Starter Keeps Going Bad- A Complete Guide

engine starter repair

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While starting up your vehicle, if you hear a grinding and unusual cranky noise, this happens when the starter keeps going bad due to; dirt that blocks the connections of the starter, leakage of oil, wear and tear of engine’s battery, starter installed is not of good quality, starter relay god damaged and may be due to smoke and fumes that rise from the engine 

Generally, a starter motor lasts for 100,000 – 150,000 miles, but still, it is not definite as it can get damaged before this, or it can even last for a lifetime.

But once it starts getting worse, it will end up getting damaged. The engine will not start if the vehicle’s starter noid is damaged, but if it begins in such a condition, it’s an alarming sign, and it should be handled instantly to avoid any big mishap.

Starter Keeps Going Bad 

The starter is an important part of the vehicle; it supports the engine and works as a power exchanger. It helps the engine to get started, and the relay that works as a power exchanger has to synchronize with the battery to work effectively.

If any part of the starter or starter relay stops, it can cause the entire battery to stop working and then the engine can not start until the battery gets power from any outside source such as jumpstart or tow.

Many issues can cause disturbance to the working of starters, such as oil leakage, unwanted fumes, battery stoppage, engine problems and many others.

engine starter repair

To address all such issues, a certified mechanic should be consulted as soon as possible to keep other parts of the vehicle safe.

Because the starter problem remains unattended for some time, it can damage other parts of the car as well, leading to greater costs for the owner of the vehicle.

How do you stop the starter from deteriorating?

Nothing can be stopped from getting deteriorated once it starts to move towards the end of life. But yes, some support can be given to the system for temporary use, or it can be replaced with an exclusively new system.

What should be done when the starter keeps going bad? An expert and a certified mechanic should be contacted quickly.

If a starter, starter relay or solenoid needs repair, then it should be done, and if it needs replacement, then that should be done too immediately to avoid further damage.

Reasons behind Starter going bad

1. Engine not working

The Vehicle’s starter keeps going bad if the engine does not work as it should. If the engine does not respond when you start the car, it indicates trouble.

The starter or starter relay may cause problems when the engine is not responding. The engine may stop due to any electrical issue, which may lead to further problems in other components, which is why it’s important to deal immediately with such an issue.

2. Different Noises

If a vehicle throws different cranky, grinding and unusual sounds when starting a car, it may indicate a problem with the starter.

The starter has some vivid life, after which it tears out and needs a replacement, grinding and unusual noises may happen due to the end of the starter’s life. In such cases, it is important to stay cautious and alert to any grinding noise and respond quickly.

3. The vehicle causing problems frequently

Generally, when the starter is not working, it does not synchronize with the engine, and the car does not start.

But, at times, it may connect or disconnect intermittently, and the driver fails to understand the mystery. Starting up a car with cranky noises and shutting down with a grinding noise also marks the indication of a starter problem.

Starter Keeps Going Bad

However, if the vehicle starts at one time and does not start the other time or it starts but with an effort,then it is sending signs that the starter is not well; an expert mechanic should be approached in such cases immediately.

4. The starter does not shut down after starting the vehicle

The starter should shut down once the engine has started and the car is about to move, but if this does not happen, the starter keeps going bad.

Running of a starter at an on mode with the vehicle is a serious issue as it can cause damage to the starter relay, engine and flywheels as well.

Unusual grinding noises from below while the car had started and is moving state that the starter is also on and has not shut down when supposed to.

The starter should immediately shut down once the engine has started and the car is moving. 

5. Fumes 

Fumes that come up from the engine are the signs of a dangerous situation. The starter works with electricity and can get heated when there is a problem with the starter that does not support the vehicle’s system.

Driver continuously tries to start the engine, it overheats the engine by building hard pressure on it, and this causes fumes against the short circuit movement. In such cases, an expert mechanic should be contacted as soon as possible.

6. The starter and motor do not work simultaneously 

The starter and motor must work together for the vehicle’s proper functioning. If this does not happen, the starter keeps going bad.

If you hear the starter being started, but the motor does not activate, it’s a sign of an issue with the starter.
Additionally, if gear does not support the starting up of the vehicle then it indicates a problem with the starter. In such circumstances, a certified and expert mechanic should be approached to address this technical issue. 

7. Battery issues

There is sometimes an issue with the battery, but the driver believes the starter is causing a problem. To distinguish between starter or battery problems, one must look at the headlights on the dashboard and understand the movement.

If you have started the vehicle, but the engine is not responding, this could be due to a faulty battery rather than a faulty starter.

8. Lightening Of Lighting 

If lights inside the car start to get dim or light, then it means the starter keeps going bad; this is because the battery is getting slow, and there are more chances of short circuits.

Internal wiring gets in trouble due to short courses and can lead to big damage if not encountered timely. This sign is usually common and comes up with cranky grinding noises. 

How to avoid starter deterioration?

Once a starter keeps going bad, nothing can be done to stop it. But, repair and replacement of starter motor, starter relay and solenoid.

This should be done immediately so that less damage and other parts of the vehicle should not be damaged.

Time-to-time maintenance of the starter system can help to avoid early deterioration and can also stimulate the life of the starter motor.

If The Starter System Does Not Get Timely Repair?

If the starter system does not get timely repairs, it can go beyond the damage and can cause problems to other parts of the vehicle as well, resulting in high repair costs.

starter going bad

Possible issues that could arise from delaying starter repairs are; the engine getting damaged, oil leakage, dim lighting, the battery getthurtaged, the vehicle not starting appropriately, grinding noises from the motor making it overheat, and many more such problems could occur.

To avoid such problems, it is important to prioritize the repair and maintenance of starter motors to prevent big and extra damage charges.


If your vehicle’s starter keeps going bad, it’s an alarming sign for you. It could happen for multiple reasons, all discussed above in complete detail, including; oil leakage, battery issues, intermittent car starting, dashboard lights starting to get dim, unexpected fumes, engine issues and many others.

To address all the problems an expert mechanic should be contacted timely to avoid any big problem. If a starter that’s not working appropriately remains unattended, it can damage other parts of the vehicle leading to more costly repairs.

A good starter can have a life of 100000 to 150000 miles on average, but it’s not definite as some starters are for less than this span, and others may work longer. 

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