Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds [What to Know Before Getting]

Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds

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A Split King will let you and your spouse sleep peacefully despite your various sleeping habits, as well as provide you with defined personal space.

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Because you and your mate sleep on separate beds on a Split King, one person’s flinging and turning at night should not wake the other. Snuffling and back pain may be alleviated by elevating your sleeping posture.

It’s significantly easier to transfer two little beds than a huge Standard King when you’re changing residences. 

Bear in mind, although, that the size of the adjustable frame will vary, it may be just as difficult to be moved as if it were a king mattress.

People who want to acquire an adjustable bed frame might consider a split king adjustable bed. It’s the same size as two twins XLs stacked on top of each other.

A split option is available on several king-size mattress frames, allowing both sides to move independently.

Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds

Apart from these benefits, many have issues with split king adjustable beds. However, it’s a piece of great furniture for your home to buy according to reviews and concerns of customers.

There seem to be some problems with split king adjustable beds. These are:

Less space for moving and positioning:

The variances between either sides of the bed may make cuddling with your partner difficult—plus there’s the issue of the crack between your spaces.

Several couples try to solve the problem by using the same sheet for both beds, but this creates a new issue: they can’t use the adjustable base independently.

You may feel like you’re doing double the effort when replacing the two sets of sheets. Split Kings with adjustable bases cost a lot of money.

The mechanics that move the movable base might be noisy. You can have a hard time selecting a headboard that fits your needs. These problems are solvable, but you should plan prior to creating such a large expenditure.

Split king adjustable beds are also notorious for their placement issues. When you lift the head of some split kings’ adjustable bases, the entire bed may go forward.

You may find yourself far away from the nightstand as a result of this. Adjustable foundations with wall-hugging technology are available from some manufacturers, such as GhostBed, to keep you close when moving or changing the bed.

These drawbacks of split king beds might not annoy everyone. Some people never have an issue with the center seam.

The easiest approach to learn about these issues with split king beds is to choose brands that provide a trial period of a few months.

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No space for children:

A couple and their infant should be able to sleep comfortably on a standard king-size bed. Unfortunately, with a divided kingdom, this is not feasible.

The gap in the center prevents full use of the king-size bed’s surface. As a result, individuals can only sleep on one side of the chasm.

In the midst, no infant will be able to sleep. However, you may solve this problem by using special bed sheets created for this purpose to seal the seam.

Expensive and rare accessories:

When purchasing split king sheets and other bedding, another typical problem arises. When contrasted to one king flat sheet, these customized sheets that suit two twins’ XLs are harder to obtain.

Furthermore, divided king sheets will be more costly. Another disadvantage of the split king would be that the adjustable bed frames take longer to put together. Split king bed frames, unlike other bed frames, can be difficult to put together. 

adjustable beds

Split king beds require a great deal of knowledge to build because they are such complicated beds. When compared to conventional beds, making a split king will take longer.

As a result, split king adjustable beds are usually more expensive. One king-size mattress is less expensive than two Twin XLs, which are required for the split king.

When you include the adjustable frame, the bed becomes even more expensive.

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Keeping bed in the piece:

You may notice the two parts of your Split King adjustable bed drifting apart as you get in and out of bed or twist and turn at night.

Some pointers exist on how to keep the two distinct beds together and make them feel like one giant bed.

Use bungee cords (you may use bed-connecting brackets) to attach the legs of the bases. Make it snug enough to prevent the bed from splitting, but not so tight that it warps the bed frame. 

Remove your sheet and set the base for both the head and foot parts to the most possible upright position.

Wrap a ratchet tie around on both mattresses and place it in the bed’s center. Between the mattress and the ratchet, use a bath towel or other protective cloth.

Tighten that ratchet until you’re happy with the tension, then move it beneath the mattress so that the strap is the only thing sticking out.

If the ratchet produces a dip in the niche of the mattress, or if your Split King has beds of varying altitudes, you might want to consider investing in a mattress pad.

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Consider the following options for resolving this issue:

  • Fortunately, practically every split king adjustable frame has a retention bar at the foot of each mattress. 
  • A rug gripper, on the other hand, might be useful if your mattresses continue to shift. All you have to do is insert the rug gripper under the mattresses, and any moving will be almost eliminated. 
  • It’s also not required to have a mattress-sized gripper; any size would suffice, and you may trim it down to suit.
  • If you use the strap technique as described above, you may still have a tiny area unwrapped from between the mattress and the duvet, which you may cover with the duvet.
  • If you don’t want to do that, a split king gap filler can be used instead.
  • A Split king gap filler is essentially a mattress bridge that connects the mattresses to a huge sleeping surface while maintaining comfort.

Need adjustment:

Using a ratchet to assist minimize movement from your different mattresses might be beneficial. However, the bed will most likely continue to move forth and backward.

A built-in additionally completed at the bottom of most adjustable split frames keeps your mattress in place.

If you’re still concerned about the amount of movement, putting a gripper pad underneath the mattress might help.

adjustable bed

Gripper mats are inexpensive, and the traction provided by the gripper should hold the bed in-place.

You’ll need two sets of Twin XL sheets if you want to utilise the adjustable base on different settings. It’s a lot easier to reach every one of the corners and snugly wrap the fitted sheets over each Twin mattress with both the option of lifting the head and foot of either side.

You’ll require two sets of Twin XL sheets because you’ll be making two beds rather than one.

Because you won’t be able to separate the beds at the inner edges of the mattress if you employ the ratchet technique to keep them from separating, you’ll require King sheets. This, on the other hand, prohibits either side from adapting.

Attaching headboard:

You may know that headboards are a simple method to make your bed frame appear wonderful, even if it’s the comfiest bed ever.

Headboards are no longer merely for decoration; they also serve as a gap-filler between the wall and the bed.

There are more costly adjustable beds for elders that allow you to quickly screw the headboard into the frame, making it easier to attach the headboard to the base. 

Determine the size of the headboard you desire, since they range in size from 34 to 46 inches. Take a strong scrap project panel, some inexpensive curtains, and a discount mattress pad next.

You now have a fresh new headboard thanks to a little do-it-yourself. It’s only a matter of changing that with some heavy-duty wall dogs, and it’ll be firm as a rock.

The mattress won’t bother it in the least, and the split king bed frameworks perfectly with a fantastic headboard.

If you raise the head adjustments, the edges of the mattress will reach close to your eye level, allowing you to cover the bed.

Keeping sheet in place:

Split King adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular since they give additional space for two people while still allowing them to adjust up and down to meet various demands.

The Split King adjustable bed has the added benefit of dividing into two distinct single adjustable beds in the long run, allowing you to future-proof your bedroom furniture needs. 

If the sheets as from edge continue to fall off, sheet traps are the greatest solution for keeping them in place.

As a result, it will be much easier to cover it with a bedsheet. You’ll need two identical XL sheets. For adjustable beds, you’ll need two separate split king sheets.

Choose a design that will fit snugly around the mattress. Now, to keep the sheet from moving about, firmly place the elastic sides of the sheet over the mattress sides.

Sheet fasteners can be added for extra security if needed during the night’s tossing and whirling. Raise the head and foot settings to make it easier to put the sheets on. 

Gaps or splits appearing:

The ratchet strap approach may address most gap difficulties, but it leaves sleepers with the dilemma of their Twin XL sheets not being completely secured.

If the gap concerns you as much as the sheet issue, you may spend in a Split King Bed gap filler. Gap fillers are T-shaped connections that go between separately mattresses to fill the space between them.

The gap filler forms a little bridge between the beds and removes any dip. You may put it in the gap between the mattresses before or after you make the bed.

A headboard can be screwed straight into the base of some adjustable bed frames. However, this function is not available on every adjustable Split King, and those that are pricey.

Rather than spending extra money or pushing your headboard onto an incompatible frame. Finding a headboard with a wall mount might be the most practical and cost-effective option.

If you look online for ways to make a headboard for the Split King adjustable frame, you’ll find a plethora of DIY options. Consider the following options for resolving this issue.

  • The major cause of this issue is that the frame legs slip apart, therefore to remedy it, simply add high-elastic-power bungee cords to keep them in place.
  • Bungee cords and bed connecting brackets can be used.
  • For a permanent fix, you might utilize bed connection brackets for adjustable beds. 
  • Sliding mattresses, on the other hand, might be another cause of the chasm. 
  • You may remedy this by tying them up with a ratchet. 
  • Make sure they’re connected in a way that allows them to move independently. Some people have attempted the same technique and got a favorable reaction.

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Preventions for problem appearing:

Because of the customizable technology structures of this type of bed, you can customize your sleeping experience to meet your specific needs. Sleepers with certain medical conditions may need to be able to incline their upper bodies.

Split King adjustable beds aren’t the cheapest bed option. Thousands of dollars will be spent on the frame and also the two mattresses, not to mention the accessories whenever you need to ratchet them together or add a filler or mattress pad.

Adjustable beds, on the other hand, are extremely configurable, and the majority of models come with wireless remote controllers with programmable settings and USB connectors for charging.

Because the quality of Split King mattresses & adjustable bed frames varies by brand and model, it’s important to browse around and find the ideal mix of features to fit your demands as a couple.

Some firms that provide Split King adjustable bed frames could include or charge for shipping and assembly as part of the purchase price. Mattress manufacturers are in the same boat.

Many customers question if they need a pillow with just an adjustable bed in the shop, and the answer is both no and yes. It all relies on you and your specific needs.


You may well have your mattresses lifted while watching television; in this posture, the massage can still aid increase circulation and shift fluid away from the legs.

Why choosing split king adjustable beds

  • A split king bed can accommodate two persons who have quite distinct sleeping habits.
  • Split king features a built-in barrier in the middle to keep you from sprawling out in the middle of the night because one person is taking up too much room.
  • The bed also reduces motion transmission, which means that one person’s tossing and turning won’t wake up the other.
  • It is feasible to repair or clean a single foundation without having to address the entire bed.
  • Different mattresses are available. You may choose from a variety of mattresses to utilize. 
  • Depending on the desires of persons sleeping on it, one side may have a hard mattress while the other may have a softer mattress.
  • The ability to control movement.
  • Split king can increase your sleep quality by providing better motion control between the two unique sides.
  • Moving a split king bed is easier than moving a single king bed.
  • It’s a good idea to pair it with a foundation that can be adjusted. With an adjustable foundation, split king beds are ideal.
  • When relocating, a split king bed and mattress are simple to carry. This is a significant benefit for anyone who has attempted to move huge beds and discovered how difficult it can be.
  • Consider layering a split king mattress up on top of a split king adjustable foundation to take your separate bedrooms to the next level.
  • With a movable foundation, you and your bedmate may modify the angle or direction of your mattress whenever you choose.
  • With such a split king adjustable base, you can unwind in supreme comfort. Simply sync your settings when it’s time to snuggle, and you’re ready to go.


It may take some getting accustomed to switching to an adjustable Split King bed, especially if you’ve never used one before.

The unique qualities of a Split King adjustable bed, on the other hand, make it an appealing alternative for couples who need various sleeping conditions but don’t want to sleep in completely separate beds. 

Anyone suffering from sinus, reflux, back discomfort, or snoring issues can benefit from the adjustable Split King.

While a Split King adjustable bed can be a significant time and financial commitment if you have any of these concerns, it may be the ideal answer for you and your spouse.

Split kings are designed to allow couples with differing sleeping habits to share a bed. Two people sharing a bed can alter their sides without bothering the other.

This differs from standard king-size beds, which do not have a split in the middle.

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