Ridgid vs DeWalt Table Saw -Who Makes the Best?

Ridgid vs DeWalt Table Saw

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You are running out of time, and you urgently need a table saw that features a decent number of options. Shortage of time leads you to search and shop online, where you are restricted to a few options.

Check Price of Best Table Saw…

Now you have to analyze among only those specific brands within the time for your upcoming project. Isn’t it hectic to figure out which one to have your hands on?

Most of the online descriptions somehow mislead the customers and hence end up scamming the user. 

Table saws are a fantastic tool that helps eliminate the stress cutting jobs that can trap you in by letting the user work much more efficiently and quickly.

A table saw speeds up and cleans up the process of cutting various materials. You can do carpentry and woodwork in no time with this electric saw.

The primary concern is that only a few brands offer decent options when it comes to buying a table saw over the few decades. Among all those, two of them are Ridgid and DeWalt that offer their customers what they claim.

DeWalt is known for making affordable, high-quality items. This American company provides excellent customer service.

It was given the Amazon’s Choice Award for its popularity and dependability in construction. Its headquarters are in Towson, Maryland, the USA, formed in 1924.

On the other hand, Ridgid Tool Company is an American manufacturing company founded in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

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Emerson Electric acquired it and turned it into a wholly-owned subsidiary. Ridgid table saws are a well-known brand in the United States.

For the justification of the Ridgid Vs. DeWalt table saw we’ve picked the best models from each brand for the detailed analysis.

We’ve taken DeWalt’s DW745 table saw and Ridgid’s R4512 as they are the most recognizable devices of well-known names.

Following is the detailed analytical comparison to decide among both the names. 

Ridgid Vs. DeWalt Table Saw: Analysis 

We hope this detailed analysis and review of both devices will help you make a more accessible and quick decision so that you can succeed in your upcoming projects. 

Overview of DeWalt DW745 

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The DW745 was an excellent choice for anyone searching for a low-cost gadget with many capabilities – all they need for medium-sized home improvement and creative tasks.

Many experts commended the accuracy, durability, and, most importantly, device mobility. The DW745 had the advantage of being portable and easy to relocate from one location to another.

It was an ideal entry-level circular saw for home users who did not have a workshop space for a full-size device because it was simple to use and took up little room.

Safe to use 

One of the critical reasons for DW745’s popularity was its emphasis on safety, making it a low-risk option even for inexperienced table users.

A solid push rod kept delicate fingers away from the whirling knife. At the same time, a friction-reducing table surface ensured that the wood was fed softly, and that removed the possibility of slipping and slipping.

Build and size 

The first thing we think about is size. As a table saw, you want to make sure it will fit in your space without sacrificing your comfort while using it.

In addition, when using the table saw, there must be sufficient space for the user. Consider not just whether the saw will fit in your location but also whether you will be able to move around freely while working.

The table saw itself is made of sturdy iron and steel, making it extremely strong and long-lasting. Furthermore, the saw’s dimensions are 22.7 x 29.2 x 16.7 inches, making it a more compact design.


The DW745 has a small footprint, yet it doesn’t limit the motor’s power output. The table saw comes with a powerful motor that can handle practically any workpiece you throw at it, in addition to its solid build.

dewalt table saw

The 1.75 HP, 15-amp high-torque motor will provide the necessary power for even the most challenging projects. This one right here would serve you well whether you’re cutting hardwood or pressure-treated lumber.

This motor is powerful enough to spin the blade at 3850 revolutions per minute without any weight.

Worth considering specifications 

  • Compactly designed 
  • Lightweight body 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Ideal for home DIYers 
  • Portable enough 

Overview of Ridgid R4512

The Ridgid round table saw R4512 satisfies all of these criteria plus a few more. The R4512 is a table saw with low prices that stand out from the competition because of its versatility, accuracy, and mobility.

This table saw is known for providing quality-conscious consumers with various value-oriented functionality. The R4512 is suitable for home projects for do-it-yourselfers or experienced hobbyists.

This table saw’s accuracy and agility will surely please hobbyists. It’s an excellent tool for the true novice and hobbyist on a budget, especially the pricing.


A belt-driven, fan-cooled induction motor is included with the R4512. The engine is powerful and smooth, with a 3450-RPM idle speed.

This implies that the Ridgid r4512 PS can easily cut through a wide range of paper sizes and dense materials. Though you have a 220V power supply in your workshop,

you can switch the motor to 220V for best performance, even if it is pre-connected to 110V. All you have to do is follow the Ridgid r4512 manual’s instructions.


The machine’s large cutting capacity is one of its most essential features. At 90 degrees, it can effortlessly cut workpieces up to 3.25 inches thick.

It can also cut 2.25 inches deep with a 45-degree angle. It has a maximum tear capacity of 30″ on the right side and 15″ on the left side of the blade. It’s more than most novice table saws can deliver.

Iron table 

The R4512 has the best-cast iron table in its class, which provides a level surface and reduces vibration. It also has an ample work surface on the tabletop.

The tabletop is 20 inches by 27 inches and is just over 37 inches tall.

Ridgid table saw extension blades are 27 inches long and 14 5/8 inches wide—× 27 inches, forming a vast 49-inch chamber. On the left and the right, there is enough room to handle large workpieces.


A 10-inch, 40-tooth combi blade with a carbide tip is included with the unit. Although this blade is adequate for rough cuts, you can substitute a better blade for better results.

rigid table saw

All regular 10″ saw blades fit the standard 5/8″ mandrel. This lousy guy accommodates data sheets up to 13/16 inches wide when it comes to date sheets.

Worth considering specifications 

  • Aluminum rip fence 
  • Integrated onboard storage 
  • Equipped with an anti-kickback system 
  • Core table made of cast-iron 

How Do I Choose a Table Saw?

Following are some factors on which you can select the righteous tool for your next project. 

Based on strong motor 

Typical table saws have potent motors capable of delivering 3 to 5 horsepower at 240 V. Larger materials, such as wooden floors, tree trunks, and timber, can be cut using powerful table saws like this.

Smaller and more compact table saws, on the other hand, use direct-drive motors with 120 V electricity and two hp. Thinner materials, such as wood panels, vinyl, laminate, and thin sheet metal, can be cut using this sort of saw

Based on the type of the tool 

Choose the best table saw for the job or project at hand. In the workshop, a table model is recommended. This is a larger, heavier saw typically used to cut more extensive and thicker materials.

You can rely on a construction site or small saw that can be taken anywhere when looking for a saw on the job site. This saw is smaller and lighter than table saws, making it ideal for cutting lighter and more delicate materials.

Construction saws are often large and heavy, although they usually come with a table, trolley, or wheels to make them easier to transport.

Based on the blade type 

The blade on a table saw determines how good it is.

Saw blades come in various diameters, backs, tooth counts, cutting sizes, speeds, applications, and materials.

Most table saws employ blades 10 or 12 inches long and have 24 to 80 teeth on average.

Cemented carbide and carbon steel are the most prevalent material, but diamond blades are also available.


We hope you find our post focusing on ‘Ridgid Vs. DeWalt table saw’.

After comparing both the devices of the renowned names, we concluded that both of them are fantastic cutting tools. DeWalt’s table saw is equipped with a potent motor.

This feature has added convenience for the users to perform the task well.

But on the other hand, Ridgid has a more powerful motor and efficiency that can pierce into the material as quickly as ABC.

Moreover, Ridgid table saws are a bit lightweight and portable. 

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