There is water coming out of a crack in the driveway-find and fix it!

water coming out of a crack in the driveway-find and fix it!

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Most driveways get wet due to rain or water from your neighbor’s houses, but what if, for no reason, your driveway seems wet with small water puddles that can get bigger over time? Is your water coming out of crack in the driveway? Have you observed any cracks or crevices in the driveway? Such problematic cases might have multiple reasons to occur. 

Do you know how to tackle the issues? No worries at all! With our handy guide, you got the most common signs, causes, reasons, and fixation methods to find the cracks and eliminate the water ponding issues in your driveway.

Water Coming Out of Crack in Driveway-Quick Fix!

Users complaining about the cracks in their concrete driveway might also suffer from water leakage. Find the reason with our handy guide by considering factors causing the water to come out of the crack in the driveway.


Some common causes include; broken or damaged main lines and the water would remain on the driveway.

Other reason includes Leaky irrigation and drainage line. Besides these causes, always consult a professional, experienced plumber to get the task done in no time.

Remember to dig the pathway to avoid wasting high Bucks.

Signs Of Leaky Water from DriveWay 

When you observe small water spots or the driveway remains wet despite any water interaction, that seems the first sign of alert. Sometimes the water smells foul, indicating drainage water. The major signs include 

  • Constant or random water accumulation 
  • Water flow sounds 
  • Water pressure gets low
  • Visible Cracks and crevices on the driveway
  • Fungus growth indicated moisture on the driveway
  • The water bill gets high, indicating water wastage 

Reason Behind Water Coming Out of Crack in Driveway with Easy Fixes 

Now that you confirmed the signs of water leakage and concluded that cracks in the driveway might cause water leakage, the next step would be finding the reasons. How come water enters the trials despite endeavors? If the water flow is secured, there should be water in the cracks. To know the reason, let’s check out the causes. 

Broken Main Line 

Main Line

Problem– water leakage 

Reason– cracks and leaky pipeline

Solution– call a plumber to tackle the issue

The main reason for the water coming out of those cracks can be the damaged main line, and why is that so? A standard main line can last about 50 years, and over time, because of certain factors, it can get worn out, or because the end life has reached, the pipe won’t be strong enough to carry out secure water flow.

In that case, the weakest point gets ruptured, causing water loss, and that water gets out of cracks forming pools or puddles around the driveway, making it wet. 

Check out the house matter by making everything shut off. Now that nothing is turned on check the meter. If the meter still keeps moving, you got the leaky main pipe, which needs a fixation. 

Fixation Methods 

You need to call a professional plumber and let him fix the issue. The fixation can get done in 03 different ways, but before that, ensure to dig the place because the harder plumber works, the more bucks they would charge, so ensure you got the reasons, and all you need is to acquire a professional to fix the issue. 

  • The excavation process to fix the pipe first and then concrete 
  • Re-rotation of underground pipes 
  • The Relining of the underground broke or leaked the main line. Liner made of epoxy seems to get inside the pipe to the targeted site, where it gets hardened, filling up the cracks in pipes after that concrete gets fixed. 

Leaky irrigation and drainage line 

drainage line

Problem– water leakage from cracks

Reason– cracks and leaky irrigation and drainage pipeline

Solution– call a plumber to tackle the issue

How would you know that the water coming out of crack in driveway is because of the leakage of the mainline or other irrigation/drainage lines? To make it easy to confirm, check the water in the gaps. If the water remains on all the time on the driveway, the main pipe has leaked, while in case of irrigation leakage, the water may sometimes be present when sprinklers are in working condition. Upon shut off, the water in the cracks might get stopped. 

Another reason seems to be a broken drainage line; the water appears out of cracks when the sump pump pit overflows with water. It gets tested by simple troubleshooting, like taking water and adding it to the sump pump. Once added, quickly check the cracks of water that get leaked because of the above-said issue. 

Both problems would cause water leakage when the water system is working. Call an experienced plumber to cure the leakage by fixing the pipes to tackle the issue. The drainage might sometime smell foul, so that’s another reason to find the cause.

How Much Does Water Leakage Issue Through Driveway Cost Users?

The repair cost seems variable based on the severity of the problem, location, plumber experience, and the work.

For locating the issue, the plumber might cost you $100-300, and the digging even adds up more bucks, so try to ensure you get these parts done. Overall, repairing and digging cost $1200, while fixing alone would cost only 400$


No matter how high-quality pipelines you install, users might experience “water coming out of crack in driveway over time.” First, tackle the water leakage issues, then fix the concrete driveway and eliminate the breaks. Mainly users can’t differentiate the causes, and we have made them relatively easy.

So do not miss out and keep supporting us so that we bring problem-solving guides that will help you tackle the issue in no time with a perfect and workable fix. 

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