The Best Elastomeric Roof Coating For Flat Roof- Avoid expensive roof damage

Are you opting for a roof coating with easy installation and better protective nature? 

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Then, the elastomeric coating will help you get the job done.

We are here with this handy guide that fulfills the required features to be in consideration before opting for an elastomeric coating for flat roofs. 

An elastomeric roof coat enables you to increase the elasticity of the coating 2X higher than its original length.You might observe this coating on commercial and residential apartments.  It’s the best roof coating for a mobile home.

Markets are filled with alot of coating products, here we provide a lot of useful information with product guides that will help you to select the better one for your needs.

Roof Coating For Flat Roof

So, check there

What makes it best for flat roofs?

Its high durability, better protection, 2X elasticity, excellent tensile strength, waterproofing, better resistivity, and ease of application makes them the better option for flat roofs.

Henry HE587372 Roof Coating

Henry HE587372 Roof Coating

HomeDepot ( 92.98$ ) Amazon( 97.99$ )

If you want to go with the best white roof coating then Henry roof coating is a premium, high solids, white elastomeric roof coating is ready to use.

It is formulated with resins, fillers & titanium dioxide pigments so, before installing, mix the product well by using a mixing panel or drill and clean the substrate.

This brand provide the best roof coating which extends the life of your roof both type flat or low sloped roof and which can save your energy bills.

This Henry product is an excellent choice because it can easily release or reflect the 91% of the sun’s heat energy efficiently and UV rays because it comes with resistance technology that can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of coating, expands & contracts without cracking roof.

why HE587372 roof coating is a great because while installing it no primer needed on new roofs or roofs in excellent condition.

If you are an experienced person then you also know what things you also need with this roof coating which makes the job easier, but if you are a beginner then you have some kind of tools for this job and this will work with every brand of roof coating.

The tools are listed below

  • Pressure washer or hose with a high pressure nozzle.
  • A non filming detergent such as TSP.
  • If your roof is a few years old then require elastotape repair, roof sealant to repair any crack or holes.
  • A scrub brush.
  • Boom or a leaf blower
  • If your roof is metal then use wire brush to remove rust before use it.
  • Paint roller or paint sprayer.
  • Paint brush
  • A Mixing paddle and drill

For your safety if you invest a couple of bucks in some disposable gloves to complete the job as easily as you want.

These tools can perfectly work with every coating if taking these tools you never require anything for coating.

Product Specs

  • Amount: 5 Gal
  • Application: roll-on brush
  • Material: Acrylic


  • Easy And Simple Use
  • High solar reflectivity & superior longevity


  • dries quickly carefully use

Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating

Dicor EPDM Rubber Roof Coating

Ebay ( 90.49$ ) Amazon( 81.48$ )

If you are looking for recoating or to reseal the roof use dicor roof coating which acrylic coating provides an excellent waterproof protective barrier which extends the life wherever you use to get best results.

Its popularity is also due to its superior weatherability meaning it works every environment which means in usa, uk, canada, australia it works perfectly all there environments and as well like others also have UV resistance.

To get better durability your roof requires its two coats which gives amazing proper adhesion. If you have a big trailer which is sized from around 28′ trailer covered with roof, clean it’s 2 gallons roof painting enough.

The Dicor product applies easier than painting the walls of a room. It provides amazing performance save from replacing the roof of your vehicles and save your $1000s!

Product Specs

  • Amount: 1 Gal
  • Application: roll-on brush
  • Material: EPDM, Acrylic


  • Dries quickly in low humidity
  • very easy process


  • Price is a point

Liquid Rubber EPDM

Liquid Rubber EPDM

Amazon( 99$ )

This is the strong EPDM roof protective coatings, tif you are looking for a commercial use or residential then the Liquid Rubber is an excellent option for Residential and Commercial Roofs Liquid EPDM Rubber Coatings.

Epdm material is very thick which perfectly works if you use an airless sprayer. This product has a perfect resistance option which prevents extreme temperatures as well its temperatures from -60 to 300 degrees.

Like the other best flat roof coating, this also provides resistance to UV and Ozone that can be used with full confidence on places that are exposed to constant sunlight because your trust on this brand provides eco-friendly, reliable and durable high quality materials.

If you live in america arizona,tucson like area then this Liquid Rubber EPDM is the considerable best roof coating for arizona.

It’s great that it provides instant options. When you apply this liquid rubber forms a seamless coating and waterproof which show it results on your roof.

Product Specs

  • Amount: 1 Gal
  • Application: roll-on brush, Manual
  • Material: EPDM


  • Easy for a DIYer.


  • Sensitive require safety gears

L R Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

LiquidRubberUSA( 299.95$ ) Amazon( 198.95$ )

This is the suitable and multi useful L R liquid rubber roof coat a great option for your flat roof, it amazing thing that you can’t imagine

that it is also the best elastomeric acrylic emulsions which not only use on RV Roof or concrete it easily use on multiple places; such as mobile home, campers, trailers, metal roofs, gutters or septic tank, sheds, wall and ceiling.

The use of this product is really easy, use it you may just like painting you need to just Apply by brush, roller or high quality paint sprayer on mentioned surfaces.

RV coating is water based liquid containing coating, in which there are no solvents, VOC’s or harmful odors that affect the environment. In fact it is safe for humans and pets alike, it can be used both indoors and outdoors with no special breathing apparatus if you use this sealing on flat roof with waterproofing capability.

If you do elastomeric roof coating vs silicone, the major difference is that you will get that price if you go with the best silicone roof coating that price much higher as compared with that one.

If your Roof systems are simply not designed which means that water stands on the roof which means your draining system problem which causes PONDING WATER.

roof coating on rv

This liquid Rubber coating can also be a considerable product and the best roof coating for ponding water.

But before using a damaged roof you need to do some DIY flat roof waterproofing and make it able to use on that point and not hold as well water on the roof.

Product Specs

  • Amount: 5 Gal
  • Application: Brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Material: Polymer


  • easy to apply
  • flexible rv roof coating
  • thick material.


  • Expensive

Ames Maximum Stretch

Ames Maximum Stretch

Amesresearch( 178$ ) Amazon( 150.72$ )

If you are not satisfied with Henry coating, then Ames will satisfy you because the great thing about this product is that it is Made in the USA.

This elastomeric roof coating is still easy to apply to use on surface, no special tools are required and as well Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and low VOC.

Its bright white finish reduces the surface temperatures which provide you better resulting in lowered cooling costs. This can provide you almost 88% light reflectivity.

This Ames sealant is especially designed for low-slope roof maintenance as well on metal roofing, built-up roofing, rolled roofing and more.

Ames product is the Perfect For Roofing, Repairs, Concrete, EPDM & Wood with more than 650% elongation which does not flake, chip or peel.

This liquid rubber vapor barrier that can strongly stretch up to more than thousand percent is a more perfect elastomeric roof coating.

If you consider it a best roof coating for metal roof this can provide strong coating for leaking metal roof or mobile homes, RVs, and other products included.

The main beauty of this product is the simple application you need to just pour it out and start to paint it on for a longer life coating surface.

This coating may not require primer or other extra product to fill cracks on the roof; just to paint this gives an amazing finish on the surface.

Ames Maximum Stretch

But remember if the roof contains cracks this may also have some debris or other extra dirts then you need to clean the surface by using a boom, leaf blower or sweeper.

After that complete solution provided by Ames product on aim snow seal with the premium grade elastomeric roof coating.

you need to build confidence on Ames family product this can definitely provide a good solution for flat roof coating options and clear your understanding about which roof coating is best.

Product Specs

  • Amount: 5 Gal
  • Application: Brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Material: Acrylic, Plastic


  • Made in USA
  • Users satisfied 
  • Dried quickly, spread easily


  • Price is a point

Roof Coating Comparison Chart

Roof coating is the choice product which not only be used on RVs, shipping container roof as well this use on both commercial and residential point to save bill.

We collect some of the Roof Coating Comparison Chart that will help you in your work such as roof coating on plywood or decking.

henry Roof Coating Comparison Chart
Roof Coating Comparison Chart

Factors to Be Considered Before Coating the Flat Roof

Types of Elastomeric Roof Coatings

An elastomeric sealant provides three different choices for different roofs and materials.

  1. Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating/ Water Based Coating 

If you have a slanted sloped roof, the acrylic coating is suitable.  

Acrylic coating provides better insulation and is good at reflecting the heat and UV. Plywood roofs suit acrylic coating better than other types. It’s considered cheaper and required in higher amounts to compensate for the evaporated coat.

  1. Silicone Coating (flat roof paint)

Another option for the elastomeric coating is silicon coating, the best flat roof coating for flat roof surfaces. It’s a resin-based coating that keeps the surface free from ponding water. Silicone coating is considered the best because of its 2X higher resistivity feature for roof surfaces. 

Keep in mind that they are costly, but better to opt to get durable and long-lasting results and safety. If you consider Acrylic vs silicone for flat roofs, silicon is best for roof coating. The best roof coating for a metal roof is the one that can bear harsh conditions as metals are heat conductors.

  1. Urethane Coating

These polymeric coatings cost too much but possess unbelievable resistance to most harsh conditions. For a rubber roof (EPDM), polyurethane coating suits better. The only thing you need to remember is they are not good at holding the water. 

What other coatings lack waterproofing? Any guesses?

The fibered aluminum roof coating is the one that also lacks waterproofing properties.


Select the elastomeric coating type that ensures durability and effectiveness.

Resistant To Harsh Condition 

If you want to keep your roof safe from harsh environmental conditions, go for a coating that resists these conditions.

flat roof coating

Poor quality coating can’t resist these changes, and soon you will be left with a damaged roof surface. The best coat resists the high-temperature fluctuation between -40° C – 160° C and above.

Lowering the temperature

Your roof suffers a lot of harsh rays, UV, and extreme sunlight in summers, all of which make them wear and tear. To avoid your roof coat must be better, not only by reflecting them, but also to reduce the roof temperature. 

Suitability factor

Sometimes purchasing a costly coat won’t help you get the job. The problem isn’t the coating, the suitability factor that doesn’t match your flat roof. Try to purchase the one that fits your roof surface.


What does the roof coating do? It simply contracts and expands. So, what if the roof coating isn’t flexible at all? It’s just a waste of money. Look for the flexibility factor to ensure better roof coating.

What Quantity to Be Purchased

The question arises, how much coating for your flat roof needs to be purchased? It’s simple! It depends on the surface area of your roof. A small roof like the RV would require 200-300 square feet, while the large surfaced roofs like residential ones require up to gallons. So, be sure what amount is needed, to avoid overspending and wastage of time.

Heat Protection Capacity

We all know that the best roof coating will protect your inner area from heat. But wait! How much will be the protection capacity for the best coat?

You may find the roof coatings with up to 92% of heat protection, making them a better option to opt for if applicable to the surface.

Coating Color Selection 

It’s not that much of a concern but protecting your roof by enhancing its beauty makes sense. We recommend selecting a color that suits the rest of the home color. Elastomeric coating is usually white with an advanced reflectivity factor. If you opt for these coats in cold areas, go with a gray shade.

Number of Coating Required

A more concentrated elastomeric coating will be required for only one coat, while a dilute coat in three coats. Keeping the concentration, apply the desired coats to keep your flat roof safe and long-lasting.

Budget and Costing 

Well, costing and budgeting are one of the prime and most common concerns. Buyer should specify their budget in terms of the durability they require.

A less costly item will deteriorate quickly, while high quality, expensive coating will last longer than expected.

Acrylic ones are cheaper and less reliable than silicone, better, and costly. Select the one that is suitable to your budget and durability requirements.

Water-repelling feature

A water repellent coating is required to keep the roof safe from rainwater. Select the one that fulfills the criteria and maintains the flat roof free from water-related issues. If you need a moisture-resistant coating, consider the factor of perm.

Adhesive Nature of Coating 

To coat a flat roof, you may require a coat to remain in contact with the roof surface. What if you get a poor adhesion coating? It will be a waste of your money, time, and energy.

spray roof coating

So, look for the adhesion capacity of the coat before opting. You must choose the one with better peel adhesion so that it can withstand any harsh environmental conditions. A better adhesion adds to the durability and effectiveness of the coating.

Tensile Strength 

Another feature to check out is the tensile strength of your coating. Do you know what tensile strength is? The material can support a load without getting damaged when it’s stretched, divided by the cross-sectional area of the material. 

As you know, with time, the coat loses its tensile strength. It’s better to opt for a coat with the good tensile strength to stand longer and more effectively. 

Standard tensile strength

Opt for 400 ASTM to 412 ASTM Standard tensile strength and permeability of about 3.5 ASTM to make the coat run longer and better.

Eco friendly

To opt for the best roof coating, consider the eco-friendly nature of the coat. It must not be a VOC toxin releasing. Otherwise, it won’t be compatible with the environment.

Installation of Roof Coating

Installation process of Elastromeric on roof easy if you bit stay with us, we recommend this video help to install the coating on roof.

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