Strikemaster Lite Flite Vs K Drill: Which One Better For You!

Strikemaster Lite Flite Vs K Drill

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Ice cutting is a winter activity that involves gathering surface ice from lakes and rivers, storing it in ice homes, and using or selling it as a cooling technique.

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This activity used to be done by hand, but today we have instruments like the drill and the Strikemaster light flite to help us out. For run-and-gun ice trolling, this is the ultimate improvement.

If this is the situation, The dual stainless steel blades made of chrome-alloy provide a smooth, clean cut every time.

When it comes to ice fishing, the K Drill 8 Inch Ice Auger is an excellent pick. If you want to start drilling holes for fishing, this is one of the greatest possibilities.

When it comes to ice augers, for the majority of ice anglers, a drill that can last longer & drill more holes is required.

You will need to change locations from time to time, and you will not be able to stay in a single hole while fishing, so it is sure your ice auger can dig many holes.

Strikemaster lite flite:

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The new Strikemaster Lite-Flite brushless handheld is compatible with any professional level 18v or higher brushless handheld.

A special combination of synthetic polymers is also used to mold the whole length segmented flight. The hex shaft is made of heavy-duty steel with a strengthened connection to the carriage for added strength.

Additionally, the carriage is made of specially developed materials for unrivaled durability, letting you drill every hole with confidence. While drilling, PowerPoint maintains the drill unit in position.

Lite flite is convenient since it doesn’t require a power drill, but the blades soon dull. Choose the K-Drill if your drill has more than 1000 in-lbs of torque. Otherwise, use the light flite.

k drill

This is a go-anywhere option for drilling holes on the ice because it is light and portable. Depending on the type of fish you’ll be catching, it’s available in both a 6″ and an 8″ version.

It also includes the auger drill attachment for connecting the drill to the blade. The attachment can be removed and attached to any Strikemaster powerhead like a standard 12″ drill bit.

Smaller models, such as the Strikemaster, are ideal for day travels because of their tiny size and lightweight, but they will deplete the battery faster than the bigger Strikemaster.

The bigger drill could be a better choice for you if you intend on drilling a lot of holes or if you like to recharge after a few journeys.

Why choosing Strikemaster lite flite:

  • Flightingis made from a proprietary synthetic resin.
  • Segmented Flighting throughout the Entire Length.
  • The smooth plastic surface of the lightweight flighting prevents water from freezing on the surface. There will be no ice accumulation on the flight since it is so smooth. Despite its low weight and plastic construction, the flighting is tough and won’t bend or chip easily, even if you use your drill frequently.
  • You may drill your ice fishing holes in fast succession with this lightweight assembly to pursue and intercept a school of fish or create a route to work a dropoff completely.
  •  The full-length segmented flight is molded from innovative synthetic polymers, and the heavy-duty steel hex shaft has a strengthened T-connection for peak performance and drilling torque.
  • Twin chrome-alloy stainless steel Lazer blades offer smooth, clean cuts through both new and refrozen ice; PowerPoint is starting pin For use with any StrikeMaster powerhead or a handheld drill with a 1/2″ chuck.
  • The adapter and safety flange is included.
  •  Exclusive Engineered Compounds Form the Carriage.
  • This auger is for anyone who wants the most power from an electric auger or who plans on being out on the ice for several days.
  •  Another advantage of the Lite Flight is that it may overlap holes.
  •  Lazer Blades in Chrome-Alloy Stainless Steel

K drill:

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Because it employs chipper blades, K-Drill requires higher real drill power. K-drills appear to be the toughest, but they also wear down your drill the fastest and need the greatest torque. You could just have one set of blades that haven’t been sharpened.

They still cut the same way they did from the beginning, and they’ve drilled hundreds of holes, struck logs and mud bottoms, and drilled through filthy ice, among other things. If your blades become dull, simply mail them in for free sharpening. K drill consumes a lot of battery power. You may use any 1/2″ high-powered brushless and cordless handheld electric drill. A safety cover protects the blades.

Strikemaster Lite Flite

That’s the overall weight of the K-Drill Ice Auger, an ice fishing auger made specifically for cordless drill use. However, don’t be deceived by its lightness. The K-Drill is a monster built of aluminum and equipped with a unique 3-blade system that uses high-carbon steel chipper blades to tear through new ice and reopen old holes at breakneck speed.

The shaft is wrapped in a thermal wrap to keep your hands warm, and there’s a little built-in foam float to minimize loss if the drill chuck loosens. As you drill, the modular plastic barrier clears ice fragments rapidly.

Why choosing k drill:

  •  It’s made to work with your cordless drill.
  • The extremely light system.
  • The offset chipper blades will be held in place by an aluminum shaft and a cast aluminum drive, ensuring that they are at the correct angle when drilling.
  • Rapidly drills and reopens holes.
  • The K Drill is your best pick if you’re more inclined to be rough on your gear, fish shallow river water, or want to open up old holes.
  •  A three-blade system that is one of a kind.
  • High-carbon steel is used to make chipper blades in this drill.
  • You’ll also notice that the K-small Drill’s weight and mobility relieve a lot of tension on your arms and shoulders.
  •  It’s simple to control and doesn’t put any effort into the body.
  •  Hands are kept warm with the help of a thermal wrap.
  •  For loss prevention, use a foam float.
  • Simply connect your 1/2″ handheld drill to the adapter.
  • The blade cover is included.

Which one should you choose:

The length of time your electric ice auger operates is determined by the thickness of the ice. The longer you anticipate remaining on the ice without access to electricity, the larger the model you should choose.

You won’t have to spend much time shopping for an ice auger since the K Drill 8 Inch Ice Auger has all the features you need. It’s tough, simple to operate, and can drill through ice in a matter of seconds.

The Lite-Flite has a more efficient shaver blade. They’re probably a few seconds faster, use somewhat less battery, and require less of a drill to operate. The disadvantage is that the blades are more quickly dulled and knocked out of position.

The 6-inch model will suit you wonderfully if you mostly fish for panfish and smaller game fish like walleye. If you plan on pursuing larger species such as pike or muskie, the 8-inch model is the way to go.

Strikemaster Lite Flite Vs K Drill

The Lite-Flite are your best options if you want to optimize battery life, don’t fish shallow backwater regions with filthy ice or near the bottom on the breach, and don’t mind refilling existing holes.

A Brushless K-Drill could give the Pistol Bit a go this season to try something different and then hand the K-Drill on to my brother, who is just beginning into ice fishing. If used properly, both of these but the Lite-Flite will drill hundreds of holes with no problems.

The mounting pads on the light flite are one solid piece. Unlike prior designs, they can’t be knocked out of alignment. You’re fine to go if your blade bolts are tight.

We’ve seen how men damage drills by burning out clutches or harming drills in general. Mine has been thrown from rooftops, left on ice, placed on the pavement, and drilled hundreds of holes, yet it still rips.

One of the most significant aspects of the K-Drill Ice Auger is the foam floater, which allows the blade to float if it unexpectedly separates from the driving chuck.

both works well on gas powered drill and if you directly go check the Best Propane Ice Auger.


The drill you use to slice through the ice will determine your performance. According to the manufacturer, the auger is intended for use with portable, high-powered drills with brushless motors.

Most consumers are worried about the shaft and drive head’s durability, although they are quite durable. The shaft and driving head will not be harmed if you just use them for ice drilling.

Although the Strikemaster Lite-Flite isn’t technically an electric ice auger, it does make use of an electric constituent, something most users already have on hand: an 18v or higher drill.

Many ice fishermen are switching since it is more convenient to simply have to acquire the ice drill portion.

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