What is the Difference Between Ridgid vs.Grizzly Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander?

Ridgid vs.Grizzly Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander

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Suppose you are a carpenter who wants to add to his equipment by purchasing an oscillating spindle sander. Two primary manufacturers in the market serve the highest quality of this machine. But which one should you choose, Ridgid vs. Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander?

You can also go ahead with buying an ordinary spindle sander, as that machine will also fulfill the purpose of crafting smooth wood edges and providing a clean and delicate finish to any carve you choose. However, an oscillating edge belt spindle sander enhances work efficiency by combining the belt and oscillating it into one product. 

The way the machine functions differs from your typical spindle sander. The oscillating edge belt spindle sander would provide your woodwork with another neat finish on the edges while ensuring that the curves are not damaged. Additionally, it would not require you to rotate the wood around when shaping it.

Now that you know why purchasing an oscillating edge belt spindle sander is helpful, the next question is which company to buy it from- Ridgid Vs. Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander is your two main options. 

Ridgid vs. Grizzly Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander

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When examining the difference between Ridgid vs. Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander, you would have to explore the variations within the fine lines. This is because both manufacturers have ensured the best quality of their machines in terms of efficiencies and functions.

Therefore, it is challenging to try and distinguish the Ridgid and Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander from one another. However, we do not mean to apply that they are the same. They are not, but the machines are similar. 

It is no doubt that previously, Ridgid had dominated the market with its two-in-one available belt and oscillating spindle sander, leaving the customers with no other choice. But Grizzly has just recently taken over the vacant position of the competition and has let customers decide on their own to choose from either.

Finally, we will explore the Ridgid vs. Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander. 


Reiterating the fact that there is not much difference when it comes down to the workings of the oscillating edge belt spindle sander, however, they still tend to vary in terms of how they function and look. 

Like the model released by Ridgid, Grizzly has also manufactured a product that eliminates the customer’s need to buy two different types of spindle sander. This means it has integrated a belt and an oscillation platform within its latest release. 

Belt size 

The belt in both machines can be detached from its point and can be put aside if and when not in use. Also, the belt size you will encounter in both the spindle sander is the same, being 4×34 inches. 

belt size of sander


The table top provided in the oscillating edge belt spindle sander, compared to Ridgid’s product, is smaller, but there is not much difference in the dimensions.

Although it is not as broad as the Ridgid’s, to ease the users, Grizzly has provided storage slots at the sides instead of the center like in the spindle sander by the competition company. 

Sanding Drums & User-Friendliness

When it comes to easiness and user compatibility with using the oscillating edge belt spindle sander, Ridgid’s product is taking the lead.

This is because inserting the sanding drums within the Grizzly spindle sander is much more complicated. It would require you to use a wrench to install or remove the drums and invest time to prepare the machine before you can start using it. 

Therefore, changing the sanding drums in Ridgid’s is more convenient for the customers and is less tool-intensive. The shape of the Grizzly spindle sander is compact and denser than that of Ridgid’s, but you should not make the mistake of judging the machine’s efficiency based on its size.


Even though small in size, Grizzly’s oscillating edge belt spindle sander offers more ability than Ridgids, primarily ⅛ increased horsepower supply. On the other hand, the competitor only provides ½ power to the motor.


The most important factor we forgot to consider while evaluating these spindle sanders is the price. The retail value of Grizzly’s machine is considerably lower than Ridgid’s. We can provide no particular value of the amount it differs, so for further confirmation, visit both websites and calculate the difference yourself. 

Specs for Ridgid Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander

Ridgid Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander

As the name prominently implies, “oscillating edge belt spindle sander” is two in one that you get for the price of a single product. The spindle sander is priced at $314.99 at Amazon. 

Your spindle sander from Ridgid effortlessly operates in oscillation, constantly rotating and ensuring that its users have no difficulties using the machine and can quickly achieve the sort of edges that they desire for their woodwork. 

No tools are required when converting the spindle sander from using it through a belt to bringing it in an oscillatory motion, and the changes can be made quickly. Therefore, making sure that all the work is completed in time and none is wasted switching the modes of the spindle sander. 

Assisted by storage areas, they work towards storing any waste released by finishing the wood piece. Also, the spindle sander comes with a service agreement promising free servicing for as long as the owner possesses the item. If you are looking for free spare parts for the machine, then you would have to register with the company within the first ninety days after your purchase. 

The company also has provided an inherent ball bearing within the spindle sander to deliver efficient customer performance. This ball-bearing mechanism ensures that the operations run smoothly without any hindrances and that the machines last longer than they possibly could. 

Tables accompanying the oscillating edge belt spindle sander can be tilted up to forty-eight degrees. With the utilization of this feature, you would never again have to worry about holding the wood upright because only adjusting the tables would do the work for you on your behalf.

  • Power input: ⅜ HP, 5 Amps 
  • Rotations in a minute: 1,725 rotations 
  • Feet per minute: 1350
  • Oscillations: 60 per minute
  • Belt size: 4 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 40LBS

Specs for Grizzly Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander 

Grizzly Oscillating Edge Belt Spindle Sander

This sander by Grizzly is another one readily and immediately available in the market that works equally effectively when put in either the belt mode or the oscillating mood. So you never have to worry about switching machines while being completely immersed in your carpeting work. 

If you want to buy the Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander online, it is priced at $253.95 at Amazon. The accompanying belt in the spindle sander can be immediately converted to oscillations and has a size of 4 x24 inches which is not difficult to change, nor does it weigh heavy. 

With this amazing product manufactured by the company keeping the customers’ needs in mind, you would never have to worry about sanding your wood. You can easily store the compact size of the spindle sander in any confined storage space, and the oscillations provided by the machine will enhance your working efficiency. 

The machine operates in a manner that ensures not to create a lot of spatter. Even if any mess is created, it is automatically stored in the storage boxes accompanying the spindle sander at the sides. 

The sanding table of the two-in-one spindle sander is easily adjustable and can be tilted to a maximum of forty-five degrees. Additionally, the company guarantees a warrant for a year, within which all the complaints are registered and processed by the customers.

Before Grizzly sends its product to be marketed and sold, it is assured by them to check every spindle sander double individually to look and cut out on any defects, so it is defect-free for use. 

  • Speed of spindle: 2000 rotation per minute
  • Oscillations in a minute: 58
  • Diameter of spindle: ½ inch
  • Speed of belt: 157 feet per minute
  • Belt size: 4 x24 inches
  • Weight: 32LBS

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How to decide?

When trying to decide between Ridgid vs. Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander, there are a few things that you should compare and contrast before you finalize your purchase. If you compare and contrast following our listed points, we assure you that you will be able to make the right decision without finding yourself amid chaos. 

  • Price
  • User-friendliness 
  • Size
  • Speed of oscillations 
  • Power usage 
  • Efficiency 

So even when you are stuck while finding differences, look across these lines, and we guarantee that they will undoubtedly assist you in finalizing your decision. 

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Now that we have drawn the line of difference for you with the Ridgid vs. Grizzly oscillating edge belt spindle sander, we hope that you face no more hindrances in distinguishing between the two products.

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