Top Three The Best Sounding Pipes For Heritage Softail (Ultimate Guide)

Top Three The Best Sounding Pipes For Heritage Softail

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The appearance and sound of a Harley Davidson set it apart from other motorcycles. Although they undoubtedly sound and look great right out of the box, one of the fantastic things about possessing a Harley is customizing it

Further, you can unlock some additional horsepower from your vehicle, improve its running and fuel combustion, and get a distinct sound by replacing the old and damaged sound pipe with a highly efficient sound pipe.

Furthermore, the sound pipe is malfunctioning if your Harley Softail makes noise, changes pitch, or constantly vibrates. So despite the fact that it can be fixed, it will likely start making the same obnoxious noise again. 

If you either want to avoid this frustrating situation permanently or increase the output, you should invest in the best sounding pipes for your Softail. Currently, sounding pipes are widely accessible in stores and on the internet.

Best Sounding Pipes For Heritage Softail

Because of this, finding a high-quality sound pipe for your bike might take a lot of work. Well, I’ve made it easy for you by collecting the top-rated sound pipes for your Softail with a comprehensive purchase guide. So let’s check it out.

Types Of Sound Exhaust Systems

A Sound pipe is vital for fuel economy, the environment, and your safety; your vehicle’s exhaust system carries away harmful gases created during combustion. The exhaust system not only keeps dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from entering the cabin but also “cleans up” the gases before they are released into the environment. 

We can differentiate motorcycle exhausts by several criteria; one of them is the method of their installation or way of mounting on our motorcycle. We can divide them into two types of exhausts: slip-on exhausts and complete exhaust systems.

  • Full Exhaust Lines

Unlike Slip-On exhausts, complete exhaust lines incorporate all the necessary elements to replace the stock exhaust of your bike without modifying the original components. In addition, this type of exhaust provides us with higher performance since they work with a tailor-made manifold, generally made of lighter materials than the standard manifolds.

In addition, they provide the same advantages as a slip-on exhaust: the weight of the entire exhaust is reduced, and a better sound is achieved. The type of joint is usually cleaner than a Slip-On exhaust since the manifold is designed to work in conjunction with the muffler.

The fit is tighter, and there is less chance of gas leakage. On the other hand, complete exhaust lines are usually more expensive than if we buy only one silencer. However, there are cheap full exhausts for motorcycles that allow us to obtain performance without sacrificing price

  • Slip-On Exhausts

The slip-on exhausts only consist of an end silencer, adapters and a series of hooks and springs for fastening. This type of exhaust is usually installed on the stock manifold of our bike by adjusting stainless steel or titanium elbow.

As a general rule, we will have to cut our standard exhaust pipe to install the silencer and weld some hooks on the manifold so that by means of springs, the exhaust is well adjusted if the elbow is not already installed. It is common to incorporate a metal clamp to finish reinforcing the union, and it is well subject.

These motorcycle exhaust pipes have the advantage that they are cheaper than a complete exhaust system because we do not need to install new manifolds, and we use the ones we already have on our motorcycle.

In addition, we will gain sonority and reduce the weight by changing the standard silencer, which is usually more restrictive and heavy. Like that removing the Harley front fender tip lights require tool used on changing pipe

Sounding Pipes For Softail

What To Consider Before Buying Sounding Pipes For Softail

Nowadays, the OE exhausts also provide the better performance along with following all the guidelines from the government. Still, aftermarket exhausts are popular because people like the loud noise and the look aftermarket exhausts give.

But to install an aftermarket exhaust, you need to get approval from the local regulatory body. That’s why you should think again if you want to go for an aftermarket exhaust for better performance.

In some countries, installing aftermarket exhausts is downright illegal. If it is about changing the exhaust looks, consider only changing the mufflers. That should work just fine. The following are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a sounding pipe.

  • Configuration: A Four into One exhaust is preferred because it can give you better performance along with look and sound – provided your motorcycle is on the heavier side and can hold such a large exhaust.
  • Material: If you have a budget, you can go for lightweight and highly efficient titanium exhausts. But, if you are on a budget, you can choose a stainless steel exhaust that is both cost-effective and durable. The aluminium exhausts can come in handy if you are living in dry weather. There are carbon fibre exhausts that are costly, but they are durable and conduct heat slowly, so they don’t get hot quickly. Then there is chrome which gives a look that you want along with longevity.
  • Fuel management: If you are replacing your factory exhaust system with an aftermarket one, then you should change fuel management. Without fuel management, changing your aftermarket exhaust is just a waste of money. For that, you’ll need a fuel controller (for fuel-injected bikes) or jet kits (for bikes with carburettors)

Our Pick of Best Sounding Pipes For Heritage Softail

If you enjoy riding bikes, you may be aware of how important a vehicle’s exhaust system is. A motorcycle’s exhaust system has several functions, the most important of which is to remove spent fuel from the engine.

It is the only thing that aids in enhancing the bike’s general performance and guarantees riders have enjoyable journeys across highways and on various other terrains. So let’s get three of best sounding pipes for heritage Softail here:

Vance & Hines Big Shots Staggered Exhaust Chrome

The Vance & Hines Black Big Shots Staggered Exhaust Chrome are the finest choice if you want a high-quality sound from your Heritage Softail’s exhaust system. Personally speaking, I adore this sound pipe because it is the best choice for people who value aesthetics and performance equally and willing to spend a lot of money.

It is much appreciated because the exhaust system can be set without expert assistance. Not only that, its stunning tailpipes are made to drown air from it completely. The way the exhaust system directs your attention toward that genuine guttural Harley roar is considered another feature.

The best part I’m going to reveal is that all the necessary software may also be installed in it. In addition, your Heritage Softail can benefit from the addition of high-quality headpieces. 

These pipes have the Power Chamber construction and a magnificent crossover system, both of which assist in maximizing the torque and power of your legacy Softail, which is one of the key reasons why so many people adore this product. Additionally, the billet and associated covers are precisely machined and look great.


  • The highest standard of construction
  • Superior construction
  • best long-term bet
  • Extremely blaring engine noise
  • beefy tone
  • Enhance your health and your strength
  • Enhanced Quickness
  • Increased low-end torque Variable hue options
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • Uncomplicated setup


  • The design may be dull for specific riders.


  • Ports for a 12mm o2 sensor.
  • Soundproofing insulator
  • A shiny chrome or a dull black coating.
  • Innovative power chamber crossover systems.
  • Wraparound protection from the heat.

Cobra 4″ Neighbor Hater Slip On Mufflers Black 6109RB

Cobra 4" Neighbor Hater Slip On Mufflers Black 6109RB

The chrome 4-inch muffler bodies included with this exhaust system are a nice touch for customizing your Heritage Softail’s appearance. Investing in Cobra 4″ Neighbor Hater Slip On Mufflers Black 6109RB is considered a brilliant idea if you’re searching for a sounding pipe and want something cheap and effective. 

The exhaust ends are made from high-quality billet aluminium, contributing to the heritage of Softail’s sleek appearance. My favourite feature of this exhaust is its versatility; it can be rotated to either a slash-down or slash-up position. 

In addition, it’s important to point out that the exhaust accomplishes a balance reminiscent of OEM designs, which boosts the overall effectiveness of the Heritage Softail. Their high quality assures the durability and reliability of these Cobra 4″ Neighbor Hater Slip.

In addition, the flexibility of this excellent exhaust makes it ideal for custom installations. The most notable distinction I observed in this exhaust system is two separate baffles, each with a constant velocity design. In this price range, it is a great choice.

A high-density, covalently attached stainless steel and e-glass sleeve mesh wrap make this exhaust system a top-quality option. In my experience, this sounding pipe doesn’t work well with the Breakout and other models. 

However, this product is one of my favourites because of the high standard of craftsmanship it possesses. In addition, the cobra 4″ Neighbor Hater Slip modern gleam ensures your purchase is well worth the price.


  • Weak background noise
  • Location flexibility due to radially-slashed and indexed billet points
  •  Both polished and modern
  • They can be repacked to improve tuning.


  • It doesn’t suit all models


  • Its measurements are 32.50 by 12.50 by 5.50 inches.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Shaped like a ball.

Exhaust for Harley Sportster,Touring,Softail Models

2" Exhaust for Harley Sportster,Touring,Softail Models 1984-2022, Only for Forward Control Bike-Black

If you intend to acquire cheap and best sounding for your heritage Softail, Exhaust for Harley Sportster,Touring,Softail Models is regarded as an excellent choice. I love this sounding pipe due to its fantastic sound and affordability. 

Because of their 114 cubic inches size, you can pack them into a tiny frame and also simple to set up. If you want a flawless fit, I recommend reading the letter’s directions first before beginning the installation process.

The only significant issue I’ve found in these pipes is that the powder coat paint, rather than the ceramic coat paint, has peeled off the pipes at its first bends. In addition, it may be too loud than Vance and Hines, but it works more efficiently.

In terms of design, it is compatible with most Heritage softail on the market. My one and only complaint about this fantastical-sounding pipe are that it has the propensity to lack some low-end drive. In conclusion, I recommend reading professional opinions for additional information and critiques to get the best advice.


  • Good construction quality
  • Outstanding efficiency unlike any other system
  • Design for easy exhaust flow
  • Extremely loud noise
  • Boosted aggressiveness in acceleration
  • Fashioned after racing
  • Finest tuned exhaust
  • Lightweight
  • Presenting a very chic appearance


  • Paint flaking off
  • Noisy


  • Simple setup
  • Sportster Exhaust has two pipes.
  • All required apparatus is available.
  • Good after-sales service.

Tips And Tricks For Sounding Pipes

Exhausts get exposed to high exhaust gas temperatures and external factors like dust, water etc., so they get decolourized, which is natural. But if you want to avoid that, you can use double-wall pipes, a coat of heat-protective shields, fibreglass tape, etc.

Along with this, checking the health of your exhaust system is also equally important because usually, people neglect to check on their exhaust system, thinking that they are there to throw away the exhaust gas. But if the exhaust system is not in the condition, it directly affects the performance of your motorcycle.


We put the best sounding pipes for heritage Softail to the test and picked our three favourites. Although volume is the most important criterion, we also analyzed each sounding pipe’s durability, efficiency, and cost.

Vance & Hines Big Shots Staggered Exhaust Chrome is considered the best bet for a loud, clear-cut pipe sound. They have a high-performance advantage due to their sturdy construction and long lifespan. However, you may consider exchanging it for one of the other two pipes if you’re on a tight budget.


What exhaust gives the best sound?

Cat-back exhausts are considered an excellent choice for the best sound. You’ll get the tailpipe, muffler, and two intermediate pipes. These are the loudest and most effective exhausts for increasing your vehicle’s output.

What are the loudest Harley Davidson pipes?

Bassani makes the best exhausts for Harley Touring motorcycles. The exhaust noise produced by Bassani pipes is extremely bass-heavy and robust. In addition, they have a high-performance advantage due to their sturdy construction and long lifespan.

What makes an exhaust sound deep?

It is possible to achieve a deep, resonant exhaust note by installing an air (cold) intake on your car. For example, when you give your engine a good rpm and then let off the gas, you may hear air rushing into your engine’s intake, which causes the machine to make a more ominous sound.

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