Does Sunlight Damage Leather Furniture- An In-Depth Look

Does Sunlight Damage Leather Furniture

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Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D; perseus many people come out to their lawn on a sunny day and have a great sunbath or great day tea.

Even though the sunlight severely harms leather, many people use leather chairs, sofas and couches to enjoy the best warm sunny time of their day.

Once they see the harmful effects of UV rays on their favourite sitting, they lead to a question: does sunlight damage leather furniture? Yes, sunlight harms your leather furniture, leading to further harmful consequences. 

Does Sunlight Damage Leather Furniture

UV rays are one of the most dangerous rays of sunlight, and the human body only holds a limited ability to recover from the direct UV rays of the sun.

Non-living things such as leather can not recover from the damage caused by these rays. This article will illustrate the number of ways in which UV rays and sunlight can affect your leather furniture.

In addition, there will be some discussion about the solutions, such as the cleansing and conditioning process of leather to help leather recover from UV rays damage, so you may benefit from reading this article till the end.

Thus, professional help must also be contacted in case leather is not recovered after the cleansing and conditioning process, which are discussed in detail below.

Does Sunlight Damage Leather Furniture

Many people have doubts over the query, does sunlight damage leather furniture? Well, sunlight damages your favourite leather furniture with UV rays.

Thus, the damage is less or more depending upon the level of light that reaches leather furniture. If the table is directly and fully exposed to sunlight, there must be more severe damage.

Whereas sunlight has multiple nutritious benefits for the human body, people make the mistake of using leather furniture while enjoying their sunbath or outdoor brunch sitting on their leather furniture.

Proper cleansing and reconditioning process with Chamberlain milk must be followed to restore the actual condition of the leather, which got damaged due to direct contact with UV rays.

Even after such efforts, the leather may remain damaged, so in such circumstances, a leather professional must be contacted.

Effects Of UV Rays On Leather Furniture 

UV rays are strong enough to harm the leather as these rays leave some long-lasting effects on leather furniture, which are difficult to cure without expert help.

In contrast, even after seeking the expert help, some products remain forever as the original leather gets damaged and can not be restored to its original position. 

Effects Of UV Rays On Leather Furniture 

Leather is not a material which stays forever, it has a life which could be long or short, but UV rays decrease the length of that actual life due to their harmful effects.

Leather’s molecules get damaged after getting direct UV rays and may shrink or become sticky, which even can not be restored to their actual condition ever.

Mosty, leather’s texture gets more damaged due to direct sunlight as it becomes very creepy and sticky. The original colour of leather stuff may also fade, resulting in a non-attractive appearance. Leather loses its nutrients as leather pores get damaged from direct UV rays.

How To Repair Damaged Leather Furniture 

Repair Damaged Leather Furniture 

Damaged leather by UV rays can be repaired if action is taken on time. Following are the steps which could preserve the leather furniture for some years even after getting damaged by the direct UV rays of sunlight.

  1. Apply Alcohol spray 
Alcohol spray 

Apply alcohol spray and let the leather absorb the spray completely in its pores for some recovery. Straight cleanser no.2 is preferable here to use with the alcohol version as alcohol will detach the harmful effects of UV rays from leather furniture and will help restore the previous condition of the leather.

After applying the cleanser, let the leather furniture dry naturally and wait for it to dry completely, then move towards the next step.

  1. Apply Chamberlain Milk 

Auto refresher no.4 is available in the market and is the best Chamberlain milk condition for such damage. Once your leather furniture gets completely dry, apply this milk conditioner for a better leather version.

In contrast, Chamberlain milk conditioner helps to preserve the leather material and keeps it safe from future damage as UV rays are powerful; they can damage leather again if care is not taken correctly and leather furniture again left out in outdoor areas where direct sunlight falls over the table.

  1. Apply Conditioner On Leather Again 

Once you are done with applying Chamberlain milk conditioner on leather, carry out the process again and use the conditioner again twice or thrice a week for quick and better recovery.

However, care must be given to the fact that leather must not be reconditioned. Only that much quantity should be applied, which leather can absorb easily. It is essential to dry leather before applying the next coat of conditioner for effective results.

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 again for several tries until the Leather Reaches A Better Ending Condition

Apply cleanser and conditioner multiple times in proper order and with appropriate due care for quick recovery.

These steps should be repeated by giving the leather its due time to dry, and wet leather should not be reconditioned or released.

Leather needs its nutrients back to recover from the damage that UV rays cause to the pores and outer layers of the leather. To retrieve, a proper care routine is required to preserve the leather skin.

Lastly, at times even after cleansing and conditioning, leather fails to recover. In such circumstances, a leather professional should be contacted to restore the actual condition of the leather. 


In light of the above article, a conclusion can be drawn that leather furniture gets severely damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight includes UV rays which are very harmful to leather as these rays make leather very sticky and damage the outer layer of it. However, proper cleansing and reconditioning with Chamberlain milk can restore the old leather condition but not entirely. Additionally, a leather professional must be sought in case UV rays are affected very badly. An average person may not know the tricks and tactics to handle that damage professionally.

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