The Best Racing Seats For Big Guys -An Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Racing Seat for fat boy

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Racing cars are manufactured with normal seats, which do not suit everybody. What should big guys having 40 to 50 waits do?

Our Ultimate Choice For Big Guys

They are human beings, too; they love racing but feel sad due to the uncomfortable seating capacity of cars.

No worries, there is a solution, replace the seat with a bigger one. Yes, it is possible. Nowadays, the market offers you a lot of best-racing seats for big guys.

Measure your waist and car interior, and pick the best one. The problem is solved now, have a smile on your face. 

But before spending some bucks, always consider important factors which we cover in detail in this guide. 

Let’s have a look!

Sparco EVO Racing Seat

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If you are worried about getting the best drag racing seats, Sparco Evo QRT is the great choice for you.

If comoft is your need and want the best aftermarket seats for comfort, you will be surprised to know that Sparco Evo QRT seats have the top back angle rake which comes on all sparco seats on the market ( online and offline )

Sparco EVO Racing Seat

If you are looking for a true racing seat with side mount Capability, fiberglass shell and FIA homologation which one also a perfect option for big guy or tall boy then there is only one solution to satisfy you: Sparco Evo QRT. This seat offers four different sizes.

The sparco QRT L is suitable for almost 36 inch waists and its XL model can easily accommodate upto 38” waists with east.

Tall and fat boy never felt disappointed due to the Very good quality items used on this product while making it. 

Here we can overview its standard EVO size which is suitable for smaller drivers but its EVO 2 is a perfect match for thin/tall drivers.

If you want to pick a seat for a fat driver on which you require a lot of space on widely, then the EVO II-US is a good option to use for a wider driver, it’s not the especially good option for tall persons.

Its 4th model or size which is EVO III is the professional racing seat, an excellent option for the broader/taller or bigger guy, athletic drivers can take the advantage from this seat.

Sparco Evo seats come with the HANS device-ready system which is ready to accept every level of auto racing and give desired comfort.

( POINT Note: Basically the EVO III is a physically huge seat. So, take care well before ordering )


  • Worth the money.
  • Very nice quality.
  • Adjustable
  • Great looking
  • Comfort


  • little flat
  • Low support

Apex Suspension Seats

If you are looking for 50 waist racing seats, Apex Suspension Seats are the better choice to use for fat guys.

Seats are great they really hold you tight , apex offer bucket seats for big guys which can be used on different models and fit perfectly.

Apex Suspension Seats

These seats are made of High Density Foam and made of Marine Grade Vinyl which can be installed on the Front/Rear. 

It is a Suspension Design, especially with the removal Cushion that helps clean dirt and mud and is simple for you.


  • Easy Installation
  • Super comfortable
  • Quality seats.
  • Cleanup is easy.


  • Sides high

Buying Guide to Get The Best Racing Seat For Big Guys 

There are various key specifications when buying “wide racing seats for fat guys having at least 50 waists.

The big boy racing seat should be low profile and compatible with most vehicles. Further features are discussed in detail. 

  • Choice of Seat 

There are various seats for big guys, and they are different for different types of races. If you are fat and want to set quick lap times, go for Bucket seats for big guys.

Bucket seats are best as they keep your bum from sliding here and there, eliminating the need to re-centre the body. 

Sim racing seats for big guys are suitable for those who will get a sim racing experience. Once you are attached to a sim racing rig, enjoy racing in comfort for hours.

This depends on your ease. You can choose an aftermarket, most comfortable racing seat that fits your car without difficulty as a racer. 

Best Racing Seat for fat boy

Reclining racing seats are suitable when you race for hours and need to take some rest. These are convenient and adjustable; they are recommended for beginners who are new to drifting but still want to drive a car daily. 

  • Comfort Should be the First Priority 

Always go for the most comfortable seat as it will keep you stress-free. If you drive mostly on roads and need maximum comfort and luxury, it is suggested to pick leather seats having extra padding.

You might avoid heavy bolstering, which is surely a relief for big guys. Although leather covers are durable and comfortable, there is a problem you might have to pay more for these. Parts of the seat will depend on the racing suit you wear. 

Contrary to this, if you want to use the seat for automotive events, for example, autocross, drifting or car racing, then choose a rigid FIA certified seat.

It will properly fit you and keep you in place. The primary importance is that you and your car remain safe and perform better. 

Other materials of seats are microfiber and mesh fabric. All you need is a mix of durability, stickiness and comfort. Choose wisely and as per your budget

  • Compatibility With Your Car

Without any second thought, your seat must fit perfectly in your car. You have to make sure that your chosen seat not only has brackets that show compatibility with the vehicle and should not be too big for the cabin.

For example, the seat should not be too large to touch the roof of your car. The second thing is that it must not be adjusted in a way that creates a large distance between the seat and steering wheel. 

  • Racing Seat Design

Aftermarket racing seats feature either adjustable or fixed backs. The adjustable bucket racing seats for big guys are more comfortable and convenient, which allows you to lean back and go to the backseat of your vehicle if you want.

If you install an adjustable back racing seat for track days, a fixed seat is the safest option because of the rigid and durable design.

What is the Best Seat Mounting System? 

When discussing the best mounting system for racing seats for big guys, a double mounting system on both the side and bottom is a suitable choice.  Having a bottom mounting system means the seat is 

Sturdier and remain in its place. But sometimes, when you get tired after hours of racing and want to move it backwards and forward.

Then the side mounting seat system is a lifesaver option. Still, it all depends on your needs, such as waist size, height and other factors. 

  • Seat Harness also Matters A Lot.

It is better to remain safe at first than earring loss afterwards. So the seat harness matters a lot. The more harness a set has, the better it will be for you and your car.

In an unfortunate situation such as an accident, a sturdy seat harness helps to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

racing seat for big guys

So in experts’ opinion, always try to pick a seat with more seat harness points and provides you protection no matter if you are big or slim. 

  • Price

If you think it is impossible to get the best budget racing seats, you are mistaken. You can get the cheapest/cheap seats. The mid-range seats are easily available, and they are inexpensive too. Always pay according to the benefits. 

  • LightWeight is Always Better

No worries if you are fat, you can still enjoy racing. You need to replace the car seat with the racings seat for big guys.

It will be good to go for the lightest weight off-road seats as they are comfortable to install and not put an extra burden on your vehicle. 

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  •  Right Measurements are Important Too 

After ensuring the car interior accommodates the seat, next is to focus on searching for a racing seat for people having larger waits, so it is vital to ensure this measurement.

To find your number, measure your waist, and take notes in either inches or centimetres. If the size is 15.5, pick a 16 wide seat to ensure you will not feel tight. 

There are a lot of factors to consider before picking the right seat for big guys. Therefore we arrange this guide for you, read thoroughly and don’t make a mistake by spending money on the wrong seat.

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