The Top Most Powerful Weed Eater On The Market

Powerful Weed Eater

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A decent weed eater can help homeowners and professional landscapers keep bothersome weeds under control in their gardens.

Weed eaters, which are available in gas, electric, and battery-powered versions, are helpful for up to one acre of land, however gas models are the most powerful of the three options and can easily tackle several acres and harder weeds on just one tank of fuel.

Trimming and edging your lawn removes grass that a lawn mower cannot reach, resulting in a clean and uniform cut.

Trimming, also known as weed eating, allows you to trim around stationary items in your yard, while edging allows you to cut a straight line in the grass where your yard meets mulch beds, roads, or sidewalks.

Top Pick:

So, our top pick for this list is the Greenworks 40V because of the high performance it offers for its price and the 13” cutting path that gives ultra-precision when cutting and a 3 position pivoting head so you can get it into hard-to-reach areas.

Most Powerful Weed Eater

It is the perfect choice for someone who wants raw power in their weed eater and features that will come in handy for them when they are using it out in their garden or lawn.

Comparison Table:

WORX WG163.9Adjustable guard, Lightweight for better maneuverability, Adjustable handle.
Greenworks 40VHigh Performance, 13” cutting path, 3 position pivoting head, 0.065” single line auto feed.
BLACK+DECKER 20VLightweight & Easy Handling, Automatic line feed, PowerDrive transmission.
PowerSmart String TrimmerEasy to assemble, 10” cutting diameter, 2 in 1 head with 90-degree tilt, One-hour quick charge.
Makita XRU02ZLightweight, 10-1/4” cutting diameter, Compact size for ideal cutting and precision.
Craftsman V20Adjustable ergonomic design, Push button feed for control, 13” cutting swath, 3-year limited warranty.

Going over our options in this list, we will be addressing each one of them and its features, as well as their pros and disadvantages, so you have a solid understanding of what we are looking for.

1) WORX WG163.9:

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The WORX cordless 20-volt MAX lithium powered grass trimmer with Command Feed has raised the bar for grass cutting and edging.

The WG163.9 has a longer run life and greater power thanks to the 20-volt MAX lithium battery supply. The GT 3.0 now has a command feed button that allows you to expand the line as you work.

Instead of stopping and starting, bumping, or flipping it over to lengthen the line, simply push the command feed button and keep working.

Because of the 12-inch cutting diameter, you can do more trimming in less time. This cordless trimmer not only converts to an edger in seconds, but it also includes dual-positioned in-line wheels that make edging a snap.

A quick-release trigger lever makes it simple to change the height of the telescopic shaft for comfort and control. To lock and change to edging, turn the trimmer head with a pull and turn motion.

From function to features, the 20-volt Worx trimmer and edger has 100 percent single line feed, which cuts the need for bumping to prolong the line.

A flower space guard not only protects the vegetation, but it also serves as an edger guide. For ultimate comfort while cutting, edging, or mowing, a front auxiliary handle features seven locking adjustments.

This 20-volt grass trimmer/edger weighs only 6-pounds and will help you produce a professional-looking yard with less labor, fatigue, and time and all that thing make it lightest most powerful weed eater.

Although it is a very efficient weed eater, but some users have said that it was a little slow for them as it took them about a minute to clear a square foot of weed. Other than this, this is an excellent weed eater that will get your job done just well.

2) Greenworks 40V:

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The next addition to this list is the Green Works G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion 13-inch Cordless String Trimmer that has a cutting path of 13 inches and a 0.65 song line auto feed

which is coupled with one touch conversion button for simple cutting from varied angles, and an edge wheel for clean exact edging Model using a single tool.

It only works with G-MAX Batteries 29462 and 29472 and has a line diameter of 0.065 inches with a battery capacity of 2 Ah, and a 90-degree rotating head with an edge wheel for walk-behind edging for versatility and ease when working with tight spaces and hard to reach areas.

Looking at the features on the most powerful cordless weed eater, the G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery supplies fade-free power and no memory loss after charging.

Powerful Weed Eater

The 13-inch cutting path for a quick and simple trimmer with impressive performance that will cut even the toughest weeds and when this is paired with a versatile design with a 3-position pivoting head, it allows for effortless cutting from a variety of angles.

All of this power comes at an RPM of 8000. For diverse application, a 90-degree rotating head with an edge wheel for walk-behind edging is included and for quick results, you can go ahead and use a 0.065-inch single line auto feed.

This addition is no doubt another worthy mention because of the raw power it packs within itself in terms of features and functions that make it one of the best options out there in the market.


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This next weed eater is by BLACK+DECKER and it is something that every buyer will want to watch out for and keep an eye on because of the punch it packs in itself with its features and functions.

Twice the tool in a single convenient package. Cutting down overgrowth, grass, and weeds is effortless with the BLACK+DECKER 20v Max Power connect 12-Inch String Trimmer/Edger. 

Featuring adjustable height and handles which when paired with quality micro texture grips, offer you easy transition from trimmer to wheeled edger to taking charge of your lawn, garden, or sidewalk.

Coupled with enhanced torque and cutting power at the string, the PowerDrive Transmission supplies more power in your hands.

The automatic spool feed technology automatically feeds extra line as needed, eliminating the need for bumping and you can effortlessly replace the battery across all of your BLACK+DECKER 20v Max Power connect tools because it is part of the 20v Max Power connect system with the maximum initial battery voltage being 20 volts without load.

This weed eater is definitely something you would want to check out when surveying the market for the best weed eater, and although it is not as powerful as other competitors on

This list it sure does make up for it with its advanced technology that’ll offer you some kind of relief when working with it so you don’t have to do everything manually.

4) PowerSmart String Trimmer:

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This weed eater is a special mention on this list because of its cheap price compared to the other products we have mentioned.

It is a string trimmer by PowerSmart, and it packs features that most other weed eaters come with too, it has a 2-in-1 trim or edge cutter that changes from trimmer to edger in seconds and an adjustable handle for easy cutting, and ergonomic design so you can get precise operating with professional quality.

All of this is powered by a 20V Lithium-Ion cordless string trimmer with 1.5Ah super battery capacity, which gives it a long life, and just 1 hour of charging time will mostly be enough to suit your working demands.

The automatic feed spool – AFS feeds trimmer line as needed. Weighing only 7.5 pounds in weight, with a cutting diameter of 10 inches. The line diameter is 0.065 inches, and the no-load speed is 8200 RPM.

There have been some users who have complained about this product for not being worth its money and not living up to its features as they have had trouble with the replacement string which made them not recommend it to anyone.

But then again, for its cheap price it is worth a try, and it might work just fine for you.

5) Makita XRU02Z:

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The Makita XRU02Z secures its place in this list simply because of the powerful features it has in it and functionality and maneuverability that it offers that put it at the top of the game and makes it the ultimate choice for someone looking to buy the perfect weed eater.

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer with a 10-1/4″ cutting width and a 180-degree rotating head that allows the user to simply transition from trimmer to edger.

Simply insert an 18V LXT battery (available separately) and the tool is ready to use. There are no pollutants and little maintenance requirements, as there is no need for gas or oil.

Makita Powerful Weed Eater

Bump and feed trimmer head with easy loading for greater user convenience. The adjustable loop handle is intended to accommodate the user’s height and operating posture.

With an upgraded strengthened metal bump-feed button, the spool assembly is simple to attach and rewind.

The battery capacity warning system illuminates an indicator light and is designed to automatically halt the motor to alert the user when it is time to replenish the battery. A lock-off lever is included in for the user’s convenience.

With all of these features packed with this weed eater, it is an addition on this list that will make you want to go through its features as they are the perfect package and offer you the best bang for your buck and as well best commercial weed eater.

6) Craftsman V20*:

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The last one on our list of the most powerful weed eaters is the Craftsman V20* that may be the last one but definitely not the least in terms of the power it packs within itself.

It certainly secures its place on this list among all of its impressive competitors because of how impressive it is itself. This weed eater is an alluring product for someone looking for a new more powerful weed eater.

Features wise, the V20* Cordless 13-Inch String Trimmer and Edger has a high-efficiency engine and a 4.0 Ah battery, which is allowing you to complete the tasks at hand more efficiently and quickly.

With the Push Button Feed, you can manage the 0.080-inch twisted line feed with a single button press.

When the work is over, use the integrated Versatrack hook with the Versatrack system, which is supplied separately, to store it easily.

Craftsman V20* Outdoor Equipment and other Power Tools are compatible with the V20 battery platform.

This is something that is necessary for a newbie weed eater user to check out when looking for a weed eater that will offer them the perfect price to performance ratio and give them the best bang for their buck.

Most Powerful Weed Eaters: The Buyer Guide 

A weed eater or string trimmer is the best equipment for cutting weeds and grass from tight spaces. They are available in various types and sizes and are used both for home as well as commercial purposes.

There are some of the necessary considerations to look for before spending some money on getting the most powerful weed eaters.

This guide has covered everything in detail. Read carefully and pick the best option. Let’s get started! 

Types of Weed Eaters 

There are various types of weed eaters, gas-powered, corded electric or battery-powered. Users can pick as per the size of the yard and trimming needs. Below are the details, so choose the one that best suits you. 

  • Gas vs Electric Weed Eaters

For fulfilling professional gardening needs, gas weed eaters are the perfect options.

The reason for selecting them is the large scale landscape and tackling extremely overgrown plots. On the other hand, it is suggested to go for an electric weed eater to do everyday tasks on home lawns.  

Electric weed eaters are lightweight, and this is why they are convenient and easy to use, and there is no hassle of filling up the gas in them.

They are known to be environment friendly as they give zero emissions than the gas weed eaters. Hence, as they operate using electricity, electric weed eaters are quiet and give peaceful working hours.

The best thing is that neighbors also don’t feel disturbed. They are faster at work and make your united lawn neat and clean. 

  • Cordless Electric Weed Eaters vs Corded

Corded electric weed eaters give users consistent power without recharging them. They are lightweight as they don’t have a battery which adds weight to the machine.

Contrary to this, corded weed eaters are not flexible as they cannot reach the furthest place in the yard. Corded weed eaters need to work using an extension lead, especially if you own a lengthy and large yard to clear.  

Cordless electric weed eaters provide more mobility, as they can travel wide and far to clean your yards with this gas-powered machine. Cordless electrics are a bit heavier as they have rechargeable batteries, increasing weight.  

powerful weed eater

Most cordless models take long hours to charge the battery, so you must wait a bit and be patient. If you forget to charge the battery and it runs out of power in the middle, you may feel frustrated. So always make sure to keep your weed eater charged. 

Whenever you choose between cordless and corded electric weed eaters, firstly decide about the type of work and check the size of your yard. Purchasing a weed eater that needs an extension cord will limit mobility, but this is not a point of concern if you have a small lawn.  

The benefit of using a cord is that you don’t have to worry about the shortage of batteries. On the other hand, a cordless trimmer provides users with limitless mobility, so it will be the best option if you own a large lawn. 

Rotating Head

Most weed eaters can be rotated to play a part of the edger, which cuts perpendicular to the ground instead of parallel to it. This is a great feature as it allows users to clean the sidewalk and driveway areas without purchasing a separate yard tool. 

Adjustable Length

If the whole family uses the weed eaters according to their needs, you have to pick one with an adjustable shaft so you can make it long or short, as per the user’s height.


If you own a gas-powered weed eater, then look for its runtime. Many residential yards need 15 to 30 minutes. If your yard is bigger, consider choosing a weed eater with a high-capacity battery or running using a backpack battery. 

Check: Most Powerful Backpack Blower

Engine Size and Type

If you purchase a commercial weed eater, always check the engine size. Generally, engine size is determined through cubic centimeters, called cc’s.

Mainly two types of engine determine the cc. From which one is known as a two-stroke engine, and the second type is a four-stroke engine.

Commercial weed eater size ranges from 24 to 31cc, and the bigger the engine, the more powerful the weed eater will be. 

There are differences between two and four-stroke engines. The main difference is the fuel. The two-cycle engine works on the ratio of oil and gas mixture.

On the other hand, a four-cycle engine works using gasoline only. They have a separate place for the oil to go, and users have to change it after some use via an oil drain plug.

The four-cycle engines are big and sometimes heavier than the two-cycle engine. It is up to your choice about what you need. 

Cutting Width

The cutting width is also very important, apart from the weed eater power source. The cutting width, also called the size of the cutting diameter, is defined as how the weed eater or trimmer delivers a cutting swath.

From various models available in the market, the cutting width mostly ranges from 10 to 18-inches. Experts suggest that you always go for compact width for tight and small lawns. A cutting width of 16-inches suits best for large yards. 

Shaft Style

Trimmers or weed eaters offer you different shaft options that are curved, adjustable and straight trimmer. All have their benefits and pitfalls. Choose as per your requirement.

Because of the straight trimmer inline design, they suit best to handle tight spaces. They provide even cuts by going easily to obstacles and manoeuvring tight spaces.

The con is the thing that the straight shaft is unwieldy to control. 

On the other hand, a curved shaft provides great control because of its curve. Hence, users will reach the tightest spots with ease. Keep in mind that we are not talking about all tight spaces such as under bushes, trees, etc.  

Both curved as well as straight shafts, come with a feature named adjustable shaft, by which you can easily adjust the tool’s height.

guide about weed eater

This is necessary as it allows you to move weeds from spaces that are not easy to reach normally. It is also popular among people as it allows users of various heights to use the weed eater efficiently to adjust the height that best suits them. 

The straight shaft is comfortable for the back muscles, while the curved shaft is not. When you work using a straight shaft, it will give you a natural flow for both arms and back. People using curved shafts have to keep the back arched and arms bent. This position will cause fatigue. 


One vital factor users have to consider while picking the best weed eater is its weight. Since users have to carry this machine for the whole cutting process, always try to choose one that will not cause fatigue and stress to the back and arms.

Most weed wackers come in 5 to 20 pounds weight. The commercial weed eater weighs around 9 to 14 pounds.

The four-cycle weed eaters come in 15 to 18 pounds. The weight is also dependent on the type of material used in manufacturing.

Of various types, gas-powered weed eaters are heavier, and they are more powerful too. Contrary to this, corded weed eaters are light and have one pitfall of limited workspace. If you do not have a big yard, always go for a cordless trimmer. 

Transparent Fuel Tank

It is suggested that you try to get a weed eater built with a transparent fuel tank if it runs using gas or other fuel. The reason is pretty obvious; this fuel tank’s transparency will help you monitor the fuel and refill it timely. 


This is ridiculous if the weed eater starts and turns off on its own even without using it. Hence, it is suggested to pick a weed trimmer engineered with a lock on the trigger. With this excellent feature, users can turn the machine on or off comfortably and faster.  

Smart Start System

For women and senior citizens, sometimes the scenarios become troublesome when they face difficulty turning on the gas-powered weed eaters.

This is one of the disadvantages of gas-powered weed eaters. Hence, picking the model that offers a smart start system is recommended. This will not cause fatigue and will start easily when used by anyone. 

Cutting Swath

The cutting range distance, which is measured in inches, is known as the cutting swath. The shaft length will determine the distance when users swing the weed eaters.

Many straight shafts have a cutting swath of 20 to 24-inches. Therefore, the longer the swath, the more grass it will cut.  


Comfort is the first thing while using any weed eater. Those involved in trimming grass on tight spaces using commercial weed eaters daily know how important comfort is for you.

Some of the areas to look for make the weed eater easy to use. These include grip on the rear and front handles and the strap (it will be better if it is cushioned). The throttle must have cruise control. Adjustable handle and straps. 


Commercial weed eaters are known to be very durable. Let’s look into some of the important parts that make any weed eater long-lasting and durable.

Always make sure that parts are not rusted or corroded. Most of the features are engineered using plastic to ensure that they are durable and not easily breakable.

Check the material and ensure that your chosen model will bear the outdoor climate. As per cutting is concerned, it is suggested to check the horsepower, which is vital for handling tough tasks. Check the cc for knowing about horsepower. 


Most of the well-known brands offer two years warranty on commercial weed eaters. Others provide three to five years if the user purchases a weed eater for home use.

A question will come to mind at the time of buying a weed eater. If buying for landscaping or lawn business, it will fall under the commercial warranty.

On the other hand, if it is listed using a person’s name, the warranty for the homeowner will be affected. The warranty may be voided if someone purchased it for home use and used it for commercial purposes.  


When you switch from gas to battery-powered weed eater, you will enjoy a saving in costs as there is no need to check for fuel or spend extra money and time on maintenance.

Firstly check your budget and make a decision. The residential weed eater costs between $175 to $250. To keep your hard-earned money safe, always go for the best option and check all the above mentioned requirements. Various brands offer different models, so pick as per your budget and the size of the yards.

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