How to unlock Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779?

How to unlock Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779

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Whether you are considering using the saw to cut long pieces of wood or to make cuts with precisions at different angles. There is only one saw you should use, and it is the- Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779. 

Miter saws manufactured by Dewalt consist of all those features one would demand before finalizing their purchase. Not only the outcome of cutting wood using it is impressive, but it’s safe to say that the Dewalt Miter Saw is easy to employ and therefore is an extravagant powerhouse. 

Additionally, no specific angle has to be abided by when cutting the wood. You can position the DWS779 at any angle and not fret over messing up the final product. 

Thus, further adding to the already provided convenience by the Dewalt miter saw. However, if you have recently purchased this saw, you must familiarise yourself with how to unlock the Dewalt miter saw dws779 because you will need this skill more often. 

How to unlock Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779

How to unlock Dewalt miter saw DWS779.

Being able to hand the Dewalt miter saw both skillfully and cautiously is quite a task. You should know how to unlock and lock the saw quickly to avoid inconvenience. The saw, when left open after being used, can cause for sustaining severe injuries.

Therefore, you must know how to unlock Dewalt miter saw dws779 so that once you are done utilizing the machine, you can lock it without worrying about opening it the next time. 

A step-by-step guide to unlocking DWS779 

It does not matter if you have already owned the DWS779 or just recently purchased it because here- we got you!

Unlocking a dealt miter saw DWS779 is no technical task and would only take a few minutes. Or let’s say less than five minutes. Since customer convenience has been a primary concern of the manufacturing company, they have kept unlocking their renowned DWS779 saw relatively straightforward. 

Miter saws usually have pins, keeping the saw intact and locked. So, a simple hack to unlocking this saw is to identify where these knobs lie and then use them accurately. 

Although unlocking is very easy, to achieve a successful outcome, you must follow the procedure step-by-step. You must unlock every lock as stated in our guide and in chronological order. Otherwise, you would mess up the entire process and need clarification. 

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Step 1 

You may proceed with unlocking the saw by starting with the head. Explore the miter saw from above, and there you will encounter a tiny knob responsible for keeping the heat contained when the machine is stored. 

Unbolt the head of the saw by moving it around and applying a sufficient amount of pressure—enough to unlock it but not break the head. Depending on the model, you might have to unlock both the pins and the knob by turning them around. 

Step 2 

All Dewalt miter saws come along with a down lock installed in them. A knob usually controls these locks, and if you want to free the saw from its lock, you have to make use of this knob. 

The down lock is easily moveable and requires some pressure to move it in motion. Again, do not bring the lock under a lot of pressure. A gentle push from your palm or fingers will easily do the job for you. 

Step 3 

Now it’s time that you unfasten the angle lock. You will find this lock on the front of the DWS779. It must also be unlocked to make your Dewalt miter saw fully functional. 

On the front, try and locate the knob containing the angle lock. Apply some pressure, or push it forward with the middle finger, and you will unlock it. 

Step 4 

Next is the Knurled lock. Out of all the locks, this one is the easiest for convenient unlocking. Just twist the knob in which the lock is in a counterclockwise direction, and it will open.

Step 5 

This step requires you to unlock the bevel. If you were vigilant while ordering the Dewalt miter saw dws779, you must have noticed the term “bevel cut” in the features list. To achieve that cut, it demands first unfasten this lock. 

For positioning the cutting angle of the bevel, unlocking is demanded. Slide the pin, attached to the miller saw, near the saw’s surface and push it. With the push, set the pin to the titling angle you want. 

Step 6

The last step in unlocking your miter saw requires you to undo the base. The base is adjustable, allowing for adjustments, and is directly fastened to the main structure. 

Supposedly, your saw comes with an adjustable base. You have to unlock it before you bring it into a position. 

As usual, this lock, too, will be in a knob, so look for the knob and unlock it by twisting the knob and adjusting the base in the direction you want for your work. 


Like always, to assist our readers in carrying out their daily life tasks we have answered your question on how to unlock Dewalt miter saw dws779. A guide has been provided where we briefly described all the steps for unlocking the saw and immediately getting to work. 

Good luck, and we hope you succeed!

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