The Best Tires for Trikes (Best Option For Every Ride)

tire for trikes

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It is difficult to decide which products are better and which are right, since there are so many options on the market.

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To buy the best tires for trikes, select the best on the basis of  aspect ratio, load index, reliability, and durability are the main factors to consider. Best buys are determined by the needs of the user, which differ from one individual to another.

tire for trikes

Avon Tire Cobra Chrome

Avon Tire Cobra Chrome is developed especially for the front of trikes. The flatter profile fends against the typical scraping-off effect on front tires and larger rubber blocks to withstand uneven wear. You get constant handling and stability throughout the tire’s life, considering lifetime profile engineering (LPE).


Avon tire cobra chrome is specifically designed for the front wheel. It offers a tire aspect ratio of 70.0 and a rim size of 18 inches. You get a section width of 130mm and a load index of 63, which is a good rating for the front wheel.

A Flatter profile gives you resistance to the scrubbing effect, which is the leading cause of damage to the front tires. You will get more giant blocks of rubber that can resist irregular wear. It ranks among the best rear tires for trikes.


  • Flatter profile to resist scrubbing effect
  • Bigger Rubber Blocks
  • Lifetime Profile Engineering for stability and better life
  • Optimal water dispersal with Enhanced Aqua Flow
  • Tubeless tire


  • It may suffer tread separation


Avon Tire Cobra Chrome is specifically designed for your front wheels. They come with a stamp of trikes, thus, making them a better choice for your front wheel. You get the best qualities such as a flatter profile, reasonable price, and a better life.

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Bridgestone Excedra G704R For Two Wheel Drive

Bridgestone Excedra is specifically designed for touring bikes, making it a good choice for your trike. Excedra is a reliable choice for long roads and high-speed vehicles. You can have a speed performance up to 130 mph. Thus, if you’re more of a traveler and want a tire that does the job, Excedra can be your best tire for harley trikes.

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Bridgestone Excedra comes with a size of 180/60-16, which can be used as a rear tire in your trike. You get a section width of 180mm, providing a good grip on the road in wet weather. A load index rating of about 74 makes it a good weight carrier.

Excedra provides a tire aspect ratio of 60, which is better for your trike’s lateral stability. The lower the tire aspect ratio, the better the lateral stability. Moreover, it has a unidirectional pattern which provides you with better grip and reliable performance on wet or dry roads.

Excedra G704R

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  • It has a lower aspect ratio of 60
  • Uni-directional pattern for better grip
  • The load index of 74, making it a good weight bearer
  • Reasonable price


  • The tire may perform less on vehicles other than Goldwing.
  • May have mileage performance of 6000 miles only.


Bridgestone Excedra G704R is an excellent tire that provides vehicle speed up to 130mph. Uni-directional design is better for your specific usage and will be a good choice in everyday use and reliable performance.

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Dunlop D401 130/90B16 For Two Wheel Drive

For riders who want to maintain their cruiser riding precisely as the factory intended, the Dunlop D401 rear tire is the best option—engineered for excellent mileage and all-weather traction. 

Greater stability is provided with a front and rear tread design that match. Tread is H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph and offers consistent wear and sustained performance.


Dunlop D401 comes with a size of 130/90-16, which is also for the rear tire. You get a section width of 130mm, less than Excedra but still provides a good grip. If you are a regular user Dunlop  is only good choice for you.

The Dunlop D401 is the best economical tire as it has an aspect ratio of about 90.0; thus, you might not get the best support on the road. However, keeping in mind its tread pattern and specifically formulated compound can provide a good grip on roads. You will get relatively better performance for everyday day use.

Dunlop D401

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  • Tread Pattern for better grip
  • Specifically, Formulated compounds for longer life
  • The load index of 73.


  • It has a higher aspect ratio of 90.0
  • Warranty is available only for treadwear


Dunlop D401 doesn’t provide an extreme level of grip, but still, its tread pattern makes for less grip on wet roads. They have a longer life and may be helpful for your daily or commercial use because of loading index 73.

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Things to check before buying

Imagine you are driving on a road-going at high speed and suddenly hear a pop sound, and all you know is your tire has burst.

This can be extremely dangerous for you, your family, and the people nearby. Thus, using high-quality tires is always recommended.

Cheap tires can cost lives, and buying a good tire according to your trike is essential. Here is a complete guide of the things you need to check before buying a tire. 

Trikes are three-wheeled vehicles, primarily used for fun or professional use. Many factors affect the quality of a tire, like an aspect ratio, load factor, grip technology, and reliable material. This guide will help you to choose the best tires for trikes.

Size of Tire

Tire size is an essential factor before purchasing a tire for your trike. It is highly recommended to find the tire according to your rim size. A wrong size tire can be adjusted to fit into the rim but will cause issues soon.

The tire size is usually given on the side portion. Before buying a new tire, check the size number on your previous tire. The accurate fit will provide a more reliable life and better support on the road.

Tread Pattern

Make sure the tires you purchase have the appropriate tread pattern. The “correct tread pattern” is the tread pattern that is appropriate for the driving environment where the vehicle is operated. A tire’s performance is intimately correlated with its tread pattern, which also deflects water from the contact patch.

Additionally, the road noise is influenced by tread patterns. Make sure your car has the right tread pattern tires. Tread patterns are important when selecting the best tires for recumbent trikes. You may choose one based on your needs and local environmental factors. 


Tube-less tires are a need in today’s world. They are essential as they do not get flat if a puncture occurs. This comes in handy often or when you’re on long drives and can’t find any mechanic nearby. You can still drive your trike and get your tire fixed.


They are an upgrade to tube-based tires, but they function on air. Air leakage can cause flat tires and make your trike a heavy carry-on load.

Tire Friction

Tire Friction is another critical factor you must consider while buying a tire. Trike’s stability and speed mainly depend on tire friction. This is directly proportional to a better grip on the road.

The tread pattern is an essential factor in determining tire friction. You need to consider your location and usage and then decide what type of tire you want to buy. The best tires for trikes would be the ones best suited for your needs. Rubber Rear tires provide better grip and friction for safety, but if you want to use them for drifting, you would need low traction PVC tires.

Load Index Rating

Engineers calculated the precise weight a vehicle could safely transport depending on the correct tire size and pressure they designed and manufactured. We refer to this as the “Tire load index.”

 When buying new tires, it is crucial to check the load index. The load index should be higher or equal to the previous tire but never less. Recommended tire size and load rating may also be found in the vehicle’s handbook.

If your trike is heavy and you often carry heavy weight, it’s recommended to buy the best tires for trikes with a high load index. The tire index tells you how much weight it can bear. Overloading your tires with weight is never a good idea; thus, buying one according to your needs is necessary.

Tire Aspect Ratio

The percentage of the section height divided by the section width is known as the aspect ratio. This gives the percentage which determines the sidewall height of the tire. The greater the percentage, the greater the sidewall of the tire. The aspect ratio for most bias ply tires is around 80 or 90 percent.

A good tire will have a minor sidewall height and thus less aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is also important in the fitting of tires in trikes because they concern the wheel diameter. A lower aspect ratio usually indicates a better-performing tire with excellent lateral stability.

Lateral stability is essential for trikes as it helps them maintain their course and balance forces. If you are not opting for drifting, then the tires with the minor aspect ratio should be your priority. The range of 65-75 is usually recommended.

If lateral stability is not your main concern and daily usage is the primary purpose, then an aspect ratio of 80-90 is good enough. It also depends on the type of vehicle you are using.


How do you change a tire on a trike?

The wheel needs to be disassembled first. Changing a tire on a trike should be taken to a mechanic.

Are trikes faster than bikes?

When it is safe to travel faster, the trike is somewhat faster than a touring cycle going downhill. It is also quicker going into and through crosswinds. Only because of the weight does the tricycle move more slowly upward.

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