A Guide On What’s Wrong With Cheap Electronic Air Compressors

What's Wrong With Cheap Electronic Air Compressors

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Cheap electronic air compressors have several drawbacks that make them less than ideal for many jobs. Poor-quality motors, pressure leaks, and continuously blowing fuses are common issues that users have reported about these tools.

In addition, even when initially functioning correctly, low-quality air compressors tend to be noisy and consume more energy than good-quality models.

To avoid this, get good build-quality compressors. In this post, we explain more in detail about it so you can know What’s wrong with cheap electronic air compressors.

As we all know, these air compressors are necessary for many businesses and shops. Of course, they’re used to inflate tires and balls, but you can also use them to help you with other things around the house.

However, if your air compressor is malfunctioning in any way, it cannot be very pleasant. Hence keep reading to know the faults of your air compressor.

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What’s Wrong With Cheap Electronic Air Compressors

To know the electronic air compressor problems, first, you need to check the power supply to know the fault. For example, ensure the air compressor has a power cord plugged in and turned on. And if there are any other electrical problems with your home or office building, for example, tripped circuit breakers.

After that, you should check for an air supply by pressing down on an open valve or nozzle until it makes a noise. It indicates that there’s pressure coming from somewhere inside this machine! If no sound comes out when you turn off all other appliances but still hear clicking sounds when turning it back on later. Then this could mean something else, such as a leaky hose somewhere. 

Major Problems With Cheap Electronic Air Compressors

To test this, you should turn off everything else before checking how much air pressure will flow through each part. Below we explain more points so you can know What’s wrong with cheap electronic air compressors.

Air Leakage Problems

If you own an air compressor, you may wonder why it leaks air. After all, it looks like a machine that works fine and delivers the right amount of pressure for your needs. But it all depends on built quality. If your compressor has a good-quality build, then air can leak. Also, some models have more power than others. 

The higher the PSI rating on any given model, it can withstand more pressure before breaking down under pressure from its surroundings or applying too much force against itself over time.

A Lot Of Noise 

Noise is not just because of the motor itself; many other things can cause excessive noise. One common culprit is a bad seal between parts of your compressor and housing the metal frame. It can lead to vibration and even wear and tear on internal components like bearings or bushings over time. So due to this reason, your compressor is making noise. 

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Another potential source of high-pitched squeals or buzzes in your shop is worn-out bearing surfaces inside both compressors’ motors and their housings. Both could cause premature failure if left untreated by regular maintenance work at home.

Not Enough Power

If you’ve got a compressor humming, it’s probably because of a bad bearing. It means that they need more power to handle pressure. Bearings are the most common cause of humming and are cheap and easy to replace. Bearings are also one of the easiest things for inexperienced people to mess up independently.

Oil Problems

Oil is important for the air compressor moving parts. It can be consumed faster than expected, contaminated with dirt and debris, or run out when you need it most. Oil is expensive, so it’s important to use it as efficiently as possible.

Excessive Oil 

If you notice oil in your air compressor’s discharge, it’s most likely due to a bad oil seal. A leaking seal can lead to excessive oil entering the system and causing damage to the pump, motor, or both.

Consistent Vibration.

If your compressor is vibrating, it’s likely the result of bad bearings or a loose bearing. You can check this by putting oil on each ball and rolling them one at a time. If they’re moving freely, you have an issue with the bearing itself.

If that’s not the case, then there’s another possibility: your air compressor may be too small for its job. This could be because you need one with more power or bought something small to save money on electricity costs.

Pressure Problems

If your air compressor doesn’t build pressure, it’s a good idea to check the settings on your regulator. If you have a low-pressure gauge, ensure it is set at 60 pounds per square inch (psi).


Now that you know what’s wrong with a cheap electronic air compressor, you should be able to figure out how to fix it. You can fix it by changing the fuel. You can do it by opening up the tank and changing it for a fresh one or checking if any clogged filters in the system need cleaning before starting up again.

Of course, you should also ensure your oil isn’t too old before trying this again. Otherwise, you risk needing more maintenance on top of everything else. You will know about your compressor fault by reading this post carefully.

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