, it has changed everything in our lives.

From mundane tasks like how we spend our day to the production of multi-million budget utility goods, all the processes altered with the changing needs of time during the pandemic.

While manufacturers did not cease the production of goods altogether, things sure slowed down to some extent. The pandemic is why we experience a shortage of many commodities in the market.

We often wonder why there is a motorcycle tire shortage; there are many underlying reasons, but the cause is the Covid-19 pandemic that affected every industry and changed our lives immensely.

Let us dig deeper to understand how things have changed during the past few years and brought us to such difficult times.

Why is there a motorcycle shortage (Quick Guide)

According to financial experts, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed the manufacturing of many service goods like motorcycle tires.

Many production units have shut down or have let go of their workers. The decline in production means the product line-up cannot hold up to the demand for these motorcycle tires and are often sold out immediately after being stocked in the stores or online. 

Why Is There a Motorcycle Tire Shortage

However, lesser production is not the only cause of the shortage of motorcycle tires; the impact of shipping and the unavailability of sufficient or good quality raw materials is also a factor people often overlook.

Whatever the reason, customers face problems because the unavailability of motorcycle tires in tire stores and other automotive-related stockers and dealers leaves them in a state of utter dismay. 

Rubber Shortage 

Recently, we have witnessed some unnatural worldwide changes in the political economy that have significantly impacted the rubber production and manufacturing industry.

Whether small-scale business owners or more giant sharks in the rubber industry, everyone is facing a shortage in rubber supply due to a deadly fungus taking over the trees.

Then political interference in shipping and transportation of goods comes in their way. All of this, combined with very high transportation and disposal charges, have disrupted the supply chain of rubber as a raw material used in tire manufacturing.

Shortage of Shipping Containers

To cope with the problem of tire shortage, we need to overcome the current squeeze on the shipping raw materials from rubber producers and other materials used to make good-quality motorcycle tires.

As we speak, numerous shipping containers are waiting for permission to get unloaded at the docks.

Their contents sit idle rather than making their way to production units so motorcycle tires can be manufactured and brought into the consumption cycle. 

Low Manpower

Pandemic disruptions have also caused a visible decline in the working power of countless industries, and motorcycle tire manufacturers are no exception in this regard.

Now, as we are hopeful about a better future with the increase in vaccinated individuals, industries can continue to grow their hireling seeking growth in product output and making mends to meet the ever-growing demands of motorcycle tires.

Even when manufacturers can produce a quality product, they have problems shipping the supply to its destination.

There is a dangerous shortage of shipping and transportation containers worldwide.

That means no matter if the motorcycle tire manufacturer struggles to make the production materialize, it would take a long time to reach its destination. 

Unnatural Purchasing

With the shortage of motorcycle tires in our local market, we see customers stocking up on an insanely large amount of motorcycle tires, fearing there will never be a balanced demand-supply curve again.

Motorcycle Tire Shortage

We encourage our readers to refrain from such acts because when customers keep buying commodity goods unnecessarily, it further distresses the supply and demand of that specific product, broadening the shortage even further.

Turn to the Domestic Producer

During such tiring times, we must turn towards more feasible solutions to save ourselves from motorcycle tire shortages.

Look for local manufacturers around you rather than imported goods that take forever to reach you. Promoting native motorcycle tire producers will help you break the monopoly of the international market.

You will be able to find an alternate domestic product and bypass the wait times of the global supply of motorcycle tires to reach your market. 


We see a difference in the supply and demand curve during current times. There is a need to find alternatives to overcome this excruciating increase in wait times for buying a good motorcycle tire.

We hope that by the end of this article, you must understand why there is a motorcycle tire shortage everywhere in the world and that drastic measures are needed to overcome this problem.

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