How to Protect Sprinkler Head? (Helpful Guide)

How to Protect Sprinkler Head?

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Gardening and beautiful expansive lawns testify to your esthetic and love for nature.

These lush-green lawns need special care regarding timely and ample irrigation for its proper take-care.

The sprinkler heads provide an efficient and dependable source of irrigating the whole lawn without any nuisance. How to protect sprinkler heads becomes a daunting question, but it has some easy solutions.

How to Protect Sprinkler Head?

The best lawn care is sometimes a difficult task to handle, but in this techno world, we do have some quick solutions to these problems.

The unique product of sprinkler heads today has popped up on every lawn to nourish it to the fullest. How to protect the sprinkler head is an effervescent question, yet it comes with curable remedies.

Due to their location and continuous interaction with water, the sprinkler head is prone to get clogged by small stones or impurities in water.

These heads can also be affected by the movement on the lawn; the number of people, pets, lawnmowers, and other machinery is likely to damage the equipment.

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But some safety measures, if appropriately adopted, can avoid this damage to this expensive and complicated equipment.

Sprinkler Head Protection

Protecting the sprinkler heads is of utmost importance as it will keep the system safe and work efficiently for a more extended period.

The sprinkler heads are way inside the grass and come out when sprinkling water, but in this movement, they usually encounter filth that can clog the filter. The small stones are also likely to get into the main pipe of the sprinkler.

To circumambulate such problems, we should always maintain the sprinklers’ cleanliness by regular checks, and some other measures should also be adopted. Let’s have a detailed discussion on taking care of the sprinklers.

Simple cleaning for Clogged Sprinkler Head

The sprinkler head is protected by simply cleaning the upper head of the sprinkler as it is most exposed to the dirt and the building salts from the water. Hold the bottom of the sprinkler head and unscrew the top of the head.

Now, this equipment has a spring, and if you push the top downwards, you will be exposed to a pipe with an opening cap at its top.

By opening this cap, you will get to the filter and pull it out; it will be clogged and can be cleaned under running water with a pressure of even with a small brush.

After cleaning the filter, water flows through the equipment, so ant stones or mud should be removed properly.

Put the screw back on the pipe, push back the spring and the sprinkler head is clean like new. Then put it back on the lawn, and the sprinkler head is new to use with full water pressure and thrust.

Sprinkler Head Donuts

Another helpful way to protect sprinklers is by putting a sprinkler head donut on it. This donut protects the sprinkler from the wear of daily pedestrian traffic, lawnmowers, and other trash so that the head remains intact and free from any muck.

The sprinkler head donut comes in plastic and concrete for dependable protection of this intricate yet complicated lawn irrigation system. The concrete donut costs more but is more robust, with longer resistance against wear and tear.

Keep Pointer for your sprinkler heads.

After installing the sprinkler heads on your lawn, you should erect some small pointers wherever the sprinkler head is present, let it be a long stick or a flag.

These pointers will help keep your sprinkler heads safe from the unfortunate incidents of getting crushed under a lawnmower or grass cutter.

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This move will help you keep track of the locations of the sprinklers for a safer activity level on the lawn.

Sprinkler Head Trimmers

Another way to keep the sprinkler head safe from the grass-cutting machines is to get the sprinkler head trimmers from the market; that won’t cost much but will save your equipment for a longer time.

These small covers can be put on the sprinkler heads while cutting high-level grass around the sprinkler heads.

Keep Sprinklers safe from Freezing Cold Weather.

The sprinkler heads are valuable and delicate equipment that should be considered in severely cold weather.

In frigid cold weather, the water in the sprinklers freezes, and with the expansion of this frozen water, usually, the delicate head of the sprinkler breaks apart or is cracked.

To avoid this problem, you should ensure that all the water is removed from the sprinkler head through pressure air blow and manually draining water from the pipe.

The sprinkler heads should be covered in severe weather to avoid freezing water.


The sprinklers are a versatile and pragmatic solution to the ever-rising demands of your sprawling lawns. These sprinkler heads are efficient enough to fulfill the water needs of the lawn in harsh weather.

How to protect these sprinkler heads is very simple; a little care is better than any cruel treatment. The sprinkler heads should be cleaned regularly, looked for clogging, and kept safe from cold water in severe weather.

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