Answering: Can a Screw Gun be Used as a Drill?

Can a Screw Gun be Used as a Drill?

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Before we answer your concern and finally grant you the relief you have been anticipating, what are your thoughts? Can you use your screw gun to drill holes into those concrete walls?

Both tools are primarily used for construction and have the most widespread uses. For anything that requires structure, construction workers cannot go ahead with their desired project if they do not carry these tools with them.

However, as essential and significant as a screw gun and a drill are, their uses are interchangeably and frequently confusing. Often, it is widely believed that a screw gun can also be used as a drill.

In this article, we will be clearing the air out on the core subject: Can a screw gun be used as a drill?

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Can a Screw Gun be Used as a Drill? 

It is integral that before you know the answer to can a screw gun be used as a drill, you know the basic services that both these pieces of equipment serve for workers.

Without knowing the differences and commonalities between their purposes, not only will you confuse their uses, but it is likely that even in real life, you will attempt to implement them. 

We do not blame you for this because undoubtedly they serve similar purposes, but again not the same. Let’s begin by describing both components to you briefly at first.

Screw Gun, 

To start with, the description of a screw gun is to say that it is one of those pieces of equipment that look a lot like the drill. If the drill had twin equipment, it would be none other than the screw gun.

However, the distinguishing feature between a screw gun and a drill is the nose. In the drill, there is not a nose but a chuck which is absent in the screw gun—commonly, also known as tips. These tips come in a wide range, starting with the one-inch option and proceeding further above the measurement chart. 

Nevertheless, you may always choose the tip compatible with your construction project’s requirements. Apart from this, a screw gun is like a nail gun that works to feed screws from within the inserted clip and into the wall. 

In the drill, you have to line up each screw that you intend to insert, but with the screw gun, you can put all of the screws to work simultaneously and then work consistently without any breaks in between. Therefore, enhancing your productivity and saving up on time for you. 


A drill too can be employed as a tool to insert screws; however, this is not its primary purpose to serve but is to make holes, round in shape, in any solid structure that the person using it intends to on. 

Their versatility is more intensified when compared to other tools because the drills tend to undertake the job of drilling and inserting screws, both effortlessly. To adjust the drill to the perfect position, the chucks located at the front are fitted accurately. 

Not every, but some drills also come up with a build-up allowing them to be used as a hammer. But it all depends on the type of drill you want and the major work you have to fulfill in your mind. 

Drills can be wired or unwired. Some are designed for allocated purposes, while others are multipurpose. 


No, a screw gun cannot be used as a drill. While you can use a drill for screwing purposes, there is no other way around employing the screw gun to drill holes. The screw gun is deprived of this purpose, and when you try to fit it into this work, you would be damaging your screwing gun. 

So, we advise that you do not dive into using your screw gun as a drill because there is readily available equipment to ease your drilling work.


We have finally offered you an answer to can a screw gun be used as a drill. Now, we hope you do not make the mistake of experimenting with your construction tools. 

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