The Top Most Powerful 1 Inch Impact Wrench- Inclusive Guide

Most Powerful 1 Inch Impact Wrench

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Before purchasing the most 1-inch impact wrench, consider the following factors in the given buying guide. This handy guide will help you select the strongest impact wrench without searching anywhere else.

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  1. Types of Impact Wrenches

There are two types of impact wrenches in terms of power. It includes;

  • Electrical powered (1-inch impact gun electric)
  • Air-powered (1 drive air impact wrench)

Other types of impact wrench include;

  • Standard chuck impact wrench
  • Hog ring impact wrench

Electrical and Air Impact Wrenches 

If you require quiet impact wrenches, then the electrical ones are best for that situation. The air impact wrenches are large and produce noise.

Powerful 1 Inch Impact Wrench

Remember, the electrical impact wrench is not suitable for heavy-duty work. For heavy work, the air impact wrench suits best. It opts for a compressor to handle the high energy generation.


Use ear muffs if you opt for an air impact wrench.

  1. Torque 

Before purchasing an impact wrench, check the torque-producing capability.

What Is Torque?

Do you know what torque is? Torque is the turning effect produced by an object. 

High Torque 

If the torque is higher, the influence on the bolt you are working on will be high too. It will make you handy to tighten the screws and bolts.

Strongest Impact Wrench with High Torque

The Milwaukee 1-inch impact claims to be the strongest impact wrench with a torque-producing capacity of 1800 ft-lbs.

Low Torque

If the wrench produces less turning effect, don’t opt for it. 

Minimum Value for Torque

A value less than 200 ft-lbs is not enough for a wrench to get the job done. Carefully check the rating and select the one with better torque. A High torque air impact wrench will easily tighten and loosen the bolts, screws, and nuts.

powerful impact wrench
  1. Rotations per Minute (RPM)

Like the torque, an impact wrench with high RPM is considered the best. 

Standard RPM value 

An impact wrench with a 3,000 or above RPM is considered ideal.

Lower RPM 

Don’t opt for a wrench having low RPM because it will take long enough to get the job done.


It must be the top priority for the buyers to select the impact wrench with a high rotation per min (rpm) rating. You may find the rating in the product description.

  1. Impacts per Minute 

Another factor for impact wrench is high Impacts per Minute or high Blows per Minute. IPM provides the quick loosen of a bolt associated with enough torque. 

High IPM 

When the IPM rating is also high, it’s the best wrench to purchase. The contact between the impact wrench and the target will be high.

High IMP provides faster working of a 1-inch impact wrench than a low IMP wrench.


For now, the best impact wrench will be the one with high torque, RPM, and IPM. Check the ratings with the specification, and yup!

You got the best one.

  1. Ergonomics and Gripping 

It’s not the prime factor, but a comfortable 1-inch impact wrench can help you get the work done smoothly. 

High grip 

The high grip wrenches are better to purchase. The handle for grip might be of steel or rubber.  

Check the gripping force before opting for the product.

  1. Noise level 

A 1-inch impact wrench operates at an increased speed and noise. People working with it might suffer from the noisy nature of the impact wrench. Select the product that favors your condition. 


Remember to check the noise level before purchasing the wrench.

  1. Durability

Durability is the prime factor for every product that you require to purchase. You should always check the durability range of the product. 

High Durability

A highly durable 1-inch impact wrench will continue the journey for the long term and will help you get the job done for many years.


There are many materials that affect the quality and durability of the product. Select a highly durable product to avoid any problems.

  1. Warranty

Spending high amounts on the best wrench, but are you aware of the warranty?

Warranty saves you from the additional cost if the product shows some sudden default by nature.

High Warranty 

A product with a higher warranty is the best to purchase. 

Remember, the higher the warranty, the higher will be the cost.

  1. Brand 

Before purchasing the best 1-inch impact wrench, go through the review section to know more about the brand. 

High Reviewed Brand 

A highly reviewed brand is the one you need to consider for purchasing your product.

  1. Socket Size for Impact Wrench

A variety of Socket sizes are available in the market. You need to compare the wrench and the socket size before opting for the 1-inch impact wrench. Any change in the dimension will not help you carry out the task.


Select the socket size according to the impact wrench you require to use.

  1. Cost 

Always consider the price of the product before purchasing. The price for a high-quality impact wrench will be more than for a low-quality impact wrench. Brands do impact the overall cost of the product.


How much air does it take to run a 1-inch impact?

A 1-inch impact wrench requires 10 -16 CFM and 90 -125 PSI air pressure to run. The values depend upon the wrench size and type.

Can you over-torque with an impact wrench?

Yes, there is a possibility that you might over-torque the nuts and bolts with an impact wrench. The best option is to loosen the bolts. If you opted for the torque, handle the product while tightening the lug nuts with an impact wrench.

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