5 Most Common Types Of Plastic Drywall Anchors -Detail Analysis

5 Most Common Types Of Plastic Drywall Anchors

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When a stud is not available for installing or hanging things then drywall anchors are the only and the perfect option to provide better support on any hanging or installing items projects.

A wide variety of wall anchors are available on the market in a variety of sizes and designs. It is possible to use anchors in different locations based on the design and shape of the anchor, like tile, walls, or ceilings, where different materials are also used.

Here the most common types of plastic drywall anchors:

Plastic expansion anchor

Plastic expansion anchor


Basically Plastic expansion anchors are the only best and better choice of most DIYers due to its light duty. This anchor offers a unique and durable design to use on multiple places.

Expansion anchors are the most common plastic type of drywall anchor that mostly use, due to affordability everyone selects this option that helps to hang light items efficiently.


Plastic expansion anchors come in two main types: the wing anchor and the plug anchor, both you can easily find at your local store and online stores.

The wing anchors have large wings on the whole side of the anchor that help to keep the anchor in the wall when drywall screws enter, while the plug anchor has a narrow tube with traction marks which help to stay it wall.

Weight Limits

A single plastic expansion anchor has the capability to tackle weight 10 pound on drywall and 30 pound on concrete walls.


Installation of this plastic anchor requires a few steps to install (For Detail Lowe’s Guide can help to install the anchor better way) and explain, measure and mark the location, determine the bit size (for other type of plastic anchor If you’re using a self-drilling anchor then skip that option) then Drill the pilot hole, then press the anchor point against the wall and drive the screw.

Winged plastic anchor

Winged plastic anchor

Winged plastic anchors are also called nylon toggles and they have plastic wings, a wand, and with a screw. Its shape mostly matches with heavy duty butterfly anchors.

It is a strong versatile toggler plastic anchor and also considered the best type of drywall. The plastic materials used on anchors are very durable which is not easy to break.

It mostly comes with screw kits that also have better quality of stainless steel which offer perfect corrosion resistance in harsh environments like high humidity areas, or high temperature. All the features of this anchor ensure long time use and with a better lifespan.

Weight lift

Though the discussion on Stack Exchange claimed that nylon toggle anchors can support load up to 150-200 pound for the year without breaking, although the brands which make this product claimed the weight capacity of this plastic drywall fastener is just 20 pound.

Alligator anchor

alligator anchors

An alligator anchor is the multi-purpose anchor to use for both high and small loads in drywall, ceilings, concrete, green boards, ceramic tile, plaster, floors and also any other material that is mostly used by professionals.

It is strongly secure, holds a load and when installed into hollow material its flanged head provides extra stability.

This anchor is made of polypropylene which offers corrosion resistance with the body expands option. When the screw is inserted the body expands and its jaws to lock position and strongly hold the item.

This type of anchor is the ultimate choice for mounting anything to a wall; concrete or drywall. That makes the work more easier and smooth, to install drill the hole, push it in, and drive the screw in just a few steps.

Plastic Drywall Anchors

Plastic Drywall Anchors

The weight limit of plastic drywall anchors are lower than any other option that uses well built material.

Plastic anchors have several more types but the option on all of them you will get that lower price and lightweight. You will be able to buy several plastic drywall anchors in packs where there are dozens of them.

The plastic anchors are the most common type of drywall anchors the majority of use to hang items such as pictures, a tv, cloths, or mirror. 

The plastic used on these anchors are entirely sturdy and that’s why it stays on the wall and takes care of a lot of weight.

Pull-toggle anchors

Pull-toggle anchors

Pull toggle anchor combined with toggle bolts and plastic anchor. It comes with a metal toggle which is inserted into the wall just like a toggle bolt.

To install it requires a smaller entry hole with a single piece of toggle that can provide you amazing hold. The installation process very easy as faster than traditional toggle anchor

Most of the other types of plastic anchor do not provide reusability but this one offers. The pull toggle anchor is the sturdy hollow base material anchor which is available on the markets. 

The pull toggle installs very quickly and is also able to self-drill into drywall on that, mostly avoiding the pre-drilling step of installation.

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