The Best Spray Gun for Cerakote -2024

Spray Gun for Cerakote

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If you are searching for a spray can or spray gun for cerakote, you may require a sophisticated and efficient module.

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To purchase the best cerakote paint sprayer, consider the following factors in the below discussed inclusive buying guide.

Buying Guide

  1. Types of Spray Gun Based On 
  2. Spray Gun Size
  • HVLP
  • Mini HVLP-best mini spray gun for cerakote to paint
  • Airbrush- tiny pen-like, suitable for precise, detailing, and artistic tasks
  1. Mechanism of Paint Feed into the Nozzle 
  • Gravity feed- feed paint through the gravitational force into the nozzle.
  • Siphon feed- use airflow for feeding paint into the nozzle
  1. Spray Gun Flow 
  • Single action- operates at a single step procedure
  • Dual-action- requires two or more steps to spray the cerakote.

Consider all the types and find which one suits your desired needs. The best spray gun may consist of the above types based on their desired criteria. Iwata lPH80 cerakote suits the best airbrush for artistic projects with a gravity feeding mechanism for injecting pain tin to the nozzle.

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You can select the best based on working tasks, required size, and operational requirements.

  1. PSI 

Check the psi rating of the spray gun before opting for its purchase. A psi of 20 to 25 is the standard air pressure required for Cerakote. A change in psi rating may affect the spraying rate of cerakote.


Select the desired psi value for efficient working of the spray gun.

  1. Spray Gun Grit

Check for the standard grit for the spray gun for Cerakote. The required spray gun grit is 100-120 at 90-100 psi.

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  1. CFM

The best spray gun for cerakote is the one that contains a 10 cfm compressor on a 60 gal tank at a low. 

It will help the user get the job done with ease and perfection.

  1. Cerakote Spray Gun Tip Size

For cerakote, you might require a spray gun with a tip size of 8mm (the best HVLP spray gun for cerakote) to get the job done with ease and perfection.

  1. Ease of Use 

The best spray gun will provide ease of use. Check the product description for its easy application to get your required task without any issues.

  1. Low Maintenance/ Cleaning

Select the best spray gun with ease of cleaning. The lesser maintenance required for the spray gun, the better the option to purchase. 

  1. Application Kit

Don’t forget to check the cerakote application kit while purchasing the spray gun.

  1. Durability 

We all love durable products that stay longer and ease our tasks. For cerakote, purchase a spray gun of high quality, durability, and a well-guaranteed guarantee for a specific period.

Spray Gun for Cerakote

Remember, the higher the durability, the more will be the module cost.

  1. Cost/ Budget 

After selecting the best spray gun for cerakote, compare the price range with other models. You need to specify your desired budget according to the features you acquire.

Various cost ranges for spray guns exist based on the brand and model type. If you require a high rated, high performance, better quality, and durable spray gun, you will need a high cost for its purchase.

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Select the one best for your task and within your standard budget.


Can you use an airbrush with Cerakote?

Yes, You can opt for an airbrush with cerakote to paint the finer details in your tasks. With the help of an airbrush, you can give an artistic, detailing, and neat finishing using Cerakote to paint. The cerakote works best with an airbrush for small and creative projects that require perfection, precession, and clarity.

What psi do you spray Cerakote?

A psi of 20 to 25 is the standard air pressure required for spraying Cerakote. A change in psi rating may affect the spraying rate of cerakote from the sprayer. Maintain proper psi rating to spray cerakote with ease.

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