The Best Suspension for E30- What You Need To Know!

The Best Suspension for E30

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Before opting for BMW e30 suspension upgrades, check for the following factors to select the best suspension for your BMW E30. This guide will cover buying review factors for the BMW E30 suspension and kit.

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A coil-over is the substitute name for a suspension, a coil-over-shock absorber. 

Types of Suspension 

Check out the type of suspension you need to acquire. We have two types based on the nature of the module.

  • Soft suspension 
  • Hard suspension

Soft Suspension

If you need delightful, wallow driving, the soft suspension is the desired choice. It makes your ride more comfortable by eliminating and absorbing unnecessary knocks and shocks while driving.

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Hard Suspension

This suspension possesses stiffened joints that create a high force on the tires to set it back on bumpy roads. 

Types of Suspension Assembly

You might experience two types of layouts for BMW E30 suspension.

  • BMW e30 front suspension
  • E30 rear suspension

BMW E30 Front Suspension

The best suspension will create a better contact between the car wheels and the road. 

If you want a controlled and comfortable ride, the front suspension is the best in providing it.

E30 Rear Suspension

It possesses both stiffer and softer suspension based on vehicle type. The function applies the same.

Select the one that fits your prime criteria.

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Suspension Components 

Check for the required components in your suspension kit. Without them, your suspension won’t be able to get its job done.

  • Linkages
  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs

Strut Tower Diameter

Suspension requires an accurate size strut tower to fit into it. So, you need to opt for the one that suits the strut diameter. This factor is of prime importance before purchasing and upgrading the E30 coil-over. The manufacturers sell kits based on the E30 strut tower diameter. Let’s check the different diameters required for the best suspension to use.

The E30 models possess 02 different strut tower sizes based on diameter and the E30 model batch.

45mm Strut Towers

If you own an early model of batch 1984 to1987, a 45mm strut tower opts.

51mm Strut Towers

If you own a Late-model E30s of batch1987 to 1991, go for 51mm strut towers.

A welding procedure is required for the strut housing to adhere to suspension assembly, but for some E30 coil-overs, no welding opts.


Before opting for suspension, check your car strut diameter to avoid any issues.

Adjustable Damping

The best suspension is the one that adjusts the stiffness of the ride. 

You can experience a higher damping and a lower dampening while operating the vehicle.

 Higher damping provides a much stiffer ride and vice versa. This feature allows you to customize the ride stiffness according to your needs.


If you acquire adjustable ride stiffness, select the suspension possessing the desired feature. Only a few of the modules might provide you with this feature.

Adjustable Ride Height

If you opt for an aesthetic change in your BMW E 30, you will require an adjustable height ride feature. The best suspension will offer a setup of Adjustable Ride Height that changes the ride height from 1″ to 4″ depending on your desired application. 

Other options may exist, but selecting a suspension will be a less costly and efficient module to use.

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Check for the coil ride height adjustability to select the one best suit.

Camber Plates

Check for the camber plates in the suspension kit. The camber plates will set a worthy track to ride. 

Comfort/Aesthetic-Oriented Setup 

Humans love comfort more than anything. The best suspension will opt to provide Comfort driving experience to the users. 


Check the review section to get the best of its function.


Based on type, durability, quality, and efficiency, a different cost range is available for E30 suspension. The best top rates are more costly than a medium brand suspension.


Before purchasing, check for the total budget required.


Select the suspension that has increased durability. A long-running module is best for your high-class BMW E 30.

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