The Truth About Cold Air Intakes- All you Need to Know!

The Truth About Cold Air Intakes

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With modernization in the vehicle industry, aftermarket parts seem to be becoming much more popular to add more advancement to your vehicle.

They are great horsepower generators leading to a much smoother and more practical drive. Users might ask for the use or the truth about cold air intakes but don’t know whether they seem worthy or not for their vehicle because most of the individuals created the false myth that in no way the intake filters would help you out in boosting horsepower.

But wait! It’s just a myth and nothing else. The air intake system may not be high like other robust engines and enhancers, but it does some work to boost horsepower.

For a tuning engine, all you get at a reasonable price would straightforwardly indicate the use of cold air intakes. Such modifications may come with a few flaws that need to get handled. Still, alongside, you get some extra power-ups to enjoy a good driving experience with enhanced mileage, acceleration, and speed. 

Truth About Cold Air Intakes

The Truth About Cold Air Intakes- Truth or Myth

So what do you think? Is the cold air intake worthy of work? To be particularly and precisely observing the mechanism of a cold air intake, you would probably get why your engine must require the module.

Those users or reviewers who considered it a myth and didn’t find any boost in their engine should check out the product because we conclude with a yes that cold air intakes work well, not as high as a manufacturer claims.

But yes, they are worthy enough to opt for with additional modifiers or alone.

How Does Vehicle Engine Work to Generate Power? 

Before going towards the cold air intake system, you first need to know how an engine makes power for powering up your vehicle. A car’s engine seems like a large pump that works along with other parts, causing it to run efficiently. 

First, the fuel gets injected into the engine and the air from the air intake system, forming a potent combination required to work under a spark to Ignite the ignition process.

Cold Air Intakes kit

Once ignited, combustion causes causing the Piston movement in a downward direction. Once the piston moves downward here, the power gets generated. That power turns the crankshaft along with the wheels to enhance the vehicle running and accelerate it to extended rates. 

The more the cold air engine gets, the more the engine causes combustion. Cold air carries more oxygen molecules than a typical air intake system, as it may not be enough to provide a high-density perspective. A cold air intake system would help increase your engine’s horsepower. 

But what is a cold air intake system, and how it’s different from regular air intake? Let’s find out!

Cold Air Intakes- A Brief Explanation 

The cold air intake of CIA is an aftermarket additional modified part installed in your vehicle to increase the engine performance by the active suction of cold.

Dense air with higher oxygen adds high combustibility to the engine fuel, making it a better-running accelerated module. 

It seems noted that the air intake position seems a bit farther from the engine so that it won’t get affected by warm air somewhat better provide cold air to make the engine run efficiently. You could get the horsepower increase as per manufacturer claims but with lower limits. 

Some of the high-class vehicle brands like ford did include the air intakes in their installation kits and considered them one apart for such an extensive vehicle system to add some good to it, and yes, it does!

Working Of Cold Air Intake System

Usually, when cars opt for air intakes, the manufacturers add a baffle system to limit the excess noise and maintain air filtration. But that causes hindrance in the path of air, and not sufficient air reaches the combustion chamber. So for using cold air intake systems, opt to modify the vehicle and get the most out of it and how that occurs; let’s check it out!

Vehicle Engine Work to Generate Power

Consider the basic engine working but this time, you own a cold air intake, so what’s the difference? For standard air or warm air, the system near the engine cause in coming attitude to get warm. Once the air is warm, it becomes less dense, which means less oxygen leads to low combustion. The result would e less power generation from the fuel.

On the other side, if you modify the vehicle by installing a cold air intake, it won’t have baffles, so get used to the noise.

Secondly, the installation is far, so most of the cold air gets injected into the engine with dense nature and more oxygen level.

The higher the oxygen, the more the combustion and fuel would cause more horsepower to get generated. So ultimately, you get more power to run the vehicle smoothly. 

Does The Cold Air Intake Do Wonder to Vehicle Performance?

Now that you get familiarized with cold air intake, and it’s working, is it worth it or just some bookish hypothetical views? Let us confirm that there isn’t any myth behind that it’s an authentic and genuine modification that would somewhat enhance the vehicle’s performance. 

When users ask how much horsepower it can increase, the smiling answer would be variable! And why is that so? Because various factors o impacts horsepower generation, including the system you are using and the conditions of the engine and vehicle. 

Sometimes it isn’t the same power that the manufacturers describe in the label, and the reason is already above factors but saying that module isn’t worthy seems unfair. 

Despite working far from the engine, the system removes dirt and particulates from the air, using the sticky fiber cotton matrix to ensure more airflow through the intake and reaching the combustion center. 

Another issue that average air intake has is turbulent airflow, and as common sense, the typical air swirls get warm in the chamber, hence less power generation. So, removing the turbulences is another best parts of the cold air vent. No restriction, no extra bends, and no turbulence, and you get the desired effect. 

Users also get confused with reviews that, after some time, you get back the default horsepower once the engine gets used to it.

So, remember that it isn’t the case most of the time. Getting a good quality and better installed cold air intake does enhance horsepower up to its limited capacity. Users could opt for additional strong modifiers to reboot the system. 

Pros And Cons of Air Intake System 

It’s clear that despite the manufacturing label intake, some work and over the option for your vehicle cold air intake has its working efficiency.

Pros Cons Air Intake System 

To make you better understand, we have brought in some pros and cons so that you get the correct answer to your query for your desired modification. 

Enhanced Mileage 

Mileage is the term related to vehicle efficiency in using fuel. If the vehicle covers more distance using less energy, it is considered a better mileage engine to operate in your car.

For cold air intake, you already know that it provides air with more oxygen causing more combustion with less fuel, making your vehicle more prone to high mileage and lasting longer.

Compared to the average air intake that is less dense with comparatively fewer oxygen levels. The more oxygen available, the more drive-out power from the fuel, enhancing the overall mileage. 

Increased Horsepower 

HP is used for engine output to deliver a path to your vehicle’s good combustion process. At the same time, we provide less for your car so that you have already studied and reviewed before that hold their intake thoughts for, which means that your engine would be working with more to enhance the efficient driving experience.

It gets considered that higher output of the combustion engine causes higher operating force for the vehicle causing much more pronounced and effective results. 

Enhanced Acceleration 

Although the cold air intake increases the HP and mileage, you get a higher acceleration than before.

Cold air intake works on the information of cold air, which is genuinely suitable for your engine to make it run efficiently.

Those users who require to increase the acceleration should always opt for the cold air intakes; that seems likely to be more effective and responsive than the ordinary air intake system. 


Compared to the other aftermarket systems that may include a supercharger, exhaust system, and turbocharger, it seems highly costly in terms of money and installation; compared to these, you would get a much more affordable and easy-to-install system with the cold air inlet. Always ensure you get a good quality cold air intake system to make it run long and vehicle fast. 

Loud Noise 

Compared to the ordinary default air intake system, the cold air intake system removes the baffles or the outer covering while extending the pipe reducing the bends.

In that case, a bit more noise generation gets heard because, in the new system, there aren’t any restrictions.

Always remember that the sound won’t come from the exhaust but from the front, which sounds slightly different. The intensity of airflow affects the noise level. So high intensity gets directly involved in producing more growl than the lower one. 

Moisture Damage 

For those vehicles where the air filter of cold air intake seems exposed would allow moisture intake that directly interferes with the engine and other parts leading to rust, corrosion, or damage to sensitive components.

You might suffer a hydraulic lockout, especially when the vehicle undergoes pooling water causing water to enter the cold air intake system. The best fix for the problem can be opting for a bypass valve to keep the system safe from moisture interference. 

Does a Cold Air Intake System Cost High? 

Based on various brands and aftermarket shops, you could install air intakes in versatile price ranges. An excellent standard quality cold air intake would cost you about 250- 350$, making it a pretty good amount to pay, so users always ask about their worthiness. Remember to avoid cheap cold air intakes because using such won’t make even a little difference. Let your car breathe freely with the entire oxygen supply to make it efficiently running, enhancing your driving experience. 

Should I opt For Air Intake System for My Car? 

So, what’s your opinion regarding installing the cold air intake system? We are delighted to adopt the setting or modification in your vehicle and suggest you go for it.

Remember not to consider any Myth regarding the cold air intake system and do not rely on the manufacturer’s label claim. The HP increase would work based on several factors and can be different in different conditions. 

Some users find it suitable for their motorbike and have noticed some increase. Users who require it for other vehicles must consider parameters along with the mechanism to understand the procedure and get their desired HP. So did not hear of the myth that it genuinely works as a good option. The least we can do is abide by the noise generated by the rest to enhance engine Power.


We hope you know the truth about cold air intakes, so keep enjoying the vast turbulent free air intake of the cold air intake system. Let you want the freeness of blowing air with a high combustion rate resulting in better mileage, performance, and efficiency.

Standard manufacturing would always offer an increase in horsepower up to 20 HP but consider a minimum because of underlying factors.

One issue that seems familiar is when the cold air intake sucks, moisture can cause damage to the engine and other parts, so ensure timely maintenance and working of cold air intake.

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